CD A0346: Scottish Harps

Scottish Harps
Compilation / Various Artists

CD cover A remarkable gathering of harpers, accompanists and singers taking part in the 1998 Edinburgh International Festival series of concerts. 'There is no denying the lissome loveliness of many of the pieces.' The Scotsman (1998). Featured artists include: Savourna Stevenson, Wendy Stewart, Alison Kinnaird, Isobel Meiras, William Taylor, Karen Marshalsay, Ann & Charlie Heyman and Fiona Davidson.

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Track Listing & Audio Samples

Scottish Harps
Track Listing

  1. The Treasures Of Darkness - Fiona Davidson
  2. Cumba Easbuig Earraghaidheal - Sileas
  3. Ballad - Isobel Meiras
  4. Scots Lament By Mr Oswald / Over the Water to Charlie - William Taylor & Rob Mackillop
  5. Dances With Friends - Wendy Stewart
  6. The Harper In The Bog - Heather Yule & Karen Marshalsay
  7. Oran Do MhacLeoid Dhun Bheagain - Alison Kinnaird & Christine Primrose
  8. Planxty Sweeny - Ann & Charlie Heyman
  9. Bogie's Bonnie Belle - Rod Paterson & Wendy Stewart
  10. Island Seas - Savourna Stevenson
  11. Uamh An Oir / Cumha An T-Seana Chlaidheimh - Margaret Stewart & Allan Macdonald
  12. Bas Alastruim - Alison Kinnaird & Ann Heyman

Album Information

Instruments: Harp + various accompaniments
Genre: Traditional Scottish
Format: CD
Our Ref: A0346
Label: Greentrax Recordings
Year: 1998
Origin: EU