CD A0291: Telling the Sound

Irish Harp - Telling The Sound
Michiko Semba

CD cover The first 14 tracks on the delightful CD are Japanese tunes composed between the Edo Period and 1949 which have been arranged for the Irish Harp by Michiko Semba. The CD finishes with Midnight Light an original composition by Michiko, 3 traditional Irish Tunes and a traditional lullaby from Denmark. The sheet music - Japanese Tunes for Irish Harp, with the scores of the first 14 tracks is also available.

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Audio Samples & Track Listings

Track Listing

01.  Cherry Blossom
02.  A night with a hazy moon
03.  Summer memories
04.  A red dragonfly
05.  Autumn beach
06.  Hometown Autumn
07.  A ruined castle in the moonlight
08.  Desert in the moonlight
09.  Lullaby of Takeda
10.  Gondola
11.  A little bird on the beach
12.  Home
13.  Itsumo nano demo
14.  Look up at the stars
15.  Midnight Light
16.  Carolan's Concerto
17.  Pleasant early morning
18.  Young Bridget O'Malley
19.  Little Ole with the umbrella

CD Notes & Credits

Michiko Semba
Irish Harp - telling the sound

All tracks arranged by Michiko Semba
except : track 16 arranged by Ank Van Campen (My Harp's Delight /Salvi 1983)
           : track 17 arranged by Helen Davies (Sounding Harps/Cairde na Cruite 1998)

Harp :Camac Aziliz

Recorded at Jam Sounds
Engineered by Toshinori Hyodo
Cover Photos by Michiko Semba
Track 15 composed by Michiko Semba


Artist & Album Information

Title: Irish Harp - Telling the Sound
Instruments: Irish Harp
Genre: Japanese / Irish / Danish Traditional
Format: CD
Our Ref: A0291
MCPS: 1958-003
Label: Jasrac
Year: 2008
Origin: Japan

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Recordings and Sheet Music by Michiko Semba

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Irish Harp
Telling the Sound
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Japanese Tunes
for Irish Harp