CD A0324: Just For You

Just For You - Deborah Henson-Conant

CD coverDeborah's first live CD, recorded during her 1994 European tour and is the closest to a "Live DHC" experience you can get at present on disc. Recorded live on tour in Germany, "Just For You" has influences of jazz, latin, flamenco, folk, blues, etc. and a strong vein of comedy in several of the songs which include: Dance with Me, The Phoenix, Under the Bed, Watermelon Boogie, Closer to You, Danger Zone, Baroque Flamenco, The Rain King, Budapest, Just for You. Harp, bass, percussion & voice with Davey Tulloch, percussion & Wolfgang Diekmann, bass.

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Audio Samples

  1. Just For You
  2. Budapest (Introduction; Budapest)
  3. The Rain King
  4. Baroque Flamenco
  5. Dance With Me
  6. Danger Zone
  7. Closer To You
  8. Under The Bed (Introduction; Under The Bed)
  9. The Phoenix (Introduction; The Phoenix)
  10. Watermelon Boogie

Notes & Credits

The CD book contains the lyrics for the songs on the album.


This album was recorded live during a 6-week tour of Germany in the spring of 1994, I would like to express my thanks to all the people who were involved in this tout and in the recording of this album: Davey Tulloch and Wolfgang Diekmann for their wonderful playing and companionship; Peter Cronemeyer, my fabulous manager and instigator; Ulli Bögershausen, founder of Laika Records for his dreams and his encouragement: Andreas Torkler, and his team (Andreas Bittel and Frank Mestars) for making such a beautiful recording (almost an impossibility, considering the physicality and the theatricality of our show, and the difficulties of recording a harp!): to Thorsten Schmidt and Andrea Engels for creating a “home away from home” for the band during our rehearsals and for their talents as writer and photographer; and to the firm of KVA Kiel for providing us a great rehearsal space yet again this year: to Michael Skrzypczak, our road manager (and possibly the best driver in Germany) and most of all to Stephen Powell, my inspiration and comfort, without whom the notes and words would be hollow, Without these people this album would not exist,

I also want to thank my wonderful crew in the USA, who held down the home front and sent encouraging faxes just when I needed them: Stephanie Maillet Zand (my right hand), James Power Kilcoyne and Catharine David — because going on adventures is meaningless unless there is a home and people you love to return to,

Thanks also to the fans who cheered us and the promoters, writers, and television and radio people who helped us fill the concert halls, Special thanks to
Ruth Lemke for her support, to Torsten Dodillet for his beautiful photographs and to all the others whose energy fills my music,



All music and lyrics by Deborah Henson-Conant All arrangements by Deborah Henson-Conant
All tracks published by Golden Cage Manic, Inc. (BMI) & Edition Laika (GEMA)
except Under The Bed & The Phoenix published by Golden Cage Music. Inc. & Roaring Fork (BMI)

© & ® 1999 Golden Cage Music, Inc.

This album was recorded live in Germany in:
Baden-Baden (June 1, 1994) Dusseldorf (June 10, 1994) Bielefeld (June 12, 1994)

The harp used is a Lyon & Healy Style 23 (6771-23). Strings are from Vanderbilt Music Company.
In addition to external microphones, the following harp pickup system was used:

Two Fishman harp pickups mounted inside the soundboard, a “Pro-EQ’ fishman pre-amp. a “Model G”
Fishman pre-amp and the Fishman Blender system.

Producer: Ulli Bögershausen
Cover Photo: Andrea Engels Dorfstr. 61 D-24248 Mönkeberg Germany Fax: (0) 431-23099
Individual Band Photos: Torsgen Dodiller
Entire Band Photo: Stephen Powell
Cover Design: Stephanie Maillet Zand
Recording Team: Andreas Torkler, Andreas Bittel, Frank Mestars; Premaster: Andreas Torkler

DDD 20 Bit Digital Recording Direct to Master

Artist & Album Information

Title: Just For You
Artist: Deborah Henson-Conant
Instruments: Harp, bass, percussion & voice
Genre: Influences of jazz, latin, flamenco, folk, blues
Format: Audio CD
Our Ref: A0324
MCPS: GC-99-008-CD
Label: Golden Cage Music
Year: 1999
Origin: USA