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Click for further detailsJack Broke da Prison Door - An Alarc'h
The joy for Irish music led the musicians of An Alarc'h (Anna Zauner-Pagitsch - harp; Sebastian Kreil - guitar; Adelaide Gurtner-Out - fiddle; Jacob Mallinger - bodhran and bones) to record this CD of catchy Irish melodies "We want to record the tunes just like in the pub, as we have played them at our gigs" Anna Zauner-Pagitsch. 
Click for further detailsJade Strings
When Jenny Dowdall and Aisling Ennis met in the National Youth Orchestra of Ireland in 1998 they became great friends. Ten years later, having gone their separate ways to study abroad, Jenny and Aisling reunited to bring their friendship to music forming Jade Strings in 2008. This unusual combination of instruments works remarkably well, showing off their virtuosic capabilities. For this album, we have collaborated with renowned Irish soprano, Helene Hutchinson. Helene met Aisling while working for Celtic Rose, and also works regularly with the Dublin String Quartet with whom Jenny is a member.
Click for further detailsJazz Standard by Guo Gan, Park Stickney & Jessica Yuen
This duo CD combines Park Stickney’s electric-acoustic harp with the haunting sounds of the Erhu (Chinese traditional violin) played by virtuoso Guo Gan in a fusional exploration of some favorite jazz standards. The duo first performed together for the 2017 World Harp Congress in Hong Kong, and immediately found that the harp and erhu (and the harpist and erhu-ist) worked really well together, combining the singing tones of the erhu with the harp’s chromatic and rhythmic possibilities. The Canadian pianist Jessica Yuen joins them on the last track, for a three-continent rendition of Black Orpheus.
Click for further detailsJardin des Paons by Isabelle Perrin & Baltazar Juárez
What an overwhelmingly happy moment when I learned ahout this new recording of three of my works for two harps! Isabelle PERRIN and Baltazar JUÁREZ have been able to magnificently recreate the atmosphere of each composition, displaying a full array of nuances and colors in finding the best tempo. Their way of offering us a rare moment of illusion. I have to add the perfect technical and sound balance of the two soloists that reveal themselves as excellent performers. For this I would like to congratulate them warmly and sincerely for this outstanding work. I wish to all that listen to them as much pleasure as I experienced myself. Bernard Andrès
Click for further detailsJasmine Flower by Guo Gan, Park Stickney & Jessica Yuen
This duo CD combines Park Stickney’s electric-acoustic harp with the haunting sounds of the Erhu (Chinese traditional violin) played by virtuoso Guo Gan. It is a fusional exploration of classic Chinese melodies arranged by Park and original tunes by Guo, and includes extended duo versions of all of the arrangements on Park’s book “Travel Journal of a Western Harpist in the Chinese Garden.” Guo and Park first performed together at the 2017 World Harp Congress in Hong Kong, and immediately found that the harp and erhu (and the harpist and erhu-ist) worked really well together, combining the singing tones of the erhu with the harp’s chromatic and rhythmic possibilities. The Canadian pianist Jessica Yuen joins them on the last track, for a three-continent rendition of The Girl from Ali Mountain.
Click for further detailsThe Jig's Up by Anne-Marie O'Farrell
Here is affirmation of Irishness, thus O’Carolan features strongly, in refreshing variety, briskly paced. Such tempi match O’Farrell’s other selections — Paddy Fahy’s Jig and the Gander in the Pratie Hole jig sets. Bright, effortless and cheerful playing from beginning to end; interesting syncopations and odd notes about. Ellen Cranitch’s flute joins in a terrific, biting Fanny Power with jazz extrapolation, Conor Guilfoyle and Brian Fleming give just a hint of percussion, Cormac De Barra enteres on harp for Miss McDermot and Lady Gethin. Fintan Valelly, The Irish Times, 6-3-1998
Click for further detailsJohn Thomas Harp Music by the Lipman Harp Duo
Welsh harpist John Thomas was one of the most acclaimed harpist-composers of his time. His career culminated as official harpist to Queen Victoria. John Thomas' Welsh background, combined with classical training in London led him to composer a multitude of works in classical style, all imbued with Welsh folk melodies. This CD features the most captivating duos, as well as delightful solos, each displaying use of lyrical melodic material
Click for further detailsJohn Thomas: Welsh Music for Voice and Harps by Rachel Ann Morgan (mezzo-soprano & harp) & Edward Witsenburg (harp)
Thomas John (1826-1913) Pencerdd Gwalia & Harpist to Queen Victoria: Welsh Music for Voice and Harps by Rachel Ann Morgan (mezzo-soprano, harp) and Edward Witsenburg (harp)
Click here for further detailsJoy to the World by Cynthia Cathcart
Cynthia Cathcart performs beloved carols of Christmas on the wire-strung Gaelic harp, or clarsach, and medieval Scottish gut-strung harp. Playing her own arrangements with a gentle mastery, the metal strings glitter against the quiet beauty of the gut. Enjoy these carols from varied times and places presented with a fresh voice on harps whose sound hails from a distant time when the Christmas message was still new.

Click here for further detailsJumping Ahead by Harriet Earis
"For a long time now I've wanted to create an album that treats the harp as a strong melody instrument, even over extensive backing from other players. I'm forever indebted to all the friends who have played here for making this possible. This is predominantly Irish and Scottish music, but there are also lots of recently composed melodies here and influences from very different corners of the globe." Harriet Earis


Click here for further detailsJust For You - Deborah Henson-Conant
Deborah's first live CD, recorded during her 1994 European tour and is the closest to a "Live DHC" experience you can get at present on disc. Recorded live on tour in Germany, "Just For You" has influences of jazz, latin, flamenco, folk, blues, etc. and a strong vein of comedy in several of the songs which include: Dance with Me, The Phoenix, Under the Bed, Watermelon Boogie, Closer to You, Danger Zone, Baroque Flamenco, The Rain King, Budapest, Just for You. Harp, bass, percussion & voice with Davey Tulloch, percussion & Wolfgang Diekmann, bass.
Click here for further detailsJust Harp - Laoise Kelly
“Kelly virtually reinvents the instrument with her rhythmic and melodic intricacy, her syncopation and undulating chords and harmonies . . . she'll have you swaying with her profound musicality.” Irish Times
Click here for further detailsJust So Bach by Anne-Marie O'Farrell
The development in recent decades of the semitone mechanism on the lever harp has made it possible to play works previously unplayable on the instrument, among them certain compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach. And although it might not seem likely at first glance, the music of Bach is especially suited to the modern Irish or lever harp for several reasons. The size of the instrument and string thickness is similar to that of baroque harps,giving it a brightness of tone uncharacteristic of the heavier modern pedal harp. Also, Bach's modulations are frequently effected in just one octave, so that consideration of damping and pedal noise associated with the pedal harp do not arise.
Click here for further detailsKaleidoscope by Elinor Evans
Elinor Evans - clarsach with Sally Simpson - fiddle & Charlie Stewart - double bass "This CD is a mixture of my own original compositions and a few traditional tunes. On five of the tracks I am joined by Sally Simpson on Fiddle and Charlie Stewart on Double Bass." Elinor Evans
Click here for further detailsKing David and his harp Rachel Ann Morgan (mezzo-soprano & harp) & Edward Witsenburg (harp)
Music for Voice and Harps: Gabriel Voigtländer, Marc-Antoine Charpentier, George Frideric Handel, Edward Jones, Edward James Loder, Auguste Chapuis, Johan Wagenaar, Mikhail Ippolitov-Ivanov, Ank van Campen, Rosa Spier
Click here for further detailsKissan Clasurol with Rhys Taylor, Catrin Finch and Dewi Ellis Jones
"Clasical Kissan" a compilation CD bringing you some of Wales' most talented classical artists - Catrin Finch on the Harp, Rhys Taylor on the Clarinet, Dewi Ellis Jones on Percussion.
Click for further detailsL'ABC de la harpe by Nathalie Chatelain
A definitive recording of works by Andres, Bouchaud & Challan a must for harp students and those with an interest in contemporary French harp music. Great value 3 CD set with playing time of over 3.5 hours.
Click here for further detailsL'arpa in villa by Benjamin Creighton Griffiths
On 17th July 2009 13 year old Welsh harpist Ben Creighton Griffiths gave a solo harp recital at Villa Mazzotti, Chiari, Brescia, Italy as part of “L’arpa e La voce in Villa” organised by Clara Rocco of Musica d’arpa, Milian. The concert was recorded by Rosangela Bonardi and is reproduced on this DVD as a single chapter with no edits.

Click here for further detailsL'heure bleue by Michel Tirabosco & Nathalie Chatelain
" ...Music above all " wrote Verlaine. And adding their own poetry, as well, this is what Michel Tirabosco and Nathalie Chatelain's beautiful recording is all about. ..... Their music makes us dream. Those who listen on are in for a treat in relishing this discovery. Frantz Petri

Click for further detailsLa Cause est Amer by Quadrivium
Medieval Love Poems from Japan and the Low Countries - La Cause est Amer (the cause is bitterness / love), but the result is great delicacy and exquisite poetry: don't hesitate to treat yourself to an hour of courtly love in the company of ensemble Quadrivium. (P. Boquet, Chairwoman of Societe Francaise de Luth in Le Joueur de Luth, June 09)
Click for further detailsLa Passion by Ekaterina Afanasieva
Spanish and Latin American music full of passion and tenderness, sensuality and delight. The CD includes original harp pieces as well as transcroptions of Astor Piazzola, Isaac Albeniz, Joaquin Rodrigo and others. Tango and Rumba, Milonga and Flamenco...
Click for further detailsLady of the Lake music by Thomas Hewitt Jones
“How refreshing to discover a living composer who dares to write music that possesses both splendid melody and well-crafted conventional harmony ..” MUSO magazine ‘Lady of the Lake’ is Thomas’ second album, following the successful release of ‘Under Milk Wood’ at the end of 2009 “Characterful and beautiful – almost too beautiful” – Classical Music Magazine, February 2010 ****
Click for further detailsLand of Light by William Jackson
Land of Light the New Scottish Anthem - This was the winning entry in the popular Song for Scotland Competition which was organised to find an anthem for the new era in Scotland. It is sung by Mairi MacInnes who comes from the island of South Uist in the Outer Hebrides. "Land of Light" is an Anthem for Scotland's future! New Hampshire Highland Games - September 2008
Click here for further detailsLatin America Trip by Kike Pedersen
In 2003 Paraguayan Harpist Kike Pedersen performed at the Latinamerican Festival at "Cap Vern" in the French Pyrenees with Ismael Ledesma and Oscar Benitio some two years prior to this recording which, as well as presenting more contemporary traditional style Paraguayan Music also gives that distinctive Paraguayan sound to Bach's Prelude No 1, Desmond's Take Five and Ellington's Don't Get around much anymore.
Click here for further detailsLe mie Arpe - Anna Zauner-Pagitsch
Anna takes you on a musical journey, courtesy of her collection of historical harps. From the early music of Beauvais Cathedral in France, via "stop-over" in Renaissance Portugal and Spain and ending with Italian Baroque dances
Click here for further detailsLeverage by The Duplets
"Leverage alludes to the power that every artist has; to have their voice heard amongst the crowd. Formed within beauty or mystique an artist can tell a story or air a view. We take inspiration from Burns’ socialist words in “A Man’s a man for a’ That”, a tough message to deliver, but here, Burns is far from crude." The Duplets
Click here for further detailsA Light in the Forest by Anne Roos
Music about the woods and the fascinating creatures that dwell within them-- fairies, trolls, nymphs, leprechauns, witches, bears, and more. It’s packaged inside a 31-page hardcover book describing the folk history and legends of these creatures and the tunes, filled with vintage artwork and whimsical illustrations. This recording also features Char Berta on flute, tenor recorder, alto recorder, and whistle, Chris Caswell on percussion and harmonium, Michael Frost on viola, Alan Fuller on guitars and cittern, and Dorothy A. Hawkinson on fiddle and hardingfele.
Click here for further detailsLinnaea by Lise & Susan Enochsson
Music has been heard in St. Nicolai Church for more than 700 years, yet I ask myself; has anything as enrapturing as these harp strings and this singing voice been heard here before? Pity those who had to miss the bliss of Susan and Lise's fantastic concert. By C. Tärnudd, journalist for Sydöstran newspaper, Sölvesborg January 18, 2005

Click here for further detailsLittle Angels - Angylion Bach by Catrin Finch & Elinor Bennett
Beautiful harp music for your little angels This recording is dedicated to our little angel Ana Gwen, who we welcomed into our family on the 28th December2006.

Click here for further detailsLittle Lights - Ailie Robertson
"Listening to Ailie Robertson play the harp is as close as I expect to come to hearing ‘heavenly music’. Her album ‘Little Lights’ is precisely what we’ve come to expect from a lady whose awe-inspiring touch on the Celtic harp or clàrsach, borders on the sublime. This album is an exquisite collection of Scottish, Irish, Quebecois and original tunes, mixing tradition and innovation to quite simply sweep through your soul with the touch of an enlivening balm that makes the worst of days a little better." Tim Carroll review at www.folkwords.com
Click here for further detailsLive - Byw by Catrin Finch
"I wanted to produce a CD that was honest to how it really is live - the adrenalin, excitement and audience atmosphere that can’t be captured in a dry studio. The ambition is not to falsify by achieving perfection through endless editing, but to hear the beauty of the music as it flowed live - mistakes, audience noise and all!!"
Click here for further detailsLive - Yn Byw Catrin Finch & Cimarrón
Cimarrón, from the plains of Los Llanos Orientales in Colombia and Catrin Finch from the hils of Ceredigion in Wales, meet in this heart-warming collaborative performance recorded live at Theatr Mwldan in Cardigan. Their diverse selection of material drawn from two cultures displays power, gentleness, virtuosity and emotion in equal and gernerous measure.
Click here for further detailsLive in Melbourne by Rhodri Davies & Mark Wastell
This is the first (and subsequently only) time that the pair performed together using table-top apparatus and low-fi electronics. This concert in Melbourne was the one and only occasion Rhodri left the harp at home and set up only his electronics. Prior & since, he has used electronics but always in the company of the harp.

Click here for further detailsLive in the Highlands by Máire Ní Chathasaigh & Chris Newman

This recording was made in 1995 during a series of concerts at the 2nd Highland Harp Festival held in Balnain House, Inverness (Scotland's centre for the promotion of Highland music) and in the Western Isles of Skye, Harris, Benbecula and Mull. The tracks are presented in more or less the same order that they were performed on stage, except that the middle section was chopped out so what you're left with is the first half of the first set spliced on to the second half of the second set!

Click here for further detailsThe Living Wood by Máire Ní Chathasaigh & Chris Newman

In 1988, Máire Ní Chathasaigh and Chris Newman released 'The Living Wood', their critically acclaimed first album together. It originally appeared on the American Green Linnet label, then on Black Crow. The licence reverted to Old Bridge Music in 1994 and we were delighted to be able to re-release it on Old Bridge Music. The excellent Bryan Ledgard redesigned the sleeve, and Chris digitally remixed it for optimal sound quality.

Click for further detailsLo mejor de Kike Pedersen
The magical sound of Paraguayan Harpist - Kike Pedersen with Cristobel Pedersen on guitar. Traditional Paragyan and South American music mixed with music inspired by his time in the UK and a lovely arrangement of Benny Anderson's Chiquitia. "His music is rhythmic and tender and soulful by turns, whilst always remaining soulful, with that light touch which is the harp's unique prerogative. It's music for floating, dreaming and dancing! " Andy Morgan BBC Radio 3
Click for further detailsLove Is All Around by Claire Hamilton
Album of well known romantic songs performed on Celtic and Electro Harps by Claire Hamilton with some keyboard accompanyment from Jeff Spencer. As well as the title track there are great standards including Lady in Red (DeBurgh), Wonderful Tonight (Clapton) and Falling - The Theme from Twin Peaks. A great introduction to the harp for the Romantic!
Click for further detailsThe Lucky Smile by Rachel Hair
"The Lucky Smile", supported by the Scottish Arts Council, is the eagerly awaited follow up to Rachel's highly acclaimed solo album "Hubcaps and Potholes". Produced by respected musician Angus Lyon, the album features Rachel's trio of harp with acoustic guitarist Paul Tracey and double bassist Andy Sharkey, along with guest appearances including Gaelic singer Joy Dunlop, jazz violinst Graham McGeoch, drummer Scott Mackay and percussionist Paul Jennings.
Click for further detailsLulling the Soul by Dominique Piana with Joyce Geeting (cello), Dan Geeting (clarinet)
Is there anything more universal than the mother lulling her child to sleep? When this pair, bound in mutual love, becomes Mary and the child Jesus, the scene takes on a whole new symbolic dimension and added emotional impact. All living creatures become involved in the magical expression of Love, warmly embraced by the powerful breath of the starry night celebrated at Christmas.
Click for further detailsMara by Sylbàt
First CD from French group Sylbàt - Clotilde Trouillaud (of Fileuses de Nuit) Electro harp with Hélène Brunet - Electric Guitar, Hilaire Rama - Bass and Patrick Boileau Drums perform contemporary music with more than a hint of their traditional roots.
Click for further informationMary O'Hara Sings 
The 24 tracks on this compilation CD contain a number of songs that are particularly meaningful to Mary O’Hara - a collection of songs to inspire optimism and the celebration of life and love. Hear for yourself the delightful songs, all digitally remastered to bring you Mary O’Hara in person. "Exquisite purity and delicacy that defies description" Washington Star
Click for further informationThe Megget Valley by Na Clàrsairean
The Megget Valley was commissioned by the Clarsach Society’s Edinburgh Branch to commemorate a special birthday for Isobel Mieras, who has dedicated a lifetime of service to the Society and its individual players as a performer, teacher, composer, arranger and adjudicator, in addition to being Musical Adviser to the annual Edinburgh International Harp Festival. Isobel’s name has become synonymous with clarsach playing and voice accompaniment within and beyond Scotland’s shores, helping to bring this the oldest of Scotland’s traditional musical instruments to 21st century audiences around the world.
Click for further informationMelangell by Llio Rhydderch 
Melangell by Llio Rhydderch is without doubt the best recording of harp music since Nansi Richards. This is traditional music at it's best. Beautifully arranged and played with all the skill, flair and sensitivity that the triple harp demands. Llio Rhydderch is truly a master musician. Stunning. Danny Saunders in The Living Tradition Issue 41 January/February 2001
Click for further informationMemories & Melodies by Ruth Corry 
Released in August 2017 'Memories & Melodies the Ablum' is the debut CD from Belfast harpist Ruth Corry. Much of Ruth’s inspiration for her music come from the outdoors, nature and her family and friends. The sheet music for six of the tunes are available in her 2021 music score Memories & Melodies
Click for further informationMermaids & Mariners by Anne Roos
“Mermaids & Mariners”- This is a Book AND a CD! Selections from this recording were included on United Airlines Inflight Music Service! “Very mythical, very romantic, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The packaging is beautiful!”—Deborah Magone, Rochester, New York
Click for further informationMidhopestones with Rhodri Davies
“Would have guessed, wrongly, that a session with Doneda and Minton present would turn into something more rambunctious. Restraint is the order of the day here, however, and it's an excellent day's work. There are actually only a handful of moments when you hear the vocalist (Minton) as such; he otherwise blends amazingly well with the harp (e-bowed, pretty much), soprano sax and amplified objects. Mostly hushed with an great mix of textures, sandpapery to bell-like, sighed to gravelly. Nice, distant foghorn-y effects on the last cut, over whistled saxophone. Solid, mature in the best sense, well worth a listen.” - Brian Olewnick, Just Outside
Click for further informationMiniaturen by Silke Aichhorn
The recording for "harp CD beginners", mainly original works for harp. Also suitable as background music.
Click for further informationMiniaturen 2 by Silke Aichhorn
a selection of easy to listen to works written for or arranged for the pedal harp.
Click for further informationMoving the Air by Uschi Laar
"Light-years away from the cliché of an ethereal angel encrusted with imitation gold-leaf, the harpist Uschi Laar plays her instrument with the differentiated aesthetic of a classical guitarist, then with the fluent groove of a Caribbean steel drummer, and a moment later with the timeless melancholy of a harpsichordist" Süddeutsche Zeitung, South German newspaper
Click for further informationWolfgang Amadé Mozart by Dejan Gavric - Flute & Silke Aichhorn - Harp
Live concert recording at the Villa Huegel, Essen. Dejan Gavric (Flute) & Silke Aichhorn (Harp) with the Folkwang Kammerochestra Essen conducted by Peter Ewaldt performing the concerto, K. 299 for flute, harp and orchestra and Sinfonie in D major by WA Mozart.
Click for further informationMozart: Concerto in C Major for Flute and Harp K. 299 Sinfonia Concertante in E Flat Major K.297b
Anyone venturing outside the more conventional Mozart concerto repertoire will not be disappointed by these enjoyable and highly musical readings under the young Austrian conductor, Richard Edlinger. - Classic CD - June 1990
Click here for further detailsMozart Clarinet - Glière  Harp - Korngold Violin - Concertos  : Sebastian Manz - Emmanuel Ceysson - Hyeyoon Park
"If you guessed that these performances were presented for the benefit of three young and very talented contest winners, you’d be right. Each of these prize-winning soloists at the ARD International Music Competition in Munich was given the opportunity to launch his or her career in a concert appearance with the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra. The CD at hand documents those concerts." Jerry Dubins, Fanfare, January 2011
Click here for further detailsMusic in the Air Heart Fragrance by Mio Shapley 
Solo harp recording of spiritually uplifting music from Japanese harpist Mio Shapley
Click here for further detailsMusic for flute and harp by Clive Conway and David Watkins 
The flute with harp is a delicious combination, mellifluous and pleasing and much music has been written for these two instruments including Mozart's famous Concerto. In "Music for Flute and Harp" Clive Conway and I perform music by Mozart, Krumpholtz (Haydn's harpist at Esterhazy) and other classical composers. Jill Hughes joins us in the beautiful Interlude from the "Childhood of Christ" by Berlioz.
Click here for further detailsMusic for harp by Andres Izmaylov 
An excellent harp CD produced by Russian harpist and composer Andres Izmaylov, As well as featuring four of his own compositions Duo, For Artemy, H-A-(R-)F-E and Toward the Sun (all published by Adlais) the CD also contains arrangements of six JS Bach Preludes and his Italian Concerto. The album finishes with a live recording of Manuel de Falia's Asturiana for Violin & Harp. Also performing on the CD are harpist Artemy Izmaylov and violinist Vladimir Guentzelt.
Click here for further detailsMusic for Harp II by Andres Izmaylov with Natalya Izmaylova (harp) & Artemy Izmaylov (harp)
A second excellent harp CD produced by Russian harpist and composer Andres Izmaylov. The CD features four of his original compositions for Solo Harp: Sonatka in C; St. Petersburg - Vienna, Concert Waltz; Matilda's Lullaby; Sonata No 2 in Ancient Style and his arrangement for three harps of the Lullaby and Chorus from Tchaikovsky's opera Iolanta all of which are published by Adlais - Specialist Publishers of Harp Music. This CD also contains JS Bach's Partita No 2 in C minor and three Parish Alvars Romances.
Click here for further detailsMusic from Ireland & Scotland by Gráinne Hambly & William Jackson
This recording features of variety of Irish and Scottish airs and dance tunes, some dating back to the 17th and 18th century harp repertoire as well as recent compositions, performed on harps, concertina, whistle and bouzouki.
Click for further informationMusic from the Robert ap Huw Manuscript, Vol. 1 by Paul Dooley 
Paul Dooley, one of the leading exponents of the Irish harp in its historical form and style - playing a 34 brass wire-strung harp, with a frame of cherry and soundbox made from of one piece of willow and plucking the strings with the fingernails has spent many years working on the Robert ap Huw Manuscript, the oldest collection of harp music in existence.

Click here for further detailsMusic from the North Lands by The Nicholson Pierce Duo
Includes Three Dirges composed by David Horne which was commissioned by the performers, also on this album of contemporary music are works by Edward McGuire, Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, Toru Takemitsu & Adrian Shaposhnikov.

Click for further details Music of my Heart - Folksongs with Harp by Rachel Ann Morgan
… she brings a very special combination of cultural inheritance and cultivated skills to this lovely program of songs … to accomplished harping she adds a steady, even, impeccably tuned voice … Highly recommended, especially to the weary of heart. Fanfare
Click for further details My Favourite Place by Corrina Hewat
"[Hewat's] breadth of experience and style finds marvellously concentrated yet spacious expression on My Favourite Place... tracks range from a bold, spiky updating of Sheath And Knife to an understated take on the jazz standard When I Dream. Brilliantly wayward... beautifully wrought..." THE SUNDAY HERALD

Click for further details My Heart's in the Highlands by Deirdre Campbell-Shaw
Deirdre Campbell-Shaw sings and plays traditional music from Scotland, Ireland, Wales and Brittany “Deirdre Campbell-Shaw is a singer-songwriter blessed with an exceptionally rare combination of talents. She is a soprano with the voice of an angel and a harper who creates the kind of music one expects to hear in heaven …” Fiona MacGillivray (Scots, No. 35. 2007)

Click for further details My Imaginary Garden Monika Stadler
"Go into the garden and listen to the stillness between the sounds. This is the true music of nature." from Japan. A unique album, full of irresistible poetry, breathtaking virtuosity, and astonishing improvisations, all accompanied by the familiar charm of that composer and harpist who seems to draw from unlimited resources - Monika Stadler.
Click for further details My Lagan Love by Anne-Marie O'Farrell
The marriage between the rich and varied heritage of Irish music and the harp has been a long and fruitful one with no sign of a divorce in sight. The tradition is renewed in the hands of one of the leading Irish harpists, Ann Marie O'Farrell, drawing together strands from the four provinces of Ireland and ranging over a myriad of sources and moods.
Click for further details Nachtmusik by Silke Aichhorn
A CD of romantic and virtuoso works for the harp
Click for further details Naked Music - Deborah Henson-Conant
NAKED MUSIC is Deborah's 1994 recording for solo harp and voice, showing various from classical to flamenco, including some blues and Celtic influence. The songs include solo versions of - Love is on Your Side, Nataliana, Baroque Flamenco, Danger Zone, Home in Your Arms Again, Johnny Ramsay, New Blues, Dance with Me, All Through the Night and Closer to You.
Click for further details The New Harp by William Jackson
The New Harp wears its harp on its sleeve, depicting an example of the instrument and its exponent: and sure enough, it's renowned William Jackson, now a rather magisterial figure to those who remember him as young Billy Jackson of Ossian, and of the wistfully evocative suite devoted to Tennents' Brewery, plus a thousand other stages. Scots Magazine, “Listen to This “ August 2008

Click for further details The New Strung Harp by Máire Ní Chathasaigh
In 1985 Máire recorded the first harp album ever to concentrate on traditional Irish dance music - the culmination of many years spent developing an array of new techniques for the purpose, particularly in relation to ornamentation. Using her deep knowledge of the idiom of the living oral Irish tradition, she thus firmly re-established an authentically traditional style of harping. This album had such an extraordinary effect on the harp world that it has been described as "the most influential Irish harp album of the twentieth century: a single-handed reinvention of the harp".

Click for further informationNo More Wings by The Rachel Hair Trio
On her previous album, the songs were in Gaelic. Now they are in English and Butterworth's delivery coupled with her driving guitar style suggests a more mainstream popular approach. What shines through as ever is Hair's sparkling and brilliant harp playing. There are some wonderful instrumental sets. A couple of Swedish tunes romp along joyfully, with Fraser Fifield on soprano sax moving everything up a notch." Taplas, Delyth Jenkins
Click for further informationNo Pedals Attached by Robin Ward 
'No Pedals Attached’ is an exploration of music from 1550 through to the present day, played on the triple harp. The CD includes pieces by Mudarra, Narvaez, DeVisee, Bach, Dussek, Tarrega and Glinka along side of a selection of traditional airs and a couple of other treats.

Click here for further detailsNotes of Noy, Notes of Joy by The Rowallan Consort
This venture into Scottish early music is a first for Temple Records - the label known mainly for its emphasis on traditional Scottish music. It is also the recording debut for The Rowallan Consort. Formed in 1994 by Robert Phillips and William Taylor, they uniquely combine the sound of the lute and the wire-strung harp (clarsach) to beautiful effect. With guest singers Mhairi Lawson and Paul Rendall, they have researched and perform songs and music dating from 1400-1700.

Click here for further detailsO'Neill's Harper by Janet Harbison
Solo album of songs and music featuring historic pieces and some original music dedicated to patrons in the Ulster O'Neill clan. This recording patronised by the current Lord O'Neill of Shane's Castle, Antrim.

Click here for further detailsO'r Galon / From the Heart Glenda Clwyd
For centuries Welsh Harpers have improvised and composed variations to complement the traditional music of Wales. Following in the same tradition this CD represents my own interpretation of my favourite welsh folk music, improvised and 'From the Heart'. Glenda Clwyd
Click here for further detailsOld Gaelic Laments by Simon Chadwick
In the Old Gaelic World, death was always near at hand. Feared, celebrated or regretted, it was the central point of the complex and beautiful art music composed by professional and skilled musicians. This CD presents a selection of music and poetry from 16th and 17th century Scotland and Ireland, much of it directly drawn from the clarsach or Gaelic harp tradition. Simon Chadwick performs on medieval Clàrsach and is joined by Ealasaid Gilfillan reciting Gaelic poetry
Click here for further detailsOld Hearth / Hen Aelwyd by Robin Huw Bowen
The music and playing of Nansi Richards has always been an influence on me as a Welsh Triple Harpist, and I am always aware of the depth of the unbroken harp tradition in Wales that Nansi and I are both a part of. But this time, in putting this album together, I have been inspired not just by Nansi's music but also by her words as a poet.
Click here for further detailsOn the Water Monika Stadler
This CD by Monika Stadler (Harp & Voice) features Michael Dallinger (Cello), Reinhard Ziegerhofer (Acoustic Bass) and Franz Schmuck (Percussion). Besides Luiz Bonfi's "Black Orfeus" and a traditional ("Irish Whiskey"), all tunes are composed and arranged by Monika Stadler.
Click here for further detailsOne Morning in June by John L. Thomas
A delightful recording of traditional melodies for solo harp recorded in one session by John L. Thomas, using his own arrangements, on 6th June 2004 - hence the title "One Morning in June"
Click here for further detailsOpen the door softly by Helen Davies
12 stunning tracks of traditional and contemporary harp music. Played by the Welsh harpist Helen Davies with guest musicians
Click here for further detailsOrpheus with his lute by Rachel Ann Morgan (mezzo-soprano & harp) & Edward Witsenburg (harp)
Music for Voice and Harps inspired by the Greek legend of Orpheus - not only of the tragic love story of Orpheus and Euridice but also of Orpheus' art of song which could subdue the whole of Nature.
Click here for further detailsThe Ostinato Project by Maeve Gilchrist
The Ostinato Project is an exploration and celebration of my instrument, the Celtic Harp. In this recording I focused on fully utilizing both hands as separate voices to create texture, color and hopefully, beauty.

Click here for further detailsOut of Court by Máire Ní Chathasaigh & Chris Newman

In late 1991, Máire and Chris released 'Out of Court', an effervescent mixture of baroque-influenced Carolan, straight-down-the-line Irish dance music, haunting songs and a 17th century air from the ancient Irish harp tradition, interspersed with original compositions which exhibit some dazzling jazz-influenced pyrotechnics.

Click here for further detailsOverdressed Late Guy by Park Stickney
Park's first CD "Overdressed Late Guy" is a must. Jazz standards galore on this wonderfully recorded album by one of the best known and loved jazz harpists, with Erik Della Penna (guitar), Darron Solomon (bass) and William DeVizia (vocals).
Click here for further detailsOver Shadows by Rhodri Davies
Welsh harpist Rhodri Davies took the name Over Shadows from Redell Olsen’s book Secure Portable Space. Perhaps he wants us to read the tome, but its title alone suggests an approach route to this austere yet beautiful piece. For compact discs are nothing if not portable, and the marvel of the music encoded on this one derives from the way it opens portals onto dimensions of inner and external space...... (read on below) Bill Meyer writing in www.dustedmagazine.com
Click here for further detailsParallel Latitudes  by Cheyenne Brown
“Rhythmically rich, there are ample dynamics, including some improvisational derring-do, but the energetic elements are balanced aplenty with elegance and sensitivity.” -Living Tradition
Click here for further detailsPas de Deux by Helen Davies (harp) & Poul Høxbro (low whistle)
A selection of the music from the Bülow Collection - the legacy of 18th century Dainish nobleman Johan von Bülow performed here by Helen Davies and Poul Høxbro. The recording includes a mumber of Johann Andreas Kirchhoff's "Handstück für die Harfe" which have been complied and edited by Helen Davies & Poul Høxbro and published by Adlais Music Publishers
Click here for further detailsPatchwork by Nathalie Chatelain
A solo harp recital album by Swiss harpist Nathalie Chatelain with works such as Chertok (1918-1981) - Around the Clock Suite, Pescatti (1704-1766) - Sonate en do mineur and the beautiful Serenade Op. 83 by Elias Parish-Alvars (1808-1849).
Click here for further detailsPatrick O'Neill's Manuscripts by Kathleen Loughnane
This recording presents Kathleen Loughnane's arrangements of a selection of tunes contained in the manuscripts of Patrick O Neill (1765-1832), giving an insight into the eclectic range of music popular in south Tipperary/Kilkenny in the late 18th and early 19th Century. The tunes were collected by Patrick O'Neill and represent his rich efforts to preserve what could still be saved from the gradual erosion of an Irish way of being.
Click here for further detailsPedals & Paws by Ben Creighton Griffiths
Recorded in 2015 Pedals & Paws is Benjamin's second Jazz Harp CD and features his own composition "Pedals & Paws" a suite for jazz harp as well as a selection of his arrangements of jazz standards. The CD also includes three bonus tracks where Ben is joined by Mathew Williams on percussion.
Click for further informationPencerdd Gwalia by Elinor Bennett
A double CD featuring all the Welsh tunes by John Thomas, Pencerdd Gwalia. The first recording of the whole collection of his famous arrangements published in 1862 as "Welsh Melodies for the Harp" performed by Elinor Bennett.
Click for further informationPenhoat by Duo Barbedette Quenderff
When the magical strings of the harp of Hoëla Barbedette and the double bass of Delphine Quenderff are plucked, a duo is born.
Click for further informationPeppermint Boy - Contemporary pieces of harp
Showcase of original new talent from a rising generation of harp students. All the pieces are composed and performed by the nine students pictured overleaf. Together they form a varied and eclectic range of exciting new music for both the pedal harp and clarsach. This album also reflects the recent upsurge of interest in this unusual and versatile instrument and it is hoped that many up-and-coming harpists will be inspired by the beauty and originality of these compositions and wish to play them for themselves. The sheet music for these tunes is also available
Click for further informationThe Perfect Blend
The harp and voice of Isobel Mieras. After a lifetime of playing, teaching and performing, this recording contains some of my favourite music and great deal of self indulgence, including tunes for all of my four grandchildren. Thanks to my friend and colleague, Jim Ferguson for the fiddle tracks and to all my students from whom I have learned so much!
Click for further informationPhrydotia by Ralf Kleemann
Phrydotia was recorded in an ancient church in Heidelberg during some calm autumn nights. The pieces are his own compositions and arrangements, playing with traditional tunes and Celtic music from Ireland and Brittany. Some of the pieces are improvised, others were partly arranged or composed beforehand.

Click here for further detailsPlinn Duo by The Barbedette Quenderff Duo
The Barbedette-Quenderff Duo continues to add its personal touch to creative traditional music. As in their first album, "Penhoat", the two artists assert with a fine musical command their attachment to the popular repertoire of Brittany. With a delicate and inspired interpretation exploiting the special complicity of their strings, they prove that this music can adopt a certain contemporaneity without alenating itself from its roots. Jean-Claude Lemenuel

Click here for further detailsPop Harp by Rossitza Milevska
The harp as you would never have imagined it, a modern and magical instrument, the perfect foil for the voice of harpist Rossitza Milevska. The CD is mainly of Rossitza's own songs or collaborations but also includes a lovely cover version of Beverly Craven's hit song Promise Me.
Click here for further detailsPoor Trade by Rhodri Davies
In September 2006 a Welshman, Rhodri Davies, travelled to Ireland to play harp with two Irishmen, David Lacey (percussion and electronics) and Dennis McNulty (computer). The trio recorded in St Patrick's church in Dalkey, just south of Dublin as children played in the school playground next door and roadworkers went about their business along the road. Poor Trade, the resulting CD is a rich, colourful swell of detailed improvisation captured in the moment by the skilled microphone of David Reid. Sensually brooding in places, gloriously alive in others this is passionate, joyous music.
Click here for further detailsPrayer by Janet Harbison
The inspiration for this harp project arose from a small legacy left by a patient in the Northern Ireland Hospice in 1986 who wished that Janet's music would still be available to the patients at the hospice after she took up a full time job and could no longer play for the Day Hospice Programme.
Click for further informationPur by Siân James
The performances captured here are very powerful and are evidence of Siân's experience and understanding of traditional songs. Apart from track 4 and track 10, all the songs are traditional. They are songs that Siân is very familiar with and as is evident from the performances, songs that are close to her heart. The title for the album came quite early in the recording stage. The original idea was to create an album which was to be pure in the sense that there were to be no other instruments added to the original sound of harp and voice. And also pure in the fact that the songs are rendered in a thoroughly native Welsh style. This is the sound that Siân produces in her live solo performances. This is a very atmospheric album, with plenty of fuel for the imagination as old truths are carried perfectly to the listener on time tested melodies. As the sentence written on the back cover of the album reads, "The spellbinding harp and voice of Siân James perfectly define Celtic emotions in this collection of beautiful traditional songs".
Click for further informationPy' aguapy by Juanjo Corbalán
Recorded in March 2014 in JVA Studios, this is the first album by Juanjo Corbalan as soloist with his own compositions and tunes of other contemporary authors as well as some traditional paraguayan harp music. In this album Juanjo displays his very own style which gather all the influences of his musical career. Fresh instrumental combinations enhance the expression of his compositions and testify the versatility of music for and with the Paraguayan Harp.
Click for further detailsQuatuor Harpege Volume 1 by Quatuor Harpege
The first album from Quatuor Harpege, harp quartet, which was formed in Geneva in 1990, While the music is, in the main, standard solo harp repertoire, hearing these works as a quartet is rather unusual.
Click for further detailsQuatuor Harpege Volume 2 by Quatuor Harpege
The first album from Quatuor Harpege, harp quartet, which was formed in Geneva in 1990, While the music is, in the main, standard solo harp repertoire, hearing these works as a quartet is rather unusual.
Click for further detailsQueen of Harps by Ann Heymann
Ann, from Minnesota, is recognised as the foremost exponent of the wire-strung harp in the world. The wire-strung harp, or clarsach, was the harp of the Gaels of Ireland and Scotland. Through her knowledge of traditional music from her Irish American family background, and her study of the surviving music and manuscripts, Ann has re-invented the techniques necessary to play this majestic instrument.
Click for further detailsQueen of the Welsh Harp by Nansi Richards
Nansi Richards Jones or Telynores Maldwyn ("the Harpist of Montgomeryshire") as she was known, was undoubtedly the outstanding influence in the field of traditional harp-playing in Wales during the 20th century. She not only brought the harp - and especially the traditional Telyn Deires ("the Triple Harp") - back into prominence in Wales, but inspired a generation of young harpists to master the national instrument of Wales, and to discover the treasure of our traditional folk melodies.
Click here for further detailsThe Quiet Tradition by Alison Kinnaird and Christine Primrose
Alison Kinnaird and Christine Primrose are already well-known as outstanding solo performers in their respective fields of traditional Gaelic song and Scottish harp. Christines beautiful voice with its effortless traditional style is accompanied by Alisons sensitive harp playing in a way which does not detract from the character of the singing, but supports it and adds an extra dimension to the music. Their repertoire includes love songs, laments and descriptive pieces, as well as lively dance music.
Click here for further detailsQuirk by Fiona Rutherford and Amy Duncan
Scottish harpist and composer Fiona Rutherford and double bassist Amy Duncan release their mini album 'Quirk', featuring percussion by Stuart Clark. Fiona's compositions encompass a wide range of influences. It's not folk, its not contemporary classical, and its not jazz, but its music that loves these genres! The blend of Scottish harp and double bass combine in an unusual and exciting way interweaving melodies and interesting rhythms.
Click for further detailsReaching Me by The Maeve Gilchrist Trio
Maeve’s debut recording with Argentinean musicians Andres Rotmistrovsky and Marcelo Woloski. A collection of newly arranged traditional songs and original material for harp, vocals, bass and percussion.  ‘Her fine voice and dazzling harp playing breathes new life into traditional material. An original voice.’ (Scotsman)
Click for further detailsReaction by Double Action
Double Action’s cutting-edge debut album Reaction features new music for two harps by; Paul Patterson, Dai Fujikura, Lex van Delden, Eleanor Turner and Geoffrey Poole. Keziah Thomas (harp) and Eleanor Turner (harp)
Click for further detailsRêverie by Ekaterina Afanasieva
Excellent album with the unique selection of impressionistic music from C. Debussy, E. Satie, A. Hasselmans and gentle, sensitive pieces like “Echoes of a Waterfall”, “Dance of the Sylphes”, “Butterfly”, “Near a Fountain in a Forest” exquisitely and delicate played on the harp. Close your eyes and let the music carry you away.
Click for further detailsRip the Calico by Paul Dooley
Paul Dooley, one of the leading exponents of the Irish harp in its historical form and style - playing a 34 brass wire-strung harp, with a frame of cherry and soundbox made from of one piece of willow and plucking the strings with the fingernails. This CD showcases his pioneering work in performing Irish dance music on his traditional harp. This recording also features traditional Irish music and compositions by both Paul Dooley and Neil Dickie.  
Click for further detailsThe Road to Aberystwyth / Y Ffordd i Aberystwyth
Farewell the National Library, the trolley and the stack,
Farewell to all you archivists, I'm shouldering my pack:
I'm leaving dusty volumes, my harpstrings are now set,
Across the World I'll sing for Wales, and never will regret!

RHB, Christmas 1986 (with apologies to Frank Hennessey).
Click for further detailsThe Romantic Harp by Judy Loman
This recital of mainly late Romantic harp repertoire not only illustrates the important contribution of French composers to the genre but some of the innovative techniques introduced by composers of the early twentieth century. Concluding with the virtuosic Ballade composed by the great Franco-American harpist Carlos Salzédo, the disc includes a movement from the Harp Concerto ‘And then at night I paint the stars’ by the contemporary Canadian composer, Kelly-Marie Murphy, written for Judy Loman.
Click for further detailsRomantic Moments by Janet Bennett - Harpist & Singer
This has something for everyone. It is again a mixture of classical and popular music and songs - suitable for weddings and as background music.
Click here for further detailsRomantic Music for Flute and Harp. János Bálint, Flute and Nóra Mercz, Harp
The combination of flute and harp is one that is peculiarly satisfying, the one instrument a foil to the other. The eleven transcriptions recorded start with the Intermezzo from Bizet's Spanish opera Carmen, a realistic drama of love, jealousy and murder, set in Seville.
Click for further details'Round The Corner - Deborah Henson-Conant
ROUND THE CORNER (1993) is a re-release of Deborah's 1987 recording of jazz standards. Songs include: Over the Rainbow (Wizard of Oz Medley), Take Five, 'Round the Corner, Georgia on My Mind, Blue Bossa, Swingin' Shepherd Blues, Summertime. DETAILS: harp, bass & drums. With John Lockwood (bass) and Bob Gullotti (drums)

Click for further detailsThe Rune of the Moon by Margaret Knight
Music of the British Isles - Traditional tunes from around the British Isles including well know melodies such as Bian Boru's March, Greensleeves, The Skye Boat Song and The Ash Grove and gems which deserve to be better known including A Tailur, Kishmuls Gallery and St. Bride's Coracle.

Click for further detailsSt. Petersburg – Paris by Silke Aicchorn
This CD has some of the great harp works from Russia and France that form such an important part of the backbone of the harp repertoire.
Click for further detailsSacred and Profane by Michael Bochmann (violin) & David Watkins (harp)
When two distinguished musicians get together, the results are always powerful and fascinating. The music performed on this CD ranges from classical to folk song arrangements, Massenet's lovely Meditation from Thaïs and Bach - Gounod's Ave Maria being the former and the traditional "Summer is i-cumen in" and Moll in the Wadd being the latter
Click for further detailsSame Sound - But Different by Rüdiger Oppermann
Rüdiger Oppermann, born in 1954, is Germany´s foremost celtic harp player. He began playing the harp in 1973 and has since virtuosically surpassed all existing standards on this instrument. His High-Headed Irish Harp or Clairséach is strung with 38 gold-plated bronze strings. With an elaborately carved column and unique mechanism on each string for the use of bending notes (as in the blues), Rüdiger has constructed an absolutely personal instrument.
Click for further detailsScandinavia - Live in Halbturn Monika Stadler & Wayne Darling
A live recording from the Thomastik Infeld - Haus der Kultur (Cultural House), A - 7131 Halbturn. This CD was not planned, it simply happened! As the recording was so good, we made a CD of it. It contains original compositions by Monika Stadler and Wayne Darling, as well as Louiz Bonfà's jazz standard Black Orfeus and a beautiful Swedish folk song. A CD full of the fresh, dynamic, utter joy of playing music, combined with masterful talent and deeply touching musicality.
Click for further detailsSidan Glas by Gwenan Gibbard
Sidan Glas (Blue Silk) displays the whole range of Gwenan Gibbard's talents, as harpist and singer, as composer and arranger, and in Maartin Allcock she has found a kindred spirit who compliments her with great skill. They are joined by other renowned instrumentalists and the result is a great tapestry of diverse musical influences which yet remains true to the Welsh folk music tradition.
Click for further detailsSilent Night Christmas Celtic Harp by Claire Hamilton
Album of Christmas Music performed on Celtic Harp by Claire Hamilton with accompaniment on some tracks by John Dalton (Flute, Soprano Sax & Whistle) and Martin Hanstead (Violin). This seasonal recording of Carols and Christmas Music includes many Yule Tide favourites - including The First Noel, Deck The Halls, (solo & ensemble versions), Away in a Manger and the title track Silent Night.
Click for further detailsSilken Shoes Songs with Harp Rachel Ann Morgan
… beautifully interpreted, lovely in atmosphere and tone … fresh, fine accompaniment … a compliment for the Etcetera label which has issued this CD with taste and care. Netherlands Harp Bulletin
Click for further details Sept Sonates Progressives - F.J. Naderman by Danielle Perrett
This set of sonatas was possibly played by Josephine Bonaparte when Naderman was her teacher. These under-rated works reflect the turbulent times of the early 19th Century when they were composed, and are worthy of more serious attention. On this recording they are played with due vigour on a wonderful modern reproduction (by Beat Wolf) of the type of harp made by Naderman's family.
Click here for further detailsThe Scottish Harp by Alison Kinnaird
Released in 1988, this is a compilation CD with tracks taken from Alisons previous three recordings - 'The Harp Key', 'The Harpers's Gallery' & 'The Harpers Land' - plus three extra tracks. Alison's records were the first to bring attention to the repertoire of the Scottish harp and to give the instrument a solo rather than an accompanying role. She continues to stress the importance of playingharp tunes rather than simply playing tunes on a harp. A must for all those interested in harp and for those looking for music that has charm and beauty.
Click for further detailsScottish Harps Compilation / Various Artists
A remarkable gathering of harpers, accompanists and singers taking part in the 1998 Edinburgh International Festival series of concerts. 'There is no denying the lissome loveliness of many of the pieces.' The Scotsman (1998). Featured artists include: Savourna Stevenson, Wendy Stewart, Alison Kinnaird, Isobel Meiras, William Taylor, Karen Marshalsay, Ann & Charlie Heyman and Fiona Davidson.
Click for further detailsScottish Island by William Jackson
Ships' bows ploughing noisily through foaming seas-sails pulling against straining and creaking ropes-waves falling gently on silver sands or ocean rollers crashing against rugged towering cliffs-the cry of the guillemot-or the gannet-or the black-headed gull as they swoop and soar. William Jackson's A Scottish Island evokes all of these sounds and creates vivid mental pictures, sometimes within the memory, sometimes within the imagination.
Click for further detailsSerenâd by Elinor Bennett and Meinir Heulyn
Two of Wales’ leading harpists join forces to present, for the first time on CD, harp duos by John Thomas. This is the third album for Elinor and Meinir to record harp duets on the Sain label.
Click here for further detailsThe Silver String by Alison Kinnaird
Released in 2004, this is the long awaited album from Alison Kinnaird. It features Alison on gut and wire strung harps and cello and contains 13 tracks. Alison is joined on the album by Ann Heyman, Charlie Heymann, Alasdair White, Mike Katz, Christine Primrose and Robin Morton. Included with the CD is a free DVD featuring 3 short films relating to Alison`s music and the other side of her artistic endeavour as a glass artist.
Click here for further detailsSkimmerin by Strange Rainbow
Catriona McKay - harp & Alistair MacDonald - live electronics an adventurous musical collaboration!
Click for further detailsThe Sky Didn't Fall by Kathryn Tickell and Corrina Hewat
Northumbrian piper and fiddler Kathryn Tickell, awarded BBC Radio 2's 2005 Folk Musician of the Year, in a duo with harpist Corrina Hewat, one of the most distinctive, original and versatile artists on the contemporary Scottish scene. Two excellent musicians and a CD which compliments the talents of both. Great playing and singing.
Click here for further detailsSLW by Rhodri Davies
"Following on the critically lauded IJ, Formed Records is pleased to announce SLW, a quartet featuring Burkhard Beins, Lucio Capece, Rhodri Davies, and Toshimaru Nakamura. The album captures these improvisors at their finest, blending their unique approaches to improvisation into a dynamic field. The great creative range of these performers gives the single improvisation an episodic feel, with layers of interaction and frames of sound moving around each other." Formed Records
Click here for further detailsSoirbheas by Sarah Deere-Jones
Traditional and original Celtic harp pieces along with the magical sound of the Aeolian harp, recorded at various ancient sites throughout Celtic Britain and Ireland. Sarah Deere-Jones, one of England's finest Celtic harp players, has blended these two instruments, with her own improvisations and the sounds of nature. 'Absolutely magnificent' - John Shaw
Click here for further detailsSong for the Earth by Monika Stadler
This is the fourth CD by Monika Stadler (Harp & Voice), featuring Georg Ludvik (Cello), Reinhard Ziegerhofer (Acoustic Bass) and Franz Schmuck (Percussion). All tunes are composed and arranged by Monika Stadler, except "Rondo Naningo" composed by Deborah Henson-Conant and arranged by Monika Stadler.
Click here for further detailsSong of Delight by Maeve Gilchrist
Boston-Based Singer/Songwriter and Harpist Offers Distinctive Fusion of Folk and Jazz Produced by Violin Virtuoso Darol Anger.
Click here for further detailsSong of the Welsh Hills by Monika Stadler
Monika's 10th CD of original compositions, inspired by the green unspoiled landscape, pristine coastline and the mountains of the Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales, inspired by her love of the tango, a Breton dance... Extremely atmospheric compositions are interwoven with improvisations, - it is a challenge to distinguish between the two. Harp solo alternates with various arrangements such as harp/cello, harp/accordion/percussion or harp/bass. A timeless journey into the silence, into the soul.
Click here for further detailsSound of the Paraguayan Harp by Diego Vera
In 2003 Diego Vera toured England as part of Harp 3, a trio of Paraguayan harpists, playing in London, Oxford, Peterborough, Leeds, Newcastle, and Sunderland and in 2004 he performed in Poland and Hungary, as well as making a return visit to England in September. This is his first solo CD, and includes Diego's own arrangements of some of the most beautiful Paraguayan tunes as well as a selection of well-known international pieces.
Click here for further detailsSparks by Rachel Hair & Ron Jappy
Ron and I are chuffed to bits to announce that our new album SPARKS is now on sale, via this website and in all the usual shops. (May 2019) It’s also available to listen to on Apple Music and Spotify but we’d really like to encourage you to buy a hard copy OR in the very least download it legally via iTunes… it’s the best way you can support us to allow us to make even more new music for you! We hope you enjoy the album. It’s full of tunes we just LOVE to play. Some oldies from the collections and archives and some newbies both from ourselves and our pals.
Click here for further detailsSpohr Duo by Ervis Gega - Violin & Silke Aichhorn - Harp
Romantic virtuoso works for violin and harp
Click here for further detailsStanding Wave by Wendy Stewart
This third solo CD from Wendy Stewart and her first post-Ceolbeg explores the resonances, layers and quiet energy of the traditional harp music she has played, composed, arranged and taught for over 30 years. This collection of unashamedly harp-focused tracks is strongly influenced by the landscape of South West Scotland where she now lives, by the natural rhythms of this environment and by family and friends.
Click here for further detailsStarfish by Catriona MaKay
Catriona McKay - Scottish harp and Starfish McKay harp joined by Donald Grant - fiddle; Fionan 'Fionomenal' De Barra - guitar; Matt Baker - double bass; Alistair MacDonald - laptop wizardry; Seamus Egan - nylon guitar on track 9 & Red Skies - strings.
Click here for further detailsStill, Life with Jazz Harp by Park Stickney
Park's latest solo CD (August 2005), sets a new standard for Jazz Harp. There are two compositions by Park Where's Mary Ford? and the title track Still, Life with Jazz Harp which sit perfectly with music by Mancini, Desmond, Ellington, Hammerstein and the beautiful Recuerdos de los "Recuerdos del Alhambra" (Tarrega). Park's arrangement of Holst's Jupiter .... which has a 3 little twists in the tails.
Click here for further detailsStille Wasser by Jochen Vogel
Although Jochen Vogel has never described himself as a bard, his aim is to move people through his music. Starting with traditional Irish and Scottish music and moving on to jazz, pop and Indian influences, Jochen Vogel now exploits the vast range of musical opportunities at his disposal, fusing his richly diverse influences to create an elemental, highly personal musical language.
Click here for further detailsStrange New Lands by Nadia Birkenstock
"This musician is more than an accomplished master of the celtic harp, she is also an expert in uplifting your spirits in a musical way. In short: Very relaxed, very atmospheric, very recommendable." C.Ruf, Dresdener Zeitung (Germany)
Click here for further detailsString Theory by CF47 - The Catrin Finch Band
In the summer of 2004 I got asked to give a Concert in Lyon, France, with a Big Band. I thought it was a strange idea, but was excited to find Out how it would sound. The main concerns were balance, and how the sound of the harp would mix with the brass sound, and indeed what we would play! It was a great success, and above all a lot of FUN! So, on the Eurostar journey home I texted a good friend of mine Tom Watson (an amazing trumpeter with whom I studied at the Royal Academy), and asked if he would be interested in joining us with such a project and helping with the arrangements etc. He said he would certainly give it a go so, our project began in the autumn of 2004.
Click here for further detailsStrings Over Time ... by Charlotte Poulter
Strings Over Time - perhaps a favourite of BBC Radio 2's  Sarah Kennedy who has used most tracks to follow the daily "Pause for Thought" spot on the Dawn Patrol. A charming debut CD from Welsh harpist Charlotte Poulter.
Click for further detailsSugarcane by Shine
If you need proof that less is more, this is it. With just three voices and two electroharps, Shine produce an album that’s breathtaking, haunting, beautiful and innovative and full of a magic that simultaneously encapsulates and challenges the essence of Scottish music.
Click for further detailsSurprise Corner by Park Stickney
"Surprise Corner is a mystical place we used to visit on family vacations. Its exact location changed often, but was usually found in the middle of a busy highway in afternoon traffic. When we got to Surprise Corner, my brothers and I would receive a small gift to keep us occupied during the rest of the long drive." Park Stickney
Click for further detailsSweet as Bardic Music by Rachel Ann Morgan (mezzo-soprano & harp)
… a highly skilled harpist … a smooth and very attractive mezzo-soprano voice. Her diction is exemplary … An absolutely delightful record which can be highly recommended. Fanfare Rachel Ann Morgan sings both simply and beautifully, and plays the harp (on this occasion a splendidly resonant Celtic one) in similar fashion … The quality of recording is of the very first class … Gramophone
Click for further detailsTalking Hands - Deborah Henson-Conant
Contemporary Jazz recording of original songs by Deborah Henson-Conant or the Band including Siana's Dream, Talking Hands, The Day it Rained Forever, Farewell to Arms, My Mother's Mexican Hat, Into the Light, California Calypso, And Then He Kissed Me . . . , Lazy Lover. Deborah is joined by Mino Cinelu (percussion), William Galison (harmonica), George Jinda (percussion), Chieli Minucci (guitar), David Samuels (vibes), Fernando Saunders (bass).
Click for further detailsTango y Folklore by Duo Ramos-Schneider
Tango, South American Folklore, our own compositions, traditional musical interpretations, others with subtle chamber type and more modern arrangements. This CD expresses a varied array of musical hues, representing us at this time. It is the onset of our path with its Latin American roots towards the search for our own music, the mark of what we are today, ever changing as always.
Click for further informationTarraing Téad - Pulling Strings Máire Breatnach & Cormac De Barra
The album Tarraing Téad / Pulling Strings is a celebration of the magic that can flow between harp and fiddle and viola, with ample space between the notes for the melodies to find full expression. There’s a depth of interpretation here that will surely lure its share of new listeners to the music. The Irish Times
Click for further informationTea for Two by Celtica Duo 
' ..... the combination of the harp with the oboe is a winning formula - sweet and witty .... under the captivating spell of these players the time flew too quickly for us.'Cardiff Post - St. David’s Hall, Recital.
Click for further information Telling The Sound by Michiko Semba
The first 14 tracks on the delightful CD are Japanese tunes composed between the Edo Period and 1949 which have been arranged for the Irish Harp by Michiko Semba. The CD finishes with Midnight Light an original composition by Michiko, 3 traditional Irish Tunes and a traditional lullaby from Denmark. The sheet music - Japanese Tunes for Irish Harp, with the scores of the first 14 tracks is also available.
Click for further informationTelyn by Llio Rhydderch 
Llio Rhydderch's "Telyn" has made a huge impression in world traditional music."Brilliant Harp Wizardry" Derek Bell, The Chieftains.
Click here for further detailsTelynor Portmeirion by Dylan Rowlands
Wonderful mixture of Traditional Welsh Music and other well known tunes from his extensive repertoire of self arrangements used during his years as Offical Harpist at Portmeirion.
Click here for further detailsTelynor Portmeirion Harpist by Dylan Rowlands
A second album from the Dylan Rowlands - all arranged by the performer from his extensive repertoire used during his years as Offical Harpist at Portmeirion.
Click for further detailsThe Harp of King David by Dominique Piana with Gregory Yaroslow (tenor)
The Harp of King David, Songs of longing and hope, evolved from a concert programme envisioned as a poetic re-creation of a vibrant culture suspended in time by historical events, alining itself behind the legendary figure of King David.
Click for further detailsThere Is No Rose by Lammas (Sarah Deere-Jones & Phil Williams)
A magical selection of medieval music for harp, voice and other instuments with a mid-winter theme, haunting English medieval songs for voice and harp such as ‘There is no rose‘ and ‘Song of the nuns of Chester‘ are mixed with lively ‘Estampies‘ and ‘Saltarellos‘ from the era and new arrangements of favourite ancient carols such as Puer Nobis, In Dulci Jubilo and Coventry Carol - featuring wire-strung and gothic harps, Gemshorn, hammered duclimer, Hurdy-Gurdy, Recorders, Saz, Bagpipes, and percussion.
Click for further detailsThis son so young by Rebecca Flannery (harp) with Liesl Odenweller (Soprano) John Rose (organ)
"There is much to appreciate in this recorded performance, especially the obvious sensitivity of the three artists, Odenweller's pretty soprano and the equal prominence given the harp and organ. Not easy with such a tonally differing duo."-- The New Mexican, Santa Fe
Click for further detailsThe Thorn Tree by Gráinne Hambly
This is Gráinne's third solo harp CD of traditional Irish dance music, slow airs and pieces from the 17th and 18th century harp repertoire.
Click for further detailsThe Three Strands: Passion, Sorrow and Joy by Shelley Fairplay
Hear Harpist Shelley Fairplay musically entwine The Three Strands; Passion Sorrow and Joy through a diverse range of styles from the traditional to the present day. The music is performed on a 47 string concert pedal harp and a golden electro-lever harp that Shelley wears to play. Several tracks also use added looper and effect pedals.
Click here for further detailsThy Trembling Strings by Sarah Deere-Jones & Phil Williams
Performed on antique instruments from the era, this selection of rarely heard dance tunes from a family archive, and the authentic music of a virtually forgotten Regency instrument, the harp-lute, all discovered by professional harpist Sarah Deere-Jones, make this recording a rare and revealing contribution to early 19th century repertoire.
Click here for further detailsTide of Change by Irene Watt
Irene's singing career literally began at her father's knee, with her earliest stage the family drinking table. Since then, she has continued to captivate audiences with her warm, melodic voice and sparkling personality. When she first encountered the harp, a mere three years ago, a perfect partnership was forged. In recent years, Irene has become a regular on the traditional and folk music scene, where her lively and moving performances have won her many awards, and just as many fans.
Click here for further detailsTides by Ralf Kleemann
Tides, Ralf Kleemann's second solo album containing music for New Celtic Harp follows the success of his first album Prydotia, with further development of his own music. The 12 tracks are new and of their own kind, displaying the full character of the Celtic harp.
Click here for further detailsTiming Her by Sarah Deere-Jones
English acoustic music at its best featuring Sarah Deere-Jones on harp, Phil Williams on Cittern and smallpipes with Steve Potter on violin. A collection of dazzling instrumentals, lively dance tunes and Sarah's new 'folksong' settings of some of the poems by Thomas Hardy. 'Hauntingly beautiful' - Hardy Society
Click for further detailsTo the Mackerel - Stephanie Liney
Original and Traditional Music for Celtic Harp. The Music on this CD contains both traditional celtic pieces and new compositions by Stephanie Liney. These works have been inspired by the Dorset coastline and its history
Click for further detailsA Touch of Class by Janet Bennett - Harpist & Singer
This CD contains a mixture of classical, popular and traditional music and songs, a guest flautist and even some jazz! It is perfect for background music and weddings.
Click here for further detailsTouching Gold by Claire Jones
Debut album by Claire Jones, who was appointed official Royal Harpist to HRH The Prince of Wales in 2007. This recording features music by Gershwin & Fats Waller as well as varied classical harp repertoire so from Ravel's 'Pavane' and Handel's 'Prelude' and 'Toccata' to the melody from 'Rhapsody in Blue' and 'Ain't Misbehavin'', accompanied by orchestra you will be Touching Gold!
Click for further detailsTRABACI: Keyboard Music, Book II (1615) Sergio Vartolo - Harpsichord and Organ; Andrew Lawrence King - Harp
Trabaci was one of the most important musical innovators in the 17th century. As a skilled organist, his major church appointments in the Naples area provided him with the financial stability to write 165 works for the keyboard. Many serve the multiple purpose of being adaptable for organ, harpsichord or instrumental groups.
Click here for further detailsTraditional Celtic Harp by Claire Hamilton
A lovely selection of Celtic Music performed on Celtic harp with accompaniment which includes Riverdance, Molly Malone, Skye Boat Song, Flower of Scotland and The Londonderry Air (Danny Boy) is this journey the Celtic Lands.
Click here for further detailsTraditional Spirits by Ailie Robertson
Award winning clarsach player Ailie Robertson explores whisky making and marries it with our rich culture of traditional music, creating a new composition that ‘paints’ the whisky industry in soundscapes, from barley in the fields to cask and glass. Joining Ailie to blend their sounds and instruments with the world of whisky are seven of Scotland’s finest musicians: Patsy Reid (fiddles), Adam Sutherland (fiddle), Fraser Fifield (whistles/saxophone), James Ross (piano), Mattie Foulds (percussion), Conrad Molleson (double bass), Tom Oakes (guitar).
Click here for further detailsTravellers' Suite by Margaret Knight
Enjoy a holiday in sound. Travel over the waters into Europe -Tournier 'Vers la Source' where you will be Welcomed into the Bergen community in Norway -Tveit. 'Welcome with honour'. Then come with me to see the vast beauty of Russia - Zabel 'Margerite douleureuse au rouet' see the girl at her spinning wheel. Now relax in your hotel room in Paris where the sun puts its arm through the window and makes Poulenc 'Hotel' .......
Click here for further detailsTree of Strings by The Duplets
With two Scottish harps intertwined, The Duplets are hailed as “leading lights of Scottish music”. Gillian Fleetwood and Fraya Thomsen “sing and play old and new music with imagination.”– Norman Chalmers. In the title track on their debut album ‘Tree of Strings’ they “entrance with their poise and beauty.”- Delyth Jenkins.
Click here for further detailsTrio ArpaCantabile Christin Mollnar - Soprano, Elisabeth Neuhäusler - Mezzosoprano & Silke Aichhorn - Harp
Two singers and a harp - while today this may seem a rare instrumentation it was a popular format in the eighteen hundreds, especially in Italy and there is an abundance of repertoire, a small selection of which is reproduced on this recording.
Click here for further detailsTrio Elisa
"Trio Elisa" is a French Trio performing music of Faure, Bizet, Ravel & Debussy arranged for two harps and violin by Sandrine Luzignant, many of whose arrangements are published by Creighton's Collection. The Trio is Elizabeth Fontan-Binoche (harp), Sandrine Luzignant (harp) and Philipee Monville (violin).

Click here for further detailsThe Triumph of Time - Part I - Jane Leslie MacKenzie (soprano), Michael Bochmann (violin), David Watkins (harp)
Part 1 of 2. These two CDs contain songs and arias which embrace all aspects of love - or even the lack of it, as in Byron’s chill words ‘To the Moon’ (An den mond) and set for harp accompaniment by Schumann. “True genius does not make sense without a heart. Neither the highest intelligence, nor imagination, or even both together make a genius. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, THAT is the Spirit of Genius.” - Mozart

Click here for further detailsThe Triumph of Time - Part II - Jane Leslie MacKenzie (soprano), Michael Bochmann (violin), David Watkins (harp)
Part 2 of 2. These two CDs contain songs and arias which embrace all aspects of love - or even the lack of it, as in Byron’s chill words ‘To the Moon’ (An den mond) and set for harp accompaniment by Schumann. “True genius does not make sense without a heart. Neither the highest intelligence, nor imagination, or even both together make a genius. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, THAT is the Spirit of Genius.” - Mozart

Click here for further detailsTravels with My Harp Volume 2 DVD by Mary O'Hara
One’s interpretation of songs evolves over time and likewise the accompaniments. My recordings of the songs in Travels With My Harp V2 were made at different times, sometimes part of live performances, and what is on the various recordings may not always in every detail accord exactly with what appears on paper in the scores.

Click here for further detailsTwrf Neus Ciglau by Rhodri Davies
Perhaps close to what one would expect: scratchy, thin drones punctuated by the rubbing of friction-filled surfaces, much air and space. It is all that, but also injects a kind of mystery--maybe it's the deep tolling that occasionally rises from the cello or a bit more emotive summoning from Rives. So, familiar yes, but fine integration of sounds and well paced, with verdant hills and valleys as well as the odd cwm. Brian Olewnick (Just Outside)
Click for further detailsThe Unkown Road by Mario Falcao
The Unknown Road is an exciting, intricate journey through transcriptions of historic selections such as the 16th-century "Diferencias sobre 'Guardame las vacas'" by Luys de Narvaez and newer pieces like Philip Glass' "Modern Love Waltz" and "Sonatina Prodigio" by Virgilio Mortari.
Click for further detailsvalved strings calculator by Robin Hayward, Rhodri Davies & Taku Unami
Robin Hayward (tuba), Rhodri Davies (harp) and Taku Unami (computer). Tracks 1,2,4 were recorded at Kid Ailack Art Hall on 24 Feb, 2007 and track 3 was recorded at Cafe Parlwr on 22 Feb, 2007. Recording and drawing by Jean-Luc Guionnet.
Click for further detailsVilla-Lobos Chamber Music by Mobius
Heitor Villa-Lobos put Brazilian music on the cultural map with an output that can be compared to the vastness and diversity of his own country. This survey of Villa-Lobos’ chamber works spans his entire career, from the attractively wistful Song of the Black Swan (1917) to the refined, and rarely-recorded Quintette instrumental (1957). The Duo for Violin and Viola (1946), as substantial a piece as those by Mozart and Martinů, includes one of the composer’s most haunting Adagios.
Click for further detailsVirtuoso Harp by Ann Griffiths
“I should like to end by recommending a delectable solo harp recital played with enticing guile by Ann Griffiths. She captivates with her very opening piece . . . . Ann Griffiths is atmospherically recorded, and this recital is ideal for late-evening listening . . . . very winning.” Ivan March Gramophone
Click here for further detailsVoices & Harps by Moya Brennan and Cormac De Barra
Moya & Cormac both come from large musical families and their mutual admiration for each other naturally developed into a stimulating musical relationship. Their new album, Voices & Harps, is the culmination of their friendship and creative synergy over the past decade. They combine the simplicity, depth and beauty of the extraordinary skills which make them unique in their own field. Voices and Harps unveils a new chapter in their partnership
Click here for further detailsWandering Between The Worlds by Nadia Birkenstock
“Enthusiastic fans as well as objective connoisseurs of the scene attest her an Irish soul that becomes apparent in her fairy-like delicate singing and the masterly skills on an instrument that is not exactly easy to handle. Her sensitive attitude opens the hearts of her audience and creates a very special atmosphere.”Westdeutsche Zeitung 

Click for further detailsWatersongs by Bazaaris
It all started with an incidental, unforgettable marathon-trio-session with Asita, Björn and Fredrik. After that much more than a band was born… a deep friendship on and off stage is an unmistakable part of the Bazaaris – sound! Since their first album Live they have been busy again touring and recording, this their second live-cd “Watersongs” was released during spring 2006

Click here for further detailsWeihnachtliche Harfenklänge by Silke Aichhorn
Christmas harp music: Silke Aichhorn performs Christmas music and Christmas carols (instrumental) along with seasonally suitable baroque music, works by Mozart and some folk tunes.
Click here for further detailsWeihnachtsmusik by Ekaterina Afanasieva
A classical collection of beautiful Christmas music
Click here for further detailsThe Welsh Gold Collection: Heartstrings
This collection brings together many of Wales' finest harpists, performing traditional Welsh melodies which have particular appeal to them. And as with most Welsh experiences, the heart features strongly : Heartstrings - affairs of the heart, played with vigour and style, on the strings of the harp!
Click here for further detailsWest over the Sea by Gentle Songs & Slow Ayres
West over the sea takes us to a zone where time stands still - archaic stringed instruments and voice with harper Helen Davies on Celtic harp and singer Agnethe Christensen on Baltic cittern. The timeless beauty of texts and music with roots in the mists of the Scandinavian heritage.
Click here for further detailsWege by Jochen Vogel
Although Jochen Vogel has never described himself as a bard, his aim is to move people through his music. Starting with traditional Irish and Scottish music and moving on to jazz, pop and Indian influences, Jochen Vogel now exploits the vast range of musical opportunities at his disposal, fusing his richly diverse influences to create an elemental, highly personal musical language.
Click for further informationWhite Nights by Catriona McKay & Chris Stout
Catriona McKay and Chris Stout play a dynamic and adventurous exploration of traditional Scottish music, performing together for 15 years. This self-penned album is a modulation between past and present, between summer and winter, between reliability and risk.
Click here for further detailsWho is.. The Lion, The Wolf and The Donkey? Park Stickney, Dino Contenti, Gigi Biolcati
2014 Trio recording led by American jazz harpist Park Stickney, alongside Italian bassist Dino Contenti and percussionist Gigi Biolcati. They perform two original compositions - Swiss Miss & Second Breakfast, plus their own interpretations of standards by Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, Bill Evans along with "Hotel California" by the Eagles.
Click for further informationWild Harp by Sarah Deere-Jones
Wild Harp is the natural successor to Soirbheas. Recordings of the wind blowing through the strings of different harps are mixed with songs, original compositions and arrangements. Comprehensive sleeve notes accompany the disc. Includes recordings Aeolian Harp, Sarah accompanying a Song Thrush, Wind blowing though a 25m long wire, tail end of Hurricane Bertha playing the strings. There is lots of variety from Medieval to Contemporary.
Click for further informationWild Irish Rose A Collection of Romantic Irish Favourites by Claire Hamilton
A collection of favourite Irish tunes performed on Celtic harp by Claire Hamilton with accompaniment. As well as the title track this CD features Have I told you lately (Van Morrison), My lagan Love, The Great Silke and Women of Ireland.
Click for further informationWild Mountain Thyme The Sound of the Celtic Harp by Claire Hamilton
Album of Celtic Music performed on lever harp by Claire Hamilton with accompaniment. This delightful CD includes some very well known tunes including Londonderry Air (Danny Boy); Down in the Sally Gardens; She Moved through the Fair; Have I Told You Lately?; The Star of County Down; Theme from ‘Harry’s Game’ and Carrickfergus; A great introduction to the harp for lovers of Celtic Music.
Click for further informationWinter Tales by Nadia Birkenstock
“Enthusiastic fans as well as objective connoisseurs of the scene attest her an Irish soul that becomes apparent in her fairy-like delicate singing and the masterly skills on an instrument that is not exactly easy to handle. Her sensitive attitude opens the hearts of her audience and creates a very special atmosphere.”Westdeutsche Zeitung 
Click for further informationThe Wood of Morois by Patrick Ball
Most of the tunes on this CD are drawn from Patrick's stage show: The Flame of Love: the Romance of Tristan and Iseult. They were chosen to evoke the many emotions and colors of this marvelous medieval legend. They spring from Celtic lands which Tristan and Iseult knew well, particularly Brittany, where their story ends.
Click here for further detailsY Gwenith Gwynnaf by Gwenan Gibbard
Y Gwenith Gwynnaf - the whitest wheat is Gwenan’s debut album with Sain and features a selection of her arrangements of Traditional Welsh music. Gwennan performs on both a Camac Aziliz lever harp and a Bryan Blackmore Triple Harp. On some tracks there are guest appearances from Maartin Allcock - guitar, bass and bouzar, Huw Roberts / Stephen Rees - fiddle, Dafydd Roberts - flute and whistle and Deian Elfryn - percussion.
Click here for further detailsY Ferch o Bedlam by Siân James
"The last two years have been invaluable for me in my quest to learn from life's experiences. The songs I sing on this album deal with all the trials and tribulations of life; love and heartbreak, sickness and happiness, birth and death. These songs are a true reflection of our lives on this earth."
Click here for further detailsYn Y Gwaed by Rhes Ganol
The first ever recording of the Welsh triple harp choir. Rhes Ganol is a group of five triple harps following in the footsteps of the last triple choir in Wales which performed for the Abergavenny National Eisteddfod before the First World War. Meticulously researched, the music has been chosen & arranged by the group members who carry the mantle of the traditional harp of Wales. The instrument has been played for over three centuries producing a unique body of music and technique for the Welsh Nation.
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