A0554-CD: Quirk

Fiona Rutherford - Harp
Amy Duncan - Double Bass

Cd cover: Quirk

Scottish harpist and composer Fiona Rutherford and double bassist Amy Duncan release their mini album 'Quirk', featuring percussion by Stuart Clark. Fiona's compositions encompass a wide range of influences. It's not folk, its not contemporary classical, and its not jazz, but its music that loves these genres! The blend of Scottish harp and double bass combine in an unusual and exciting way interweaving melodies and interesting rhythms.

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Audio Samples & Track Listing

1. Lines on the Map 3:27
2. Weaving 2:54
3. Insomnia 3:49
4. Still Space 3:56
5. Dallam 2:10
6. Moment 2:22
7. Toccata for the Scottish Harp 5;22
8. Rare and Free 2:46


CD Notes & Credits

1. Lines on the Map comp. Rutherford arr. Rutherford / Duncan / Stuart Clark
Inspired by the music of the African Kora, and the idea that you can travel easily through music.

2. Weaving comp. Rutherford
A conversation between harp and double bass. This piece, originally for harp and cello, was written for harp friend Elinor Evans to perform in her school leaving concert.

3. Insomnia comp. Rutherford
That wired feeling.

4. Still Space comp. Rutherford. arr. Duncan / Rutherford

5. Dallan comp. Rutherford. arr. Duncan / Rutherford / Martha Bean / Stuart Clark
The octatonic scale used in this piece is reminiscent of Eastern European folk melodies. The title means 'tune' in Hungarian.

6. Moment comp. Rutherford. arr. Rutherford / Duncan / Martha Bean
This emerged from an improvisation session: a pause in time.

7. Toccata for the Scottish Harp comp. Rutherford. arr. Duncan / Rutherford / Martha Bean

8. Rare and Free comp. David Paton (lyrics), Duncan (music), arr. Duncan / Rutherford


Thanks to Beth Rutherford, Mark Norris, Isobel Mieras, Nigel Osborne, Chris Best, Savourna Stevenson, Tudor Morris, The Clarsach Society and Sophie Askew.

Special thanks to Martha Bean and David Paton.


Recorded, mixed and mastered by Dave Gray at The Sound Cafe
Design by Lillias Kinsman-Blake  www.lillias.co.uk
©2012 Fiona Rutherford and Amy Duncan



Album Information

Title: Quirk
Artist: Fiona Rutherford - Harp
Amy Duncan - Double Bass
Instruments: Harp & Double Bass +percussion
Genre: General
Format: Audio CD
Our Ref: A0554
Label: Self produced by artists
Year: 2012
Origin: UK

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