CD A0115: Timing Her

Timing Her
Sarah Deere-Jones &
Phil Williams, with Steve Potter

Timing Her by Sarah Deere-Jones & Phil Williams, with Steve PotterEnglish acoustic music at its best featuring Sarah Deere-Jones on harp, Phil Williams on Cittern and smallpipes with Steve Potter on violin. A collection of dazzling instrumentals, lively dance tunes and Sarah's new 'folksong' settings of some of the poems by Thomas Hardy. 'Hauntingly beautiful' - Hardy Society

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Audio Samples & Track Listing

1 Timing Her
2 Harvest Moon, The Maypole, Lingmell Reel, Esme's jig
3 Just as the tide was flowing
4 Dozmary, Roughtor Reel, Logan Stone
5 Her Immortality
6 Major O’Malleys Reel, Waterloo Dance, Enrico
7 The Fading Rose
8 The Dark eyed gentleman
9 Nightingale Sings
10 ‘The Leaving’ Lament
11 Cuckoo’s nest, New rigged ship, Drops of Brandy, The Grenadiers, The grey mare.
12 The End of the Episode
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CD Notes & Credits


Timing Her (Hardy) (music Deere-Jones)
In Hardy’s own words ‘written to an old folk tune’ but the tune he may have had in mind is unknown. We have entwined the traditional tune ‘The Trees they do grow high’ into Sarah’s main melody on fiddle.

Harvest Moon /The Maypole / Lingmell Reel / Esme’s jig (Deere-Jones/Trad)
Sarah’s original music is played on the harp while the concertina and fiddle play the traditional tunes in italics above.

Just as the tide was flowing (Trad)
Our own arrangement of the Dorset version of this famous traditional song

Dozmary/Roughtor Reel/Logan Stone (Deere-Jones)
Original pieces for harp inspired by the unique landscape of Bodmin Moor

Her Immortality (Hardy - abridged) (music Deere-Jones)
The conversation between a man and his dead lover is a familiar theme in folk song. A variation on the traditional tune Dives and Lazarus is played on fiddle.

Major O’Malleys Reel/Waterloo Dance/Enrico (Trad)
Three traditional tunes that appear in the Hardy families’ own notebooks, given a slightly ‘trad jazz’ treatment!

The Fading Rose (Hardy) (music Deere-Jones)
The flower theme and slightly macabre subject is again reminiscent of English folksong.

The Dark eyed gentleman (Hardy) (music Deere-Jones)
With its strong rhythm and song-like metre, its difficult to believe Hardy was not thinking of a song when he wrote this. Starting and ending with the traditional tune ‘Sweet Jenny Jones’ on fiddle, we also play the tunes ‘Spanish Cloak’ and ‘Light o’love’ on concertina and fiddle in between verses.

Nightingale Sings (Trad)
Another beautiflul traditional song from Dorset, the first verse was used in the famous 1960’s film version of ‘Far from the Madding Crowd’.

‘The Leaving’ Lament (Deere-Jones)
From the Highlands of Scotland down to the southem counties of England the poor were foreed to leave their native land en masse in the 19th century. Inspired by a photograph of West Country migrants waiting to leave at Plymouth Dock in 1870.

Cuckoo’s nest/New rigged ship/Drops of Brandy/The Grenadiers/The grey mare.
Some well known traditional tunes, finishing off with Sarah’s own ‘Grey Mare’- also the name of a stone cirele on Tenants Hill, Dorset.

The End of the Episode (Hardy) (music Deere-Jones)
A beautiful and asd poem, ‘dumbles’ is short for ‘dumbledore’ sword Hardy used for ‘Bumble bees’.


All music except traditional tunes written by Sarah Deere-Jones, copyright protected by MCPS. Recorded and engineered at the Cornwall Harp Centre by Robert Harbron. Thanks to Steve Potter. Susan Bell MA., The Thomas Hardy Society.

Sarah plays a Salvi Egan lever harp and a Wheatstone duet concertina, Phil a Fylde English Cittern, Dickinson Anglo concertina, and Evans smallpipes.

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Album Information

Title: Timing Her
Artist: Sarah Deere-Jones, Phil Williams, Steve Potter
Instruments: Harp, Voice, Cittern & Violin
Genre: Traditional English Acoustic
Format: CD
Our Ref: A0115
Label: Cornwall Harp Centre
Year: 2006
Origin: UK