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Album cover: LinnaeaMusic has been heard in St. Nicolai Church for more than 700 years, yet I ask myself; has anything as enrapturing as these harp strings and this singing voice been heard here before? Pity those who had to miss the bliss of Susan and Lise's fantastic concert. By C. Tärnudd, journalist for Sydöstran newspaper, Sölvesborg January 18, 2005

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Audio Samples & Track Listing

01.  Eja, mitt hjarta
02.  Jag lyfter mina hander
03.  Sulla lulla/ Ro ro raelte
04.  Det brinner en eld
05.  Kom lunkom
06.  Trallar
07.  Allt vad du vill
08.  Kulning
09.  Lova Line
10.  Hur du vander dig/Handskarna
11.  Min Gud nar jag betanker
12.  Forganglighet
13.  I himmelen
14.  Kvallen faller skugga

CD Notes & Credits


01.  Oh, My Heart
A chorale from Smaland

02.  I Lift My Hand
A chorale from Mora, Dalarna. Chorales were often sung without accompaniment, and each person would add their own trills and ornaments to the 121st Psalm, "I lift mine eyes unto the mountains ".

03.  Shush?Rowing, Rocking
Two lullabies from Norway. The lyrics in the first are simply gentle hushes. In the second lullaby, the lyrics are quite nonsensical (about buying the child a new belt), so as not to get the child too interested in staying awake.

04. Fire Burning
A love-song from Finland.

05.  Come Along
A fling-polska from Smaland. This dance tune has inherent drive! Nonsense lyrics were often added to dance tunes to remember them.

06.  Fiddle Tunes
Two polskor from Boda, Dalarna. The First one, Three Herings is regarded as quite old. This can be heard in its tonality: it is neither in a major nor a minor key, typical of 18th century Swedish folk music. The second one is named after Jonslars' father . Dance tunes like these were either played on the fiddle or sung so as to imitate the sound of the violin.

07.  As you Please

08.  Herding Call
A herding call from Transtrand, Dalarna, after Karin Edvards Johansson. Calls sung like this, in a shrill, high pitched voice can be heard up to five miles away, so the cattle would hear it and come to the seter for milking. Calls like these could also be used to communicate between the herding girls: finding a lost goat, invitations to come over for coffee or cries for help and so on. Each girl also had her own signature, which, according to one woman, the forest itself would give her.

09.  Praise Line
A Norwegian song to the patron saint of herding girls, St Kristina, or Line, with associations to the sun as well.

10.  Whichever Way You Turn/ The Gloves
Two dance tunes from Sormland and Smaland. In the first one, we are encouraged to find a faithful friend, whichever way we turn/ Whatever we do in life - as youthful days will soon be gone ! And the second one is about gloves given in love, which don't fit  but " if you want me you'll have me, you're good enough."

11.  My Lord, When I Consider
A Norwegian folk melody with lyrics from the Swedish hymnal. Much folk music uses drones, and here, the song is sung in an untempered scale. The beginning melody is recognized from the chorale from Mora.

12.  Evanescence
A chorale from Skane. Despite its sombre quality, this song conveys great hope.

13.  In Heaven Above
A chorale from Halsingland, with variations throughout Scandinavia. We perform this chorale immediately following Forganglighet, continuing the theme of the immortality of the soul.

14.  Evening Shadows Fall.
A Norwegian lullaby. The lyrics tell of the common folklorian fear of troll mothers stealing into homes and exchanging their babies for the human ones. In this meditative arrangement, the accompaniment gently rocks, and the repeated verse soothes. An effective canon.



Produced by Linnaea for USA tour 2005.
Recording and artwork by Zach Enochsson
Mastered by Dave Scarbrough.
Contact Linnaea by email at

Album & Artist Information

Instruments: Celtic Harp & Voice
Genre: Traditional
Format: CD
Our Ref: A0249
Label: Linnaea Productions
Year: 2005
Origin: Sweden

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Recordings & Sheet Music By Susan Enochsson

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