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Click for further details1 Man Band by Ben Creighton Griffiths
The CD, 1 Man Band, is a varied recording of Ben's work. It contains a mix of styles and genres, acoustic and electronic music, and well known tunes and new original music. It features solo harp, solo piano, and mixed tracks as well as one duet (The Station) with percussionist Matthew Williams. Recorded at Acapela Studios in the summer of 2016 and mastered by Reel Time Studios, 1 Man Band is an exciting and fresh approach to the idea of Harp, Jazz, and Jazz Harp by Ben Creighton Griffiths.
Click for further details2:forty by Cheyenne Brown & Seylan Baxter
Cheyenne Brown (harp) and Seylan Baxter (cello and vocals) delight in quirky, innovative arrangements of traditional songs and tunes, exploring the creative possibilities of these majestic instruments. Harp and cello exchange melody and accompaniment, whether in driving reels or haunting slow airs. Songs are lyrical and expressive, with thoughtful accompaniment on harp and cello.
Click for further details3 Harp Treatments by Rhodri Davies & Gregory Büttner
Gregory Büttner and Rhodri Davies met in Hamburg in April 2006 and decided to collaborate. The basis of this recording is a ten minute harp improvisation by Davies. On his return to London, Davies sent his piece to Büttner, who digitally processed and edited it to three different tracks.
Click for further details20th Century Harp Sonatas by Sarah Schuster Ericsson
Sarah Schuster Ericsson make her debut on Dorian Sono Luminus with the new album, 20th Century Harp Sonatas. These sonatas captivate listeners with their poetic meanings matched with rhythmic combinations of energy and technically demanding passages that only a truly virtuosic performer such as Ms. Ericsson could achieve.
Click for further details20TH CENTURY MUSIC FOR FLUTE AND ORCHESTRA Petri Alanko (Flute) - Tapiola Sinfonietta - Okko Kamu
Aulis SALLINEN Concerto for flute and Orchestra Op.70; Toru TAKEMITSU Toward the Sea II for alto flute, harp and strings; Krzysztof PENDERECKI Concerto for flute and orchestra da camera
Click for further details37 & 8 Strings by Duo Ramos-Schneider
We would like to invite you to embark upon a journey from Mexico to Tierra de Fuego, where you will be seduced by instruments like the Paraguayan harp and classic guitar, playing authentic-popular and modern chamber music from South America. In just over an hour the repertoire covers music from the 1500's to the duo's own compositions, featuring adaptations of classical works and solo performances.
Click for further details40 Traditional Songs by Mary O'Hara
This extensive collection of 40 traditional songs captures the legendary Sligo native during the highest points of her career. Contained in a stylishly packaged 2CD set are many of the highlights from her first three albums recorded in the 1950's plus extra tracks from later recordings in the 1970's. "Exquisite purity and delicacy that defies description" Washington Star
Click for further detailsA Ceremony of Carols by Benjamin Creighton Griffiths & Llandaff Cathedral Girl Choristers
Benjamin Britten's A Ceremony of Carols recorded by Llandaff Cathedral Girl Choristers, Director John York Skinner and Benjamin Creighton Griffiths Harp. Recorded in February 2009 in aid of the the Llandaff Cathedral Organ Appeal - Patron HRH The Prince of Wales which will recive all proceeds from sales.
Click for further detailsA Certain Smile by Bachué
much-acclaimed second release, featuring double-bass, saxophone & percussion in addition to the band's trademark sound of harp & piano.
Click here for further detailsA Christmas Collection by Janet Harbison & The Irish Harp Orchestra
Another wonderful album from Janet Harbison and the Irish Harp Orchestra, with a selection of Traditional tunes, Irish Traditional tunes and original compositions by Janet Harbison celebrating the Christmas Season. Featuring many current All Ireland Champions on their respective instruments: A festive feast with harp, uilleann pipes, Scottish pipes, fiddles, flutes, whistles, concertinas, mandolins, bodhrans and voice!
Click here for further detailsA Fair Meadow by Helen Davies & Kim Skovbye
The CD sub titled "Music for Celtic Harps" includes celtic harps, keyboards, dulcimer, bouzouki, viola, vocals and percussion.
Click here for further detailsA Light in the Forest by Anne Roos
Music about the woods and the fascinating creatures that dwell within them-- fairies, trolls, nymphs, leprechauns, witches, bears, and more. It’s packaged inside a 31-page hardcover book describing the folk history and legends of these creatures and the tunes, filled with vintage artwork and whimsical illustrations. This recording also features Char Berta on flute, tenor recorder, alto recorder, and whistle, Chris Caswell on percussion and harmonium, Michael Frost on viola, Alan Fuller on guitars and cittern, and Dorothy A. Hawkinson on fiddle and hardingfele.
Click for further detailsA Tribute to Anne Macdearmid by Edward & Chris Witsenburg
This recording presents a feast of Celtic harp music and a well-deserved tribute to Anne Macdearmid. Here fifteen of her duets — and a few carefully chosen solos for variety’s sake — have been brought together in one programme. The arrangements are played on two concert harps. Anne herself agreed wholeheartedly to this choice of instruments. In her own words: “play it on any type of harp: big, medium or small, as long as the melody sings”.
Click here for further detailsAll Harp - Globe Live by Park Stickney
"All Harp" was recorded live at Le Petit Globe theater, Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland, August 2013. The CD features new workings of Park's own compositions, some new Park Stickney compositions and arrangements of some great jazz standards including Caravan, Bohemian Rhapsody and the Debussy Dances.
Click here for further detailsAn Delenn Vev by Anne Postic
Over the last fifteen year Anne Postic and her harp have been regular travelers to the UK & Ireland, bringing with her inspired interpretations of her traditional music, now at last with An Delenn Vev - La Harpe Vivante we all have an invitation to share her musical travels ......
Click for further detailsAbout Time Wendy Stewart
ABOUT TIME is the first reaction of many people to the news that Wendy Stewart has at last made her first solo recording - and with good reason. Wendy was one of a crop of promising young harpers in the early 1970's, including Alison Kinnaird and (Slightly later) Patsy Seddon, who regularly won the Mods and other competitions and assured the Scottish clarsach its place among an up-and-coming generation.
Click for further detailsAbout Time 2 Wendy Stewart
Wendy, a member of Ceolbeg, is one of the best clarsach and electro-harp players in Scotland. On this, her second solo album for Greentrax, she is again assisted by Ceolbeg members past and present. 'Excellent playing, delicate arrangements.' (Folk Roots)
Click for further detailsAction Harp Play Set by Park Stickney
The “ever nonconformist” Park Stickney has quite a sense of humor . . . and it shines through in his recordings. This CD is worth getting simply for its whimsical cover! Action Harp Play Set showcases some fine playing by Park on standards such as Morrison’s Moondance, and Lennon and McCartney’s Come Together. Mostly solo harp, Park is backed up on a few pieces by guitar, drums, voice and bass.

Click for further details Ae Fond Kiss by Deirdre Campbell-Shaw
Deirdre Campbell-Shaw sings and plays traditional music from Scotland, Ireland, Wales together with some of her own songs. "Ae Fond Kiss" is Deirdre's third CD after "Deirdre Campbell-Shaw sings Robert Burns" (1997 - songs accompanied by the piano and violin) and "My Heart's in the Highlands"(2003 - harp and song)

Click for further detailsAffairs of the Harp by Kathleen Loughnane
Kathleen Loughnane, the face behind the harp of Galway quartet Dordán, finally gets around to delivering a solo album. Affairs of the Harp is a harp album pure and simple, but one with a difference. For a start, it calls on names like Alec Finn, Sharon Shannon, Seán Ryan and her Dordán compatriot Martina Goggin, to lend a subtle hand to the proceedings.
Click for further detailsAlchemy of a Rose by Cynthia Cathcart
Cynthia Cathcart recaptures the original sound of the music of Scotland and Ireland in this collection of melodies played on the wire strung harp. The uniquely bell-like resonance of brass, silver and gold strings carries the listener to a time when legends lived and magic was a part of every day.
Click for further detailsAlles zwijgt nu (All is silent now) by Koen De Cauter, Jopie Jonkers & Karel Vingerhoets
Traditional seasonal songs performed by: Koen De Cauter - Vocals, guitar, soprano sax, clarinet, violin Jopie Jonkers - vocals, harp, psaltery, dulcimer, music box Karel Vingerhoets - narrator, bell, vocals with guests: Dajo De Cauter - bass Tcha Limberger - vocals, guitar, violin Myrddin - guitar
Click for further detailsAltered Ego - Deborah Henson-Conant
One of Deborah's most requested albums - with elements of folk, jazz, blues, Middle Eastern and a singer-songwriter flavour. The CD includes "Belinda," "996," "Altered Ego," "The Dogs of Somerville," "Cindy,Cindy," "The Nightingale," also included is Deborah's Birthday song "Congratulations, You Made It This Far". Harp & voice, with some synth & keyboard.
Click for further detailsAn incomplete A-Z of Jazz Harp Music - Volume 1 Benjamin J. Creighton Griffiths
Welsh Harpist Ben Creighton Griffiths started to learn the harp when he was 4½. Although classically trained on the harp he has always been inspired by jazz and presents us with 15 jazz standards which he has arranged for the harp and Deborah Henson-Conant's "The Nightingale"
Click for further detailsThe Ancient Harp of Scotland by William Jackson
William Jackson, has been at the forefront of Scottish music for over 20 years. In 1976, he was a founding member of the top Scottish band Ossian, described by The Boston Globe as "a gem in the same league as Ireland's Chieftans". William's main instrument is the Scottish harp. or clarsach, which he also teaches. Additionally, he plays the wire strung harp, flute, whistle, uillean pipes and piano. William has a close involvement with major Scottish Orchestras in Scotland, and his music is featured on many BBC and other television productions.
Click for further detailsAnd we disappear by The Sealed Knot
At the heart of the piece is a series of jarring high-pitched tones from Davies, working with an e-bowed harp, and a long answering sequence of double bass from Wastell. Beins provides a sensitive, ever shifting setting for these sounds, housing them in an ambience that moves between recognisable percussion instruments and unidentifiable objects. A feeling of communication through shared spatial and temporal awareness comes to dominate the listening experience
Click for further detailsBernard Andrès performed by Isabelle Perrin
In this excellent CD Isabelle Perrin performs music of contemporary French harp composer Bernard Andrès. Andrès composes in a very wide range of styles, moving in this CD from distinctly French lyrical melodies to contemporary works making use of modern pedal and percussion techniques. An excellent addition to any harp CD collection.
Click for further detailsAnnwn by Catrin Finch
Inspired by the fabulous stories of the Mabinogion, I have called my latest musical journey Annwn, which conjures up images of worlds created by authors such as Tolkien and CS Lewis. The journey starts with this CD, a new collection of traditional Welsh music, all my own arrangements, some accompanied, some solo, in what is a very modern and up to date style. I hope you will enjoy it." Catrin Finch
Click for further detailsAnother World by Monika Stadler
On this record you hear mainly originals, except Sunny Rollins' "St. Thomas". Monika Stadler's compositions have their roots in folk, latin jazz, classical traditions and improvisations.
Click for further detailsAppassionata Quatuor by Appassionata Quatuor (Pan-pipe, violin, cello, harp)
Appassionata Quatuor Pan-pipe, violin, cello & harp quartet, was founded in Geneva in 1990 by the violoncellist Marc-André Thiébaud. The exceptional uniting of such brilliant and varied instruments with such virtuosity and melody, favours a new approach to music.
Click for further detailsAr Hyd y Nos by Eleri Darkins
A collection of favourite pieces from Wales and the world of films and musicals. Many of the pieces are frequently requested when Eleri performs at concerts.
Click for further detailsArabesque - Susan Drake
Romantic harp music of the 19th century. This CD contains many well known compositions from the core harp repertoire with music by Debussy, Hasselmans, Parish Alvars, John Thomas and Zabel.
Click for further detailsArabesque: A journey into Harp Artistry - Isabelle Perrin with Northwest Sinfonietta.
The summer of 1996 brought a most unusual sight to Tacoma, Washington. Eight hundred harpists converged on the streets of this usually peaceful Northwest city as guests of the Sixth World Harp Congress. The Northwest Sinfonietta and I were engaged to perform 15 concertos with 15 of the world’s finest soloists. Isabelle Perrin stood Out for her distinctive sound and musicianship. We have since become great friends and have collaborated on many projects. This recording is a tribute to her superb artistry and marvelous instrument.
Click for further detailsArpa Paraguaya by Hermanos Corbalán
This is the first recording by the Paraguayan Harp Duo Sixto and Juanjo Corbalán recorded in 2010. Includes their own compositions as well as traditional repertoire for Paraguayan Harp
Click for further detailsArtist's Proof Phase 2 - Deborah Henson-Conant
This enhanced CD includes both audio and video cuts, and is part of an ongoing interactive CD project. Voice, harp, synth, strings, horns, tuba (oh yeah!). Songs include: Way You Are Blues, Land of You, Cosita Latina, Birth a' Bertha, Never Too Late, Dance to the Moon, Merceditas, Up at the Barn, Dance the Way You Dance. Video clips include: That Ain't Right, Way You Are Blues & Land of You. The video is playable via computer (not a DVD).

Click for further detailsAr Lan y Dwr - Mwynion Mai Flute & Harp Duo
A wonderful recording of traditional Welsh Melodies self produced by Mwynion Mai: Jane Groves (flute) & Eluned Scourfield (harp).

Click for further detailsAr Lan y Môr - Meninir Heulyn
A collection of well known Welsh folk songs arranged and performed by Meinir Heulyn including Ar Lan y Môr, Lisa Lân and Huna Blentyn to name just three.
Click for further detailsAs I am - Rossitza Milevska
In this original project, a meeting between compositions and jazz standards, Rossitza gives a new aspect to Harp Jazz music. The CD includes music by Astor Piazzolla, Victor Young, Aldo Romano, Robert Mellin and Sigmund Romberg as well as Rossitza's own compositions. Rossitza Milevska: Harp & Voice, Frederick Lacroix: Double Bass, Cedric Le Donne: Percussion, Peggy Polito: Piano.
Click here for further detailsAscanio Mayone Libro II - Anna Zauner-Pagitsch
At the turn of the 17th Century the heart of the harp world was perhaps Naples and it was here that Ascanio Mayone composed music for virtuoso harp and harpsichord. whose music is performed here by Anna Zauner-Pagitsch on baroque triple harp.
Click here for further detailsAsi Soy Yo (So I am you) - Jopie Jonkers Groep
Mainly Latin American music performed by the Jopie Jonkers Group: Jopie Jonkers - Vocals, Paraguayan harp, Koen De Cauter - guitar, soprano sax, Peter Thijssen - guitar, cuatro, Rinus Raaijmakers - bass, Willy Seeuws (guest) - Percussion on track 1,3,8,10,11 & 14
Click here for further detailsThe Auld Harp Olov Johansson & Catriona McKay “…utterly reshapes our perception of the instruments’ potential…A radiant excursion into uncharted terrain.” Irish Times **** “a beguiling combination of timbres” The Scotsman **** “Harps create sounds that wind around each other, sometimes gently, sometimes ferocious…harp plus harp creates awesome new folk.” LiRA Music Magazine
Click here for further detailsAvalon's Daughter - Moira Stern
Moira Stern grew up listening to her mother, author Marion Zimmer Bradley, singing. Like many children, she was not aware at the time of the depth of her mother's gift to her through music.Through her mother Moira learned a great many folk songs and operatic arias, and devloped a passion for music, resulting in this musical tribute.
Click for further detailsAway for a while - Monika Stadler
This is the ninth CD by Monika Stadler (Harp & Voice), all original compositions except "Summertime" by George Gershwin, arranged by M.Stadler. Inspiried, varied and atmospheric, with elements of jazz, world music, free improvisation and African music.
Click for further detailsAwen - Tristan Le Govic
An album of harp music with a beguiling enigma, and charming subtlety. The harp is an instrument that is fast becoming my favourite; I'm drawn to its winsome combination of sensitivity and nimble complexity, which are both facets that Le Govic demonstrates deftly. Borrowing from across the various Celtic traditions, the thread that binds Awen is telling throughout though never cliché, offering tunes from Ireland and Scotland as well as Le Govic's native Brittany, alongside a selection of original material. Mike Wilson
Click for further detailsArnold Bax - Trio Turner
Isabelle Perrin - Harp; Sabine Toutain - Viola; Philippe Pierlot - Flute perform Elegiac Trio, Fantasy Sonata and Sonata "Marvelously sensitive, uncommonly assured performances of some ravishing repertoire." Gramophone magazine
Click for further detailsBach auf der Harfe - Anna Zauner-Pagitsch
Bach auf der Harfe is the fourth CD from the series "World of the Baroque harp." The harpists of the Baroque period often made use of music written for keyboard instruments. On this CD Anna Zauner-Pagitsch plays transcriptions of the English Suites by JS Bach on Triple Harp.
Click for further detailsBarcó Cormac de Barra
Cormac De Barra (harp) is joined by Fionán de Barra (guitar), Éamonn de Barra (Flute, whistle and Bodhrán), Sémus Óg Ó Tuama (vocals), Eugene Wogan (bass) and Anne-Marie O'Farrell (harp) in the 2002 recording of Traditional Irish Music.
Click for further detailsBAX: Harp Quintet / Elegiac Trio / Fantasy Sonata - Mobius
"Some of the best Bax is here. In these atmospheric pieces he was able to throw off the fetters of inherited symphonic forms and allow his Celtic fantasy to pursue its own improvisatory course. The melodic writing is free and fertile. Bax's harp writing is especially poetic. Best of all is the short, moody Elegiac Trio. The Fantasy Sonata, for harp and viola, is remarkable for the way it holds the attention for well over 20 minutes; not easy with two such reticent instruments. The six musicians of Mobius play this music with feeling, imagination and energy, proof that harp music doesn't have to be all elfin and willowy." Stephen Johnson BBC Music Magazine, October 2000

Click for further detailsBazaaris Live - Bazaaris
It all started with an incidental, unforgettable marathon-trio-session with Asita, Björn and Fredrik. After that much more than a band was born… a deep friendship on and off stage is an unmistakable part of the Bazaaris – sound! Soon after they made their first tour and used the occasion to record some of the concerts. The result being this CD.

Click for further detailsThe Belfast Years 1992-2002 - Janet Harbison & The Irish Harp Orchestra
The Irish Harp Orchestra - 'The Belfast Years 1992-2002' – a new compilation from Carillon (1994), Feasting with Carolan (1995), Bright New Morning (1996), Colmcille (1997), & Walk in Belfast (1999) - taking 16 of the favourites from these recordings - An Ideal introduction to Janet Harbison & The Irish Harp Orchestra.
Click for further detailsThe Bells of Morville - David Watkins
Live recording with Jane Leslie MacKenzie (soprano), Michael Bochmann (violin), David Watkins (harp). Live recording of St. Cecilia's Day Concert - November 2014 at St. Gregory's Church, Morville with the first performance of David Watkin's "The Bells of Morville"

Click for further detailsBen Jamming - Ben Creighton Griffiths
Debut single of traditional, jazz & blues music in aid of BBC Children in Need by a 7 year old harpist!!

Click for further detailsThe Best of Celtic Harp by Claire Hamilton
A great value 2 CD box set from LaserLight - 37 tracks including Molly Malone, Have I told you Lately, Danny Boy and The Flower of Scotland
Click for further detailsBetween Earth, Sea & Sky - Monika Stadler
"Between Earth, Sea and Sky contains music inspired by nature, my tour in Scotland in 2006, the beautiful mystical island of Iona, and finding the love of my life." Monika Stadler
Click for further detailsBetween the showers - Gráinne Hambly
Solo harp except for the title track which is a harp-guitar duet, and track 8 (harp duet with Gráinne's sister Róisín). On it you can hear O'Carolan pieces, slow airs and traditional dance tunes.
Click here for further detailsBeyond Dreams - Dominique Piana
Beyond Dreams - The Spirit of Romanticism - Features some of the most important concert etudes for harp so it is surprising that no less than five of the recordings are World Premiers. This beautifully performed and recorded disc is a must for lovers of Romanticism.
Click here for further detailsBijoux de la Harpe - Mai Fukui
Mai Fukui's debut CD, "Bijoux de la Harpe" has been chosen as the "CD of the Highest Honor" from the Record Geijutsu Magazine (Aug, 2014), the most prestigious record/CD magazine in Japan. "I feel so honored and I'm very happy to hear such wonderful news. Thank you very much. I would like to take this as an encouragement to further spread the charm of the harp as much as possible!" Mai Fukui
Click here for further detailsBlessing - John Rutter | Catrin Finch
This "Celtic" collaboration between Catrin Finch and John Rutter includes the premier recordings of evocative pieces written or arranged by John Rutter for the virtuoso Welsh harpist, as well as Catrin Finch's own delightful Celtic Concerto.
Click here for further detailsFrançois-Adrien Boieldieu - Isabelle Perrin
World premier recording of François-Adrien Boieldieu's works with period instruments. This album includes the wonderful Concerto for Harp and Orchestra in C major performed by Isabelle Perrin - single action harp and Le Collège Musical - conducted by Jean-Philippe Navarre. Also features Sonata in G major, Opus 8 No. 2, for solo Harp and Romances for Voice and Harp with Christine Pauchet - soprano.
Click for further detailsCaprices & Fantasies - Susan Drake
Romantic harp music of the 19th century. This CD contains many well known compositions from the core harp repertoire with music by Pierné, John Thomas, Fauré, Hasselmans, Parish Alvars, Zabel, Debussy & Glinka.
Click for further detailsCarillon for triple harp - Angharad Evans
Harpist Angharad Evans' roots are firmly embedded in Welsh folk music, of which she is a superb executant. This recording offers a rare chance to hear traditional Welsh music performed on triple harp.
Click for further detailsCarillon - Janet Harbison & The Belfast Harp Orchestra
The Belfast Harp Orchestra's Best Selling Album of contemporarily arranged Irish music, song and dance with a number of original compositions including Carillon (specially composed by JH for Derek Bell in 1992), Earth, Water, Wind and Fire and many unusual arrangements of rare and well-known tunes including an exceptionally popular arrangement of Danny Boy.
Click for further detailsCarliol by John Butcher & Rhodri Davies
John Butcher is one of the leading sax players on the free improvisation scene. Rhodri Davies transcends conventional ideas about the harp in his wide-ranging projects. With its multi-hued timbres and textures, sonic beauty, conceptual freedom, experimental spirit and sophisticated structure, this CD dazzles on many levels.
Click for further detailsCarmina Locunda - Sarah Deere-Jones
Carmina Iocunda is a significant new work for choir and Lever Harp by award-winning Harpist Sarah Deere-Jones ARAM LRAM LGSM. Carmina Iocunda is a compilation of 8 settings of Medieval & Tudor poems, 2 for each season of the year, maintaining the Taverner, Rutter and Britten tradition of English Choral Music. Both joyous & gentle, the pieces are rich in glorious harmonies, underpinned by a delightful Harp score.
Click for further detailsCarnaval de Venise - Catrin Finch
Carnaval de Venise is one of Catrin Finch's earliest CDs on which she performs a stunning international programme of music for the harp. Remarkable performances from one of the brightest stars in the harp world today.
Click for further detailsThe Carolan Albums - Máire Ní Chathasaigh & Chris Newman
24 of the best-known compositions by celebrated blind Irish harper Turlough O’Carolan (1670 - 1738). Carolan was the most famous of all the Irish harper-composers of his day, and his music continues to be the most popular ever composed for the harp in Ireland. This recording consists entirely of original arrangements, thoughtfully interpreted, of these beautiful tunes, informed by Máire's knowledge both of the native Irish harp tradition and of baroque forms, but with a discreetly contemporary tinge provided by Chris’s tasteful guitar.
Click for further detailsCascade of Strings - Margaret Scruby & Rosemary Munro
As teenage twins Rosemary and Margaret fell in love with the exciting sounds of the Paraguayan harp. They spent a year in Asuncion the capital of Paraguay, where they studied with Feliciano Peralta. Later they had much help and encouragement from Bill Morgan a leading Paraguayan harpist in London. Now their families are grown up and they are both living in Oxfordshire, Rosemary and Margaret play together regularly and also give solo recitals. This CD contains some of the best known and most popular Paraguayan tunes for harp. The use of two harps gives an added dimension to the music, and the guitar adds colour and rhythm to the arrangements.
Click for further detailsCastle Music - Karin Leitner (flute) & Danielle Perrett (Harp)
Castle Music CD contains a stirring collection of pieces played on the popular combination of flute & harp by two sensitive performers. Includes music by CPE Bach, Tournier, Faure & Debussy
Click for further detailsCatriona McKay
Catriona McKay (Scottish harp) in her Debut Album with Matt Baker (double bass), Chris Stout (fiddle) and Iain Copeland (percussion).
Click for further detailsCaught In The Act - Deborah Henson-Conant
Contemporary Jazz - songs, all originals by Deborah Henson-Conant or the band, include The Magic String, Wave Goodbye, Caught in the Act, Lammermuir Spring, Night of the Roses, Anna Bella, Honeytime, Tiger Dance, Greensleeves, Hawaii: In the Afterglow. Deborah Henson-Conant - harp with Noel Pointer, (electric violin), Chieli Minucci (guitar), George Jinda (percussion), Steve Skinner (synthesizer & amp; drum programming), Fernando Saunders (bass).
Click for further detailsCeis - Laoise Kelly
“Ceis certainly weaves a spell, and will enchant” The Living Tradition “fiery yet fluid harping, and her mystical, melodious finger style attributes her own take on the word ‘Ceis’ as the magic or draíocht of the harp” Irish Music Magazine
Click for further detailsCeltic Air - Jochen Vogel
You never know what to expect in a Jochen Vogel performance. But you can be sure to hear good music. Whether it’s traditional or improvised, played instrumentally or sung, it’s always heartfelt, personal music with the haunting, powerful sound of the metal-strung Clairseach. (Irish folk harp)
Click for further detailsThe Celtic Album - Deborah Henson-Conant
Released in November, 1998, has many familiar tunes as well as some Henson-Conant Celtic-flavored originals and tunes she heard for the first time in her travels. SONGS INCLUDE: "The Ash Grove," "Comin' Thru The Rye," "The Drunken Sailor," "She Moved Through the Fair," "Loch Lomond," " St. Anne's Reel," " My Love is Like a Red Red Rose," "The Mason's Apron," and others. DETAILS: all-instrumental album, varied in arrangement from solo harp cuts to upbeat tunes for multiple harps.
Click for further detailsCeltic Harp Romance by Claire Hamilton
Claire has taken some of the most recent great love songs such as Nelly Furtado's "All good things (come to an end)", Shakira's "Underneath your Clothes", Robbie William's "Angels", Jamie Blunt's "You're Beautiful" and Michael Bublé's "Everything" and adapted them to the beautifully soothing sounds of the Celtic Harp.
Click for further detailsCeltic Journeys - Brandywine Harps
Journey with us! It's been a 2 year musical endeavor and we are excited to present our second CD Celtic Journeys. This recording features the 15-harp orchestra in new works by Catriona McKay, Michael Rooney, Laura Zaerr, Donald Shaw, Sue Richards, Louise Pratt and Janet Witman.
Click for further detailsCeltic Myths & Legends (Storytelling & music) by Claire Hamilton
With a unique voice and superb narrative, Claire captures the very essence of these ancient tales from the Celtic tradition: fantastical stories to fire the imagination and warm the heart. Accompanied by the beautiful sound of the Celtic Harp. The Three Noble Strains - The Lady of Llyn y Fan Fach - Sir Gawain and the Lady Ragnell
Click for further detailsCeltic Myths & Legends - Claire Hamilton
Transport yourself back to ancient times, when the poets of old spoke their poems to the haunting but melodic sound of the Harp. W.B. Yeats said that as a boy he longed to hear poems told in this way. Enter a fantasy world of enchantments and love affairs, of gods and goddesses, of myths and legends of the Celtic tradition. Claire Hamilton is a well - known figure in the Celtic Harp world. She has also written a number of books on Mythology. Accompanied on some tracks by Maggie Fitzsimons and John Hartoch courtesy of the Company of Strangers.

Click for further detailsThe Celtic Suites - William Jackson
The Wellpark: Commissioned in 1985 by Tennets (Glasgow-based brewers) to celebrate their centenary.

St Mungo: Written to mark Glasgow's year as European City of Culture.

Click for further detailsCeòl is Òrain by Màiri Macleod
Màiri Macleod's debut solo album 'Ceòl is Òrain' which features her composition 'Prayer' premiered at the Edinburgh International Harp Festival. Also featuring many more of her compositions, arrangements and Gaidhlig songs to whet your appetite.
Click for further detailsCerdd Dannau by Gwenan Gibbard
Cerdd dant is essentially the unique and ancient art of singing poetry to harp accompaniment. Its origins date back to the earliest centuries, when the harper would declaim his poetry to his own accompaniment, in praise of his chief or prince. In Wales there has always been a special relationship between music and poetry: there are many references to singing poetry to the accompaniment of the harp in Welsh manuscripts from the middle ages onwards, and this tradition continues to this day.
Click for further detailsA Ceremony of Carols by Benjamin Creighton Griffiths & Llandaff Cathedral Girl Choristers
Benjamin Britten's A Ceremony of Carols recorded by Llandaff Cathedral Girl Choristers, Director John York Skinner and Benjamin Creighton Griffiths Harp. Recorded in February 2009 in aid of the the Llandaff Cathedral Organ Appeal - Patron HRH The Prince of Wales which will recive all proceeds from sales.
Click for further detailsChasing the breeze by Helen Davies
Chasing the breeze, travels of a harper: There is a legend from the Western Isles of Scotland that tells of a harper who, on his travels, would sail into the creeks of the Isles, always at twilight. He would spend the evening at the headland house, where the “makers and hearers” of music would gather. At midnight he would pass the blessing around and put out to sea again, forever “tune-seeking and tune- making” ...
Click for further detailsChemin d’Hivers by Park Stickney & Violaine Contreras de Haro
Chemin d’Hivers (Winters Way): A Christmas CD with improvisations on traditional carols, played by flutist Violaine Contreras de Haro and harpist Park Stickney. Despite being recorded during a July heatwave, the recording captures (perfectly/subjectively) the stillness and beauty of the holiday season.
Click for further detailsThe Cherished Harp by Shelley Fairplay
"I greatly enjoyed bringing together a collection of my favourite traditional tunes and creating my own arrangements reflecting influences arising out of my musical journey so far. I greatly enjoyed working with the tunes and with this wonderful instrument, The Cherished Harp. I truly hope you will gain enjoyment listening to the resulting music." Shelley Fairplay
Click for further detailsChildsplay by Eleanor Turner
Childsplay is a collection of nine pieces that all have an association with childhood or youth. Six were composed for the harp and three have been adapted for the instrument from the original keyboard scores. The music spans three centuries, from 1735 to the present day.
Click for further detailsChristmas Crossings by Brandywine Harps
It is Christmas in the Brandywine Valley of Pennsylvania, and members of the Brandywine Harp Orchestra are preparing their “Christmas Crossings” into a realm of musical celebration. Join director and arranger Janet Jackson Witman as she brings together 14 Celtic harps, hand bells, children’s choir, flute, pennywhistle and organ in her exquisitely crafted arrangements of holiday carols. Recorded live at Immanuel Church, Highlands, Wilmington, Delaware.
Click for further detailsChristmas Lights by Máire Ní Chathasaigh (harp) Chris Newman (guitar)
In December 2012 we were wondering what to do about Christmas cards as the cost of postage in the UK had recently increased by an enormous amount. We had the bright idea of sending a musical Christmas greeting, instead of a physical card so spent the evening of December 13th in the studio recording an extremely light-hearted version of Ding Dong Merrily on High. The following day we emailed a hyperlink to everyone we knew and by December 26th, it had been downloaded over 6000 times. We received lots of comments along the lines of "When's the rest of the album coming out?" Well, this is it, and we hope you enjoy it!
Click for further detailsClàrsach na Bànrighe (The Queen's Harp) Simon Chadwick
From medieval plainchant in honour of St Andrew, to a Gaelic song of 1715 complaining of defeat in battle. This CD presents two complementary programmes, of medieval and 18th century repertory, played on a newly commissioned replica of the famous medieval Scottish Queen Mary harp.
Click for further detailsClarsumbria - Songs and Music of the North by Janet Bennett - Harpist & Singer
This album contains traditional and contemporary music and songs from Northumberland and beyond. It features Janet’s Celtic harp and contains some of her own compositions.

Click for further detailsCofia dy Werin
CD featuring a wide range of Welsh folk music, including old favourites and new works written in the style of the established Welsh folk dancing music traditions. The album includes a number of compositions by Rhiain Bebb, one of Wales’ foremost folk dance musicians. The CD is ideal for dancing as well as listening, and features some of the best folk dance players in the Welsh tradition.

Click for further detailsA Collection of Welsh, Irish & Scottish Airs by Elinor Bennett
This disc, first released in 1992, was recorded in the Medieval Hall - Cochwillan - just out side Bangor in Gwynedd. For this pressing all the tracks have been re-mastered and the sound quality greatly improved. But I hope that it retains the personal, warm quality of the original. Three very different harps were used - a concert grand harp (1984) by Horngacher of Munich, a triple harp (1982) by the late John Weston Thomas and a celtic Harp (c1979) by Brown & Taylor of Edinburgh

Click for further detailsColmcille by Janet Harbison & The Belfast Harp Orchestra
A Commemoration of St. Columba in Plainsong, Poetry & Harp Music. Composed and directed by Janet Harbison. Featuring the Belfast Harp Orchestra with Mairead Healy (soprano) and St. Killian's Choir.

Click for further detailsCompositions for harp and sho by Rhodri Davies
There are differences and similarities, and some striking inversions of expectation in this duo. The instruments themselves, for example, are both constructions of parallel lines: the vertical tubes of the bamboo mouth organ – the sho – and the vertical lines of the harp strings. Sounds emerge from the sho largely without attack, as if seeping into the earth’s atmosphere from some far-away place, and though this is diametrically opposed to the customary brittle attack of the harp, Rhodri Davies’s use of E-Bows subverts the passive-aggressive romanticism of the harp, bringing its vibrating strings closer to the sho’s vibrating reeds. David Toop (read on below)
Click for further detailsConcert à Quatre Performed by Harpe Riviera Quatuor
"Harpe Riviera Quatuor" is a French Harp Quartet performing music from Bach to Houdy and including Duke Ellington on the way! Led by acclaimed harpist Elizabeth Fontan Binoche the other harpists are Rossitza Milevska, Maria Metheney and Mutsuko Uematsu. The CD also includes quartet arrangements of Bizet's Carmen by Sandrine Luzignant which have been published in a co-production with Creighton's Collection.

Click for further detailsConcerti and Chamber Music by David Watkins - harp, Simon Standage - violin & The Salomon Quartet
Performed on period instruments

"It is a genuine musical, pleasure to hear lovely works, new to me, composed by J.C. Bach, Mozart and Haydn. When these works are so beautifully and musically played the pleasure is even greater." Lady Evelyn Barbirolli 3rd July 2000.


"What a delightful and civilised record, which I love. I hope you sell huge quantities of it." Professor H.C. Robbins Landon (The great Mozart-Haydn Scholar)

Click for further detailsConcerto for Oboe, Harp and Strings by RLPO with Eleanor Hudson Harp & Jonathan Small Oboe
This fifth volume in the Naxos cycle of the complete orchestral works of William Alwyn features the popular Elizabethan Dances, which contrast ancient and modern dance rhythms from the courts of Elizabeth I and Elizabeth II. The atmospheric Symphonic Prelude “The Magic Island” was inspired by Shakespeare’s The Tempest. A perfect evocation of Spring, The Innumerable Dance is a tone poem in all but name. This and the exquisite miniature Aphrodite in Aulis have not been heard for over 70 years.

Click for further detailsContemplation by Bertile Fournier Huguet
As she looks back over a life in music, Bertile Fournier Huguet begins her programme with Henriette Renié’s Contemplation, now 110 years old. This beautiful, tranquil piece, composed in 1898, and Renié’s earliest composition for solo harp, was dedicated to Madame la Baronne de Rochetaillé, whose daughter, Camille was the 23-year-old Renié’s pupil.
Click for further detailsCouleurs by Claude Régimbald (flute) and Nathalie Chatelain (harp)
With a repertoire from baroque to contemporary the duo, who have been performing together since 1995, present here a recital recording of works covering the time of Bach (1685-1750) to Bernard Andres (b. 1941).
Click for further detailsThe Crown of Ariadne by Eleanor Turner
For this recording I have chosen five striking works that show how the harp can evoke radically different atmospheres and be a means of expression for composers writing in highly diverse styles. The centrepiece of the album is R.M. Schafer’s highly original The Crown of Ariadne, based on events in the life of the Minoan Princess, Ariadne, who saved Theseus in his struggle against the Minotaur of Knossos on the Greek island of Crete.
Click for further detailsCwlwm Cân by Telynau Bro Ystwyth
This is a unique recording by Telynores Bro Ystwyth five harpists from Ceredigion playing pedal and lever harps, under the guidance of Delyth Evans, Telynores Mynach and Sian Ifan Price perform modern standards such as Take Five as well as Contemporary and Traditional Welsh music.
Click for further detailsCwymp y dwr ar ganol dydd by Traw & Rhodri Davies
The Cardiff-based trio of improvising laptoppers, Traw (Richard Llewellyn, Owen Martell, Simon Proffitt), are joined by their fellow countryman Rhodri Davies. A celebrated harpist perhaps best known for his work in free improvisation. In making Cwymp y Dwr ar Ganol Dydd, each member of Traw took away a selection of Davies' harp + electronics material and processed them according to his own lights
Click for further detailsCymun by Siân James
I have always had a rather fraught relationship with time, and despite my best efforts, I have to admit that it does, all too often, get the better of me! And so, it is with shock and awe that I realise that it is six years since I last released an album, and it really only feels like yesterday when we were rushing to finish Y Ferch o Bedlam ready for Christmas 2005! They have been busy years, with life offering me many avenues to explore both creatively and emotionally. Thanks to those life experiences, both directly and indirectly, new songs and compositions as well as arrangements of some traditional songs have come into my life. This album is therefore a record of those songs and even though there is’nt a theme as such to the album, what does seem to meander through like a silver thread, is my love of music and its importance in my life.
Click for further detailsDance of the Blessed Spirits by Nora Shulman (flute) & Judy Loman (harp)
Ever since the Renaissance imagined an Arcadian paradise of rustic pan-pipes and sweet-plucked Orphean lyres, the fancifully associative sound and visual interplay of flute and harp has drawn composers and arrangers, with Mozart's alluring duo concerto written in Paris in 1776 a gracious example of the combination at its most expressively sensuous.
Click for further detailsDans by Tristan Le Govic
Historical and modern dances from here and there - performed by Tristan Le Govic (Celtic harp, vocals), Tangi Le Hénanff (double bass, vocals), Alan Quéré-Moysan (percussions, vocals) and guest Markus Tullberg (flute)
Click for further detailsDasson Ur Galon by Tristan Le Govic
"The tunes, traditional and new, to be found on this first CD from harper, Tristan Le Govic, display clearly his artistic credentials as a leading exponent in composition and performance. His is a nimble and subtle technique, playing in a variety of tempos and variations. The dance tunes balance intimacy with vivacity". Armor Magazine, November 2006 (Translated from French)
Click for further detailsDialogues: agallaímh by Máire Ní Chathasaigh & Chris Newman
These musical conversations range from a 17th century air and the newly-discovered 18th century 'Hidden Pearl' to Máire and Chris’s own compositions: Máire’s Irish-style 'Three Piece Suite' and Chris’s jaunty 'Banana Yellow' & jazzy 'Swinging the Lead.' The album contains four songs, and the guest musicians are Nollaig Casey & Iain MacFarlane (fiddles), Simon Mayor (mandolin), Liz Hanks (cello), Roy Dodds (percussion)
Click for further detailsDiversions / Clymau Cytgerdd by Osian Ellis
Diversions offers a rare chance to hear the wide range of musical talent of one of Wales’ best-known contemporary harpists. The CD showcases not only the performer and singer but also the arranger and composer. From Traditional folk songs sung in Welsh to Bach's Gavotte en Rondeau, via the Handel Harp Concerto and Osian's own composition Diversions for Two Harps.
Click for further detailsDouble Portion by Edmar Castaneda
"... and so you will inherit a double portion in your land, and everlasting joy will be yours." Isaiah 6 1:7. Thank God for your "Double Portion." Following you makes a difference in my life - Edmar Castaneda
Click for further detailsDouble Strung by Anne-Marie O'Farrell and Cormac de Barra
Contemporary duos performing erudite repertoires on the Irish harp are a rarity. Loitering in their company for an entire album is akin to navigating a path back in time, but with one foot still firmly planted in the present. Cormac De Barra and Anne-Marie O’Farrell have let enough grass grow beneath their feet to ensure they’re keenly attuned to one another’s stylistic idiosyncrasies. They’ve chosen to stretch what could have been a cosy Carolan repertoire to embrace the European classical tradition, all the while mining the nethermost regions of their instruments, so that their reading of Carlos Salzedo’s Chanson dans la Nuit is a revelatory melding of creative energy and lateral thinking. A collection that promises to lure classical, traditional and contemporary music lovers harpwards. Siobhán Long, The Irish Times 29-7-2005
Click for further detailsDragons by Triban
Triban is a British trio based in deepest Dyfed (hence the CD’s title no doubt!), comprising harpist Harriet Earis, singer /songwriter/ guitarist Ian Wyn Rowlands and fiddle player Jasper Salmon. Their backgrounds vary: Harriet, though classically-trained, now specialises in the celtic harp, and Jasper was a member of Back To Basics with Clive and Beccy Carroll, whereas Ian, as well as having founded the bands Abenaki and Tra Bo Dau, already performs in a solo capacity. When these three talented individuals come together to form the unique mix that is Triban, they perform both original and traditional material, sensitively and in a flowing, graceful style. David Kidman - The Living Tradition
Click for further detailsDuan Àlbanach by William Jackson
"William Jackson’s earlier extended compositions are well known...The Wellpark Suite and St Mungo Suite and Inchcolm. This latest offering centres on a setting of the Scottish poem Duan Albanach and is brought up to CD length by a number of shorter individual pieces. This is very pleasant, tuneful and in places, quite memorable music." Alan Murray, The Living Tradition, November 2003
Click for further detailsDuo Flöte - Harfe: Dejan Gavric - Flute & Silke Aichhorn - Harp
Dejan Gavric and Silke Aichhorn have been performing together as a flute and harp duo since 2002 and are in great demand at festivals - they have given concerts at the Bodensee Festival, the Hohenlohe Cultural Summer in the Amorbacher Schlosskonzerte, at the Maulbronn Monastery, Mozart Seeoner week and the Oberstdorf Music Summer Show.
Click for further detailsDuopoly by Cormac de Barra and Anne-Marie O'Farrell
This latest release from the dynamic harp duo Cormac De Barra and Anne-Marie O’Farrell showcases the best of the Irish harp. It features newly composed traditional tunes by Anne-Marie O’Farrell, fresh and lively duetting on both gut and wire strung harps, in addition to the songs in Irish, An Fhallaingín Mhuimhneach and the ever popular work-song, Amhrán na Cuiginne, an arrangement of Carolan’s Sir Festus Burke concealing no fewer than five other Carolan tunes, alongside the pairing of Charles O’Connor and the graceful Lord Inchiquin for wire strung harp duet. Solos include the beautiful famine air, Johnny Seoige played by Cormac, while Anne-Marie plays her new pedal harp arrangement of Isaac Albeniz’ classic, Asturias.
Click for further detailsMichael Stimpson: Dylan / The Drowning of Capel Celyn by Roderick Williams - Baritone & Sioned Williams - Harp
To commemorate the centenary of the birth of Dylan Thomas, Stone Records has released this new album of works by composer Michael Stimpson, including; the acclaimed song cycle ‘Dylan’ together with a new work for solo harp, ‘The Drowning of Capel Celyn’, composed to mark the 50th anniversary of this tragic event in Welsh History. Two of the finest musicians in the UK, Roderick Williams (baritone) and Sioned Williams (harp), join together to give a superb performance of ‘Dylan’, originally recorded at the Llandudno Festival in North Wales. Both works are published by Creighton's Collection
Click for further detailsEarly One Morning by Judith Hall & Hugh Webb
French music for flute and harp. "I have certainly never heard such mellifluous playing as in the tracks of pieces by Jongen, Debussy and Damase ...... Few could fail to be inspired by this dynamic duo's rendering of the French Repertoire." Alexandra Buckle in PAN, The Journal of the British Flute Society, June 2003.
Click for further detailsEchoes of a Waterfall by Susan Drake
Romantic harp music of the 19th century. This CD contains many well known compositions from the core harp repertoire with music by Goderfroid, John Thomas, Hasselmans, Parish Alvars, Louis Spohr, & Glinka.
Click for further detailsEchoes of the Highlands by Sarah Deere-Jones
Eleven original pieces for Harp inspired by the scenery, wildlife and legends of the West Highlands of Scotland and performed by Sarah. This 30 min CD contains - The road to Letterfearn, Camusfearna & Edals jig, Rionnach, Moonlight on the water, Reflections (Isle of Rum Suite), Talisker Bay, The sister's lament, The castle jig. These pieces are from the sheet music book 'Echoes of the West Highlands' and the playing standard is intermediate to advanced
Click for further detailsEl Charco by Juan Masondo & Jopie Jonkers
Latin American music performed by Juan Masondo - vocals, guitar, bass & Jopie Jonkers - vocals, harp. With Koen De Cauter - guitar, vocals Alfredo Marcucci - bandoneon (concertina) Rinus Raaijmakers - bass Dick Van Der Harstad - bandoneon (concertina)
Click for further detailsEl Paño Moruno by The Calvert Turner Duo
El Paño Moruno is a selection of the music we love to play and perform -we hope that you enjoy it too! The soundworld of the cello and harp duo seems to know no boundaries. This has been an inspiration to us since we started playing together in 2003 and has let us have a rare insight into music from around the world.
Click for further detailsElisabeth Fontan Binoche plays the Music of Marcel Tournier
The acclaimed harpist Elisabeth Fontan-Binoche began her harp studies at the age of six with harpist and composer Marcel Tournier. As winner of numerous competitions she went on to become Professor of harp at the Boulogne and Lyon Conservatories as well as the National Conservatory of Nice. She brings to life many of Tournier's most innovative pieces for harp demonstrating the beauty of his impressionistic style of his compositions on this recording. Included on this CD are 'Au Matin' - Etude de Concert, Sonatine op. 30, Berceuse Russe and Jazz Band op. 33
Click for further detailsElva Tristan by Le Govic & Lise Enochsson
“Everything is possible and anything can happen in the world” writes Tristan le Govic, lending his optimistic-but-with-a-wink imprint to this wonderfully appealing new disc of the old and the new, Elva. It should not come as a surprise that this artist breaks up the mostly folk songs and dances on the album with his own piece, a cross dressing cakewalk / rag that will surpass any expectations you might have of what this little instrument is capable of, or for that matter, what he can do. Yes, everything - and anything - is possible with this marvelous artist" Alison Young Harp Column, 01 Mar 2015
Click for further detailsEn caravane by Fileuses de nuit
Second CD from French Harp Trio Fileuses de Nuit - Aurore Bréger, Marie Wambergue & Clotilde Trouillaud who perform with lever harps and voice - traditional music mostly arranged by the Trio.
Click for further detailsEncantos de mi tierra by Sixto Corbalán
Recorded in JVA Studios in 2009, sponsored by FONDEC. This CD includes new own compositions and compositions of other contemporary authors as well as some classical themes of the repertoire for Paraguayan Harp.
Click for further detailsThe Enchanted Lake by Nadia Birkenstock (harp) & Mick Fitzgerald (reader)
Irish Legends, Stories and Harp Music based on a collection by T. Crofton Croker. Stories read by Mick Fitzgerald with Fairytales selected and edited by Gabriele Haefs and the music arranged, composed and performed by Nadia Birkenstock.
Click for further detailsEnlli by Llio Rhydderch 
It’s impossible to overstate the importance of this triple harpist from the island of Ynys Môn (Anglesey) in Welsh, indeed in British music. And the music keeps pouring out of her ....... this time the melodic shapes that have been storing up in her head and hands over a lifetime, break free in their own right; most of this album consists of her own compositions. They’re classics, and it’s a masterpiece. Andrew Cronshaw, fROOTS No.236 December 2002 
Click for further detailsEntre Cuerdas by Edmar Castaneda
"I always wondered: Why do I play the Harp? Now I know that God created music to do his will and that I was gifted with this instrument not only to play it but to show the beauty of his creation. Thank you God for making me part of your plans!" Edmar Casteneda.
Click for further detailsEntre Feuilles et Racines by Anwynn
Anwynn present their interesting interpretations of Traditional and Contemporary Celtic music on this CD which features Roxane Martin - Celtic harp; François Heim - accordion; Pascal Thorel - violin; Céline Magrini - chant; Marie-Anne Kergoët - whispers
Click for further detailsEsme's Adventure - The Girl with the Purple Harp by Various Artists (see track listing)
This collection of harp tunes was inspired by a young harp player Esme Morris Macintyre from Kinnesswood, Scotland. Esme died aged 18 in July 2013 after first being diagnosed with a brain tumour when she was aged only 11. She wrote a searingly honest account of the challenges she faced through her Facebook page and she worked tirelessly to raise funds for the Teenage Cancer Trust.
Click for further detailsEspanoletas by Anna Zauner-Pagitsch
Anna Zauner-Pagitsch plays music from the Luz y Norte Collection (Spain circa 1670) on a "Arpa de dos Ordenes" a Spanish Baroque cross-strung harp. The tunes on this CD would, at the time, have been well known on the streets of Madrid.
Click for further detailsEst-Ouest by Anwynn
The recording combines the music of Eastern Europe and Western Balkan countries from Celtic Occitania (roughly southern France, Alpine valleys of western Piedmont & the Val d'Aran in Spain) to the steppes of Mongolia, via Scotland! The boundaries move and disappear, a new space and time are deposited - the musicians transcend the musical past of the peoples of the regions. Produced by Balagan the recording features Roxane Martin - Celtic harp & Pascal Thorel - violin, voice & double bass
Click for further detailsEstren by Sarah Deere-Jones
Sarah's CD of traditional music and songs from Cornwall includes compositions inspired by the landscape. Recordings of the Padstow May Day and Helston Flora Day celebrations are grafted into the pieces. In ‘Penlee Lament‘, a tribute to the lifeboatmen lost on the Solomon Brown, Sarah is joined by the Tintagel Male Voice Choir singing the hymn ‘Eternal Father‘. The CD concludes with ‘By a Woodland Stream‘ a delightful classical piece for Celtic Harp.
Click for further detailsThe Eternal Dreamer by David Watkins
A world class recording from a world class harpist. David Watkins performs Tournier, Prokofiev, Glinka, Liszt, Parish Alvars, Zabel, Mathias, Debussy, Ruiz-Pipo and Watkins! The CD includes the first recording of his Passacaglia In Memoriam Tsunami, published by Adlais in 2005.
Click for further detailsEverything will be all right by Monika Stadler
This CD, exclusively with Monika Stadler's own compositions (Harp & Voice), is a symbiosis of the structure of classical music, the freedom of jazz improvisation and the influence of foreign cultures. This CD also features Jon Sass (Tuba), Daniel Tschida (Indian Flute), Reinhard Ziegerhofer (Acoustic Bass) and Franz Schmuck (Percussion).
Click for further detailsEvoa! by Enzo Vacca with Arz Nevez, Doming Bouchaud, Francoise Le Visage
"Nona, dome bicer of evoa!" ... A little bit of water to quench the thirst while playing during the hot summers in Canove di Govone. That water had the power to restore us and push us on to a new game, a new adventure, with all the energy and strength of unlimited imagination ....." Enzo Vacca
Click for further detailsFantasien by Sivan Magen
Recorded at the famous Yehudi Menuhin School in Surrey "Fantasien" is a showcase of the modern concert harp demonstrating the powerful expression, dynamic range and sheer excitement this popular instrument can generate in the right hands. Featuring transcriptions of works by J.S. Bach, C.P.E. Bach, Mozart and Brahms plus original harp compositions by Henriette Rénie and Ekaterina Walter-Kühne, ‘Fantasien’ is united by the theme of fantasy
Click for further detailsFarewell to Lough Neaghe by Bonnie Shaljean
Traditional harp music of Britain & Ireland performed on harp and clarsach by Bonnie Shaljean "Shimmering jigs, rippling reels & stately airs—a total delight" - Folk Roots "Some of the most exciting and unusual items I have ever heard on a traditional harp recording" - Folk Harp Journal (USA) "A sparkling, important & scholarly exploration...of the harp tradition" - Sydney Morning Herald
Click for further detailsFasgadh's Faeries by Mareike Beyer
Solo harp - mesmerising and beautiful. This music comes straight from the heart. Scottish/Irish/English traditional and beyond. 'It's the harp playing me really, not the other way round.' - Mareike
Click for further detailsFeasting with Carolan by Janet Harbison with Clarsheree
Turlough O Carolan has provided the inspiration and almost all the melodic material for this disc. Inspired music performed with harp, harpsichord, uilleann pipes, flutes, whistles, concertina and bodhran.
Click for further detailsFeng Shui by Jochen Vogel
The entire cosmos is made up of “Chi” energy and influences all aspects of our lives. When "Chi” energy flows freely, the result is a state of harmony, growth, and health. This collection of meditative sounds from Jochen Vogel harp fills the room with harmonious vibrations and positive energy and creates a feeling of personal well-being.
Click for further detailsFiddle, harp & voice by Isobel Mieras & Jim Ferguson
Performing together, these two popular artistes have appeared throughout Scotland and the north of England. at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe - where their concerts have become an annual success, and have broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland. Radio 2 and Classic FM.
Click for further detailsFileuses de nuit by Fileuses de nuit
First CD from French Harp Trio Fileuses de Nuit - Aurore Bréger, Marie Wambergue & Clotilde Trouillaud who perform with lever harps and voice - traditional music mostly arranged by the Trio.
Click for further detailsThe Firebird's Feather by Danielle Perrett
Russian Romantic harp music Including music by Gliere, Glinka and Rachmaninov this CD contains a stunning collection of Russian Romantic Harp Music, while a few works are quite well-known, it is mostly little-known music which really deserves a much wider audience.
Click for further detailsFireWire by Máire Ní Chathasaigh & Chris Newman
A wide variety of music from a 17th century solo harp air to bass-drums-Stratocaster tracks. A couple of songs, a few sets of traditional dance tunes and guest appearances from Nollaig Casey (fiddle), Cathy Fink (banjo) and Roy Whyke (drums & percussion).
CD CoverFireworks & Fables 4 Girls 4 Harps
Since forming in 2000, under the guidance of Daphne Boden at the Royal College of Music in London, 4 Girls 4 Harps have gone from strength to strength, creating and commissioning new music for harp quartet. Whilst each member of the group enjoys a varied career in their own right, the girls agree that rehearsing and performing as a unit is a real meeting of minds. Fireworks and Fables takes you on a journey across the globe, visiting countries as far afield as India, Spain and the Middle East. Enjoy the music!
CD CoverFirst Things First by Ailie Robertson
Shattering preconceptions about the fragility of her chosen instrument, Scottish debutante harpist Ailie Robertson basks in a heady excavation of the driving rhythms that lie dormant between the strings. Forget misty images of lovelorn maidens at lattice windows. Instead, step into a world where Robertson's harp jousts (alongside the energising confidence of fellow Scots harpist Catriona McKay) with percussion, bass, guitar and piano. Her opening salvo, The Exploding Bow, sets the tone for a funky excursion around a trio of contemporary jigs, the final one written by Robertson herself. Another of her original compositions, Good Spirits, is paired cannily with a reel, The Humours of Scariff. The tunes revel in the unpredictability of newfound company. Robertson's genius is in straddling the Irish and Scottish traditions with a fresh-faced and utterly bearable lightness of being. Siobhan Long - Irish Times review
CD CoverFoogy by Olov Johansson & Catriona McKay
"Come and join us on our exploration of traditional and new music from Scotland and Sweden, meet our way of making music and experience the sound of Scottish Harp and Swedish Nyckelharpa." Olov Johansson & Catriona McKay
CD CoverFranz Poenitz: Songs and Hymns with harp
This is the second volume in a series of Poenitz recordings on Brilliant Classics, following Poenitz's Works for Harp (9179), also performed by Laura Vinciguerra - Includes booklet notes, sung texts and a biography of Franz Poenitz. The booklet notes written by a descendant of Poenitz, Mr Andreas Fischer.
CD CoverFranz Poenitz: Works for harp
This is the first volume in a series of Poenitz recordings on Brilliant Classics performed by Laura Vinciguerra and contains several works receiving their premiere recordings as well as a touching tribute by Alfred Holy (1866-1948) one of his colleagues in the Royal Court Opera in Berlin - a company Poenitz had been a member of for nearly fifty years.
CD CoverFrench Music for Harp and Strings by Ellen Sejersted Bødtker
The repertoire for this CD of harp music, featuring the brilliant young Norwegian harpist Ellen Sejersted Bødtker, focuses upon French music for the harp, written predominantly during the early twentieth century. Four of the pieces are by Debussy, whose innovations in harmony and delicate use of the orchestra had a profound influence upon twentieth century music, while Ravel is represented by his masterly Introduction and Allegro for harp, string quartet, clarinet and flute, and an arrangement od his popular piano piece, the Pavane pour une infante défunte for harp and cello.
CD CoverThe Frog Princess - Deborah Henson-Conant
THE FROG PRINCESS - FOR KIDS - "An Amphibious Allegory, A Froggish Fairy Tale" written, narrated and sung by Deborah Henson-Conant. The Frog Princess is the story of Amphibia, daughter of the famous Frog Prince. For children of all ages. Recorded using orchestral synth. Story, Words and Music by Deborah Henson-Conant.
CD CoverFrom Coast to Coast by Catrin Finch
During February to March, 2002 I embarked on a tour of the USA, organised for me by Young Concert Artists Inc. in New York. Covering almost 30,000 miles, I spent over 5 weeks playing a total of 24 recitals in 11 States. This CD is based on those recitals. Returning home to Wales I decided to record my American experience as a special memory of the wonderfully warm reception that I received during the tour. Here it is . . . I hope you enjoy it!

CD CoverFrom the Crooked Tree by The Harriet Earis Trio
The Trio combines Celtic harp music with jazz backing for an unforgettable, high energy, Celtic Jazz Fusion. Pontrhydfendigaid's Harriet has toured worldwide as a solo harpist with ‘The Irish Variety Show’ and with Irish band Siansa. A winner of the Open Stage Award at the Celtic Connections Festival in Glasgow, Harriet is one of a handful of young musicians from Wales to win a place on the prestigious nationwide ‘Live Music Now’ scheme.

Click for further details...from within by Eira Lynn Jones
“Music constantly inspires me. It makes me smile, dream, think and breathe. I hope that this CD does the same for you and touches you from within.” Eira Lynn Jones. ...from within includes perfomances on both pedal and clarsach harp in a variety of musical styles - classical, contemporary, folk and a jazzy piece!
Click for further detailsGarden Festival Bouquets by Marika de Pettes
Marika de Pettes plays a beautiful selection of music, from around the world, on the small 15 string Lyra and the big 22 string Lyra for your enjoyment.
Click for further detailsGeorge Frideric Handel - Sacred Arias with Harp by Rachel Ann Morgan & Edward Witsenburg
"… Cardiff-born Rachel Ann Morgan is without question one of our major talents … very fine singing, the highly-accomplished playing of Edward Witsenberg and the exceptionally fine recorded sound." Western Mail (UK)
Click for further detailsThe Gift - Deborah Henson-Conant
A collection of traditional carols from Catalonia, England, Russia, France, Sicily, America, Czechoslovakia, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, the Middle East and more featuring 15 Fantasies on Traditional Christmas Carols from around the world. Styles from Country Western to soft Gospel to Classical.
Click for further detailsGlèusta - Màiri Macleod & Ross Garrod
What do you get when you mix harp and percussion? An electrifying combination of classical, contemporary, folk, and jazz! Their original compositions, innovative arrangements and eclectic personalities will have your feet tapping instantly.
Click for further detailsThe Glory of the Harp by David Watkins
David Watkins plays an Eighteenth Century Harp
Dowland • Croft • Handel • Parry • Dussek • Cardon • Mozart • Spohr & c.
The Single Action Harp David Watkins plays in this recording was made in 1820 by Erard Frères, Paris, and possibly belonged to Mme: Recamier. It is similar in design to one made by Erard in 1794.
Click for further detailsThe Glow Within by Nadia Birkenstock (harp) & Steve Hubback (percussion)
“The Glow Within” works totally because of its magical soundscapes and its virtuosity, rhythm, precision and joyful experimentation, from the deepest harp notes during the intro to the meteoric brilliance of the metal percussion instruments at the end of the album.
Click for further detailsGoldberg by Catrin Finch
Catrin Finch - unveils the most exciting project of her remarkable career - JS Bach Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 arranged and edited for the harp.
Click for further detailsGolden Lights and Green Shadows by Gráinne Hambly
This is a solo harp CD of traditional Irish dance music, slow airs and pieces from the 17th and 18th century harp repertoire.
Click for further detailsGreensleeves by Bill Taylor and Geert Van Gele
Bill Taylor (Harp) and Geert Van Gele (Recorder) are the founding members of Quadrivium, but as a duo they have been performing together all around the globe for almost 10 years, bringing the different historical harps and recorders to their audiences
Click for further detailsGwenllian by Llio Rhydderch 
Music inspired by the Princess Gwenllian, daughter of the last native Prince of Wales. Llwelyn ap Gruffydd and Eleanor de Montfort, his wife. Gwenllian was born in 1282 at Abergwyngrgyn on the shore of the Menai Straits. At the command of Edward I she was taken as a baby to the Gilbertine Priory of Semprinhgam in Lincolnshire where she remained until her death in 1337. 
Click for further detailsHafan by Glenda Clwyd
A well balanced mixture of Classical and Welsh harp music from Glenda Clwyd. From Bach and Handel to John Thomas and Ann Griffiths.
Click for further detailsHarfenklänge für die Seele by Silke Aichhorn
"Harp music for the soul": Soulful, quiet and melodious works for solace, to find rest, relaxation in this modern world.
Click for further detailsHarp by Maria Krushevskaya
Young and talented harpist, Maria Krushevskaya, has won international acclaim as one of today's foremost virtuoso harpist of her generation. Maria was born in Moscow into the musical family. She started playing the harp at the age of 7 at the Moscow's Gnessin's Special Music School, where she studied with professor Milda Agazarian.
Click for further detailsHarp 3 - From Paraguay
Harp 3 is the name adopted by three brilliant young Paraguayan musicians who want to introduce the beautiful music of their country to a wider audience. Kike Pedersen, Mercedes Espinola and Diego Vera were brought together by their love for the Paraguayan harp, each one being an accomplished interpreter of this, the national instrument of Paraguay. They formed a trio and began performing together, as well as continuing with their busy solo careers.
Click for further detailsHarp Concertos - DUSSEK / WAGENSEIL / KRUMPHOLTZ Roberta Alessandrini (Harp) - Mantova Orchestra
Concerto in G major for Harp, Two Violins and Cello - Georg Christoph Wagenseil (1715-1777); Concerto No. 6 in F major for Harp and Orchestra, Op. 9 - Jean-Baptiste Krumpholtz (1742-1790); Sonata No. 2 for Harp in E flat major, Op. 34 Concerto in E flat major for Harp and Orchestra, Op. 15 - Jan Ladislav Dussek (1760-1812)
Click for further detailsHarp Concertos - Ginastera & Boieldieu : Jutta Zoff- harp with Staatskapelle Dresden, conductor Siegfried Kurz
Two brilliant Harp Concertos, different in style, but both masterpieces in their genre. Boieldieu was a master of the early - romantic French style at the beginning of the 19th century, abounding in charm, lyricism and brilliance, whereas Ginastera delves deep in disturbing, fierce 20th century expressionism, demanding extreme virtuosity and stamina from the harp and its player. Excellent performances by German harpist Jutta Zoff, winner of important international competitions, backed with both delicacy and force by the famous Dresden Staatskapelle.
Click for further detailsHarp House
The Edinburgh International Harp Festival has for the first time recorded the wealth of talent and diversity that makes the EIHF so unique. The Festival is overflowing with extraordinary players, from wire strung ancient harps to electric; from western jazz to avant-guarde to 12th century manuscripts to jigs and reels. And now, a selection of performers from the festival have generously donated their time and creativity to create an exclusive collection of music - a compilation made especially for the Edinburgh International Harp Festival with generous support from the Scottish Arts Council. Enjoy!
Click for further detailsHarp I Do by Corrina Hewat
This is a remarkably crisp and sharp-sounding album of solo harp music. The recording is absolutely first class, capturing not just the melodies themselves, but the palpable tension as each string is firmly plucked and the enduring, humming resonance that follows. Try listening to this with headphones on at a decent volume -- this is music you can feel, it shivers your nerves and shudders your bones, it's like having your ear pressed up against the soundboard of the harp. This may be an album of solo harp, but it's played with a vigour that an ensemble would struggle to match .... Mike Wilson; folking.com
Click for further detailsThe Harp Key by Alison Kinnaird  
'The Scottish harp can never have had a better showcase than this' MELODY MAKER
'Superbly played and well produced...a gem' THE GUARDIAN
Click for further detailsHarp Recital by Alina Bzhezhinska
Alina Bzhezhinska's spectacular new solo album Harp Recital released 1st April 2005. A perfect blend of Classical, Jazz and World Traditional Music.
Click for further detailsHarp Recital in Kyoto by Elizabeth Fontan-Binoche
Live recording of Elizabeth Fontan-Binoche's Harp Recital in Kyoto which won a National Award. The recital includes music by Tournier, Roussel, handel, Respighi, Dussek, Faure, Gabriel Pierne, Marcel Pierne and Elias Parish Alvars. A must have recording for advanced harp students preparing their classical harp repertoire.
Click for further detailsHarp Showpieces by Judy Loman
Who better to showcase the possibilities of the harp, an often misunderstood instrument, than harpists themselves? All of the composers on this recording were and, in the case of Lynn Palmer, are, fabulous harpists themselves. Spanning three centuries, this music shows how innovation in composition and technology changed the harp's place in society and how the composers of the day managed to meet these demands.
Click for further detailsHarp Summit by Park Stickney & Rüdiger Oppermann
Park Stickney is known for his innovative jazz stylings on pedal harp, and Rudiger Oppermann is a gifted composer and performer on lever harp. Their musical styles blend wonderfully in this outstanding CD. It includes 6 of Rudiger's compositions, one piece they wrote together and So What by Miles Davis, In a Sentimental Mood by Duke Ellington, and Message in a Bottle by Sting.
Click for further detailsHarp to Heart by Kathleen Loughnane
“Kathleen’s playing is wonderfully fluid and full of ‘elegant musicality’ - a phrase I once heard an old man use to describe a musician’s performance” Irish Music Mag December 2005.“The arrangements are kept nicely varied, with Loughnane’s deft precise arrangements always to the fore, as is only right.” Hot Press October 2005
Click for further detailsHarpe by Isabelle Perrin
French Impressionistic Music: Marcel Grandjany - Children's hour, Gabriel Pierné - Impromptu-Caprice, André Caplet - 2 Divertissements, à la française, à l'espagnole, Gabriel Fauré - Une châtelaine en sa tour, Impromptu, Albert Roussel - Impromptu, Marcel Tournier - Sonatine
Click for further detailsA harper's delyte Isobel Mieras - Celtic Harp & song
A wonderful selection of traditional and original compositions for harp and voice all of which are arranged and performed by Isobel Mieras
Click for further detailsThe Harper's Fancy by Paul Dooley
A collection of Jigs, Reels and miscellaneous traditional tunes old and new played on wire strung Irish Harp
Click for further detailsThe Harper's Land by Ann Heymann & Alison Kinnaird
This was the first record to combine the sounds of the gut and the wire strung harps. This album is a record of two different, but related, small harps. The approach to the music, and the harps on which it is played, has been formed by years of research in both Scotland and Ireland. The music itself has been gleaned from many sources, including the oral tradition, ancient archives and collections, and also includes original compositions by Ann Heymann and Alison Kinnaird, the harpers.
Click for further detailsThe Harpers Connellan by Kathleen Loughnane
"What always strikes me about Kathleen Loughnane's music is its tastiness, arrived at through the extraordinary sensitivity of her arrangements. Her playing of slow airs stops me in my tracks. The phrasing and 'holding' in the airs, the syncopation and offbeat rhythms of the dance tunes all contribute to the uniquely spirited character of her music. This album is of particular interest in that it pushes a door ajar for us, giving us access to some of the energies of the Gaelic harp tradition during the late 17th and early 18th centuries, the era of the Wild Geese." Mary Bergin.
Click for further detailsHarping Bach to Carolan by Anne-Marie O'Farrell
The material in this recording is drawn from a recital in the "Young Musicians in The Drawing Room" series in Number Twenty Nine. The series is presented in association with Feis Ceoil, Dublin and is held each year during Spring and Autumn. In this programme Anne-Marie demonstrates the veratility of the Irish harp, extending the repertoire for the instrument considerably beyond its traditional frontiers.
Click for further detailsHarping On by Kathleen Loughnane
There was a time in Ireland when many harp players were submerged in layers of cliché. Kathleen Loughnane was different, a player of quiet dignity, she saw both the harp’s place in history and its relevance to today’s music. She is perhaps best known as a member of the baroque/traditional band Dordán, but she maintains a strong independent streak... The Irish Examiner - Pat Ahern
Click here for further detailsHarping on a Harp by Silke Aichhorn
Jazz - Blues - Swing - Latin Rhythm Dance on the concert harp - an unexpected pleasure!
Click for further details of Beyond DreamsHarponium by Catriona McKay
This collection of Catriona's newly composed music highlights her prowess as both harper and composer. Melody driven with Catriona's signature harmonic and rhythm harp style, HARPONIUM combines both the strength and delicacy of her harp with bold, warm, characterful harmonium.

Click here for further detailsHarps, Pipes & Fiddles - Various Artists
The instruments that have carried the traditional music of Scotland and Ireland for centuries. On this album we proudly present leading exponents of the tradition. HARPS - Ann Heymann, Alison Kinnaird, Maire Ni Chathasaigh, William Taylor PIPES - Ged Foley, Duncan MacGillivray, John D. Burgess, Dr. Angus MacDonald, Dougie Pincock & P/M Iain MacDonald, Gordon Mooney & Shotts & Dykehead Caledonia Pipe Band FIDDLES - Aly Bain, Marie Fielding, Fiddlers Five, Vincent Griffin, John McCusker & Brian McNeill.

Click for further detailsHarps Unlimited by Miguel & Mercedes Ramírez
"Harps Unlimited" is the name adopted by two young Paraguayan musicians to identify themselves during their tour to England in July and August 2007. In this CD, Miguel and Mercedes present an imaginary landscape through the different musical airs which present in totally acoustic way. Pair of harps, harp-guitar and classical guitar. They play several popular Paraguayan and international themes as well as two compositions that have been recorded for the first time.
Click for further detailsHasselmans - Music for Harp by Floraleda Sacchi
The harp was a favourite instrument of the Art Nouveau, and Hasselmans himself bequeathed it with a number of solo concert pieces that were highly popular in their day. Assembling a large selection of these compositions, some of which have never been recorded before, Sacchi reveals the virtuoso’s predilection for German Romanticism.
Click for further detailsHaste to the Wedding by Anne Roos
Romantic Celtic music about everlasting love performed on solo Celtic Harp and with an ensemble of other traditional Celtic instruments. This new release* of Celtic wedding ceremony music is packaged inside a lovely 48-page hardcover book containing vintage color images, Celtic toasts, blessings, legends, wedding traditions, and recipes. The CD can easily accompany wedding festivities, for the titles flow in the order that music flows at a wedding ceremony.
Click for further detailsHimmlische Harfenklänge by Silke Aichhorn
"Heavenly Harp Music": This CD has some wonderful relaxing classical harp music from Debussy, Bach, Mozart Hasselmanns and others.
Click for further detailsHinterlands Wendy Stewart & Gary West
Hinterlands, the new CD from Wendy Stewart and Gary West, pairs two of Scotland`s finest players on two of Scotland`s oldest instruments - the harp and the bagpipes. Wendy and Gary delve into their tradition and deliver a unique blend of song and melody performed with subtlety, skill and panache.
Click for further detailsHireath (Longing) by Eleri Darkins
A great debut CD from a talented Welsh harpist.
Click here for further detailsHoudy by Isabelle Perrin
If there is no language more universal than music, then there is also none with stronger regional identities. Since French music has been on the sidelines for the past several decades, I decided to write a French Concerto for harp and orchestra. By "French", I mean in the French spirit, building on the work of the composers who came before me rather than on that of my contemporaries. A writing style without "principles" or systems to follow, not Dodecaphonic or Polytonality (it all ages so poorly!). A simple orchestra: one flute, one oboe, a clarinet in A, a bassoon, and a string quintet. As I am hardly interested in analysis, I prefer to write my music rather than to explain it. Similarly, I prefer a performer's imagination to his zealous precision; in short, I prefer musicians. This is why I chose to write this concerto for Isabelle Perrin, soloist of the Orchestre National de France. Pierick Houdy
Click for further detailsHOWELLS: Rhapsodic Quintet / Violin Sonata No. 3 by Mobius
Although Herbert Howells is known chiefly for his large body of church music, arguably the finest by any English composer of the twentieth century, he also wrote major choral, orchestral and chamber works. At the outset of his career Howells came to prominence largely through a series of striking chamber compositions including the Rhapsodic Quintet of 1919, which he described as having ‘a mystic quality’. Dedicated to one of the great violinists of the time, Albert Sammons, the Third Violin Sonata arose directly from Howells’s visit to Canada four years later. The overwhelming impact that the Rocky Mountains made on the composer when he travelled through them by train is reflected in the more dissonant and chromatic harmony compared with his other works of the period.
Click here for further detailsHubcaps & Potholes by Rachel Hair
Featuring a mixture of Scottish music, Irish music and her own compositions, Rachel's debut solo album "Hubcaps and Potholes" was released in 2006 to great critical acclaim. The album shows the harps strength as a solo instrument, demonstrating its strong rhythmic and melodic capabilities, and proving that it really can stand its own.
Click for further detailsHugs & Kisses by Ralf Kleemann
With "Hugs & Kisses", Ralf Kleemann presents his third album with music for the Celtic harp. Most of the tracks, which are generously enriched with solo parts, were composed during various journeys and concert tours throughout Europe.
Click for further detailsHum by Rhodri Davies
On a first casual listen I seriously undervalued this disc. Many of the microdynamics with which it works were lost on me. But after a couple of more careful listens I could appreciate the truly high quality of this music. It’s certainly not one to listen to in a rush. This is a concentrated music exploring the essence of sounds, certainly reductionist, but not extremely so. Or better, it’s a musical process which moves forward in little jumps and spurts, and is subtly frenetic.
Click for further detailsI am a dreamer Anne van Schothorst
Anne likes to improvise on well known Jazz standards and Traditionals. She is also dreaming behind her harp; intuitive instant music will arise with an original free sound. The music is especially suggestive for the listeners fantasy. Anne has 44 strings available. These are as it were three instruments. The harp is the rhythm, base and melody. To Anne it is very challenging to express the versatility of the harp as a solo instrument. This delicate, sensitive instrument can be played with Soul.
Click for further detailsImages by Silke Aichhorn
Water and harp, harp and nature, music in pictures - as Silke Aichhorn compiled the program for this CD was, she struck by the harps description of the elements, in particular, of water. Even though hardly any of the composers on the CD are known beyond the harp world beyond, she invites you to discover these wonderful descriptive harp solos.
Click for further detailsImaginales by Roxane Martin
After having explored the music from Bach to St. Saëns, Roxane Martin became fascinated by the spontaneity and depth of the repertoire of popular music. Now she opens you an insight into her imagination which goes back to the sources of internal landscapes shaped during her childhood.In Imaginales she disassembles and assembles in a balancing act of improvisation. In this tightrope walk between past and future she gives an idea of a metamorphosis. She takes the risk and makes us vibrate by a way of tying and retying the symbolic links between the asymmetric set of her 34 strings
Click for further detailsIn the Kitchen by Tim Hampson
Tim Hampson, Harpmaker, playing 18th century music on a replica 19th century Welsh Triple Harp. The original harp was owned by Lady Buckley in North Wales; now in St. Fagans Museum in Cardiff. Replica harp built by Tim Hampson in 1998.
Click for further detailsInchcolm by William Jackson
Thanks to works such as Inchcolm William Jackson has a growing international reputation as a composer of folk and orchestral pieces. The first track Corryvreckan features the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, harp, and pipes. The album contains traks for varying instrumentation, some of which includes vocals including a 13th-century Gaelic chant and an improvisation on a Kahlil Gibran poem.
Click for further detailsInspiration by The Alina Bzhezhinska Quartet
“On Inspiration (the Alina Bzhezhinska Quartet) bathe deeply in the spirit of Alice and John’s majestic, meditative music, yet also use it as a point of departure for new personal directions. The journey is within, to a better place for humanity.” Kevin Le Gendre
Click for further detailsInspirations by Cristobal and Kike Pedersen
The magical sound of Paraguayan Harpists - Kike Pedersen & Cristobel Pedersen joined on some tracks by Carmen Monges (harp) Rossana Ovelar (guitar) and Claudio Gonzalez (banjo) - "His music is rhythmic and tender and soulful by turns, whilst always remaining soulful, with that light touch which is the harp's unique prerogative. It's music for floating, dreaming and dancing!" Andy Morgan BBC Radio 3
Click for further detailsThe Instrumental Collection by Mary O'Hara
Recorded in response to requests from many of her admirers - for the first time a very different voice is heard, normally in the role of accompaniment, the sound of Mary O’Hara’s Celtic Harp becomes the solo voice in this carefully chosen collection of sixteen beautiful melodies. Melodies that range from the expected favourites such as ‘Scarborough Fair’ and ‘Londonderry Air’ to the almost unexpected like the Commodores lovely ‘Three Times A Lady’ and country music composer’s Tom T Hall’s jaunty 'Pamela Brown’.
Click for further detailsInstruments de la poésie by Dejan Gavric - Flute & Silke Aichhorn - Harp
"Instruments of poetry" Music for flute and harp from France through five centuries
Click here for further detailsIntroduction and Allegro for Harp, Flute, Clarinet & String Quartet. Ravel.
Eva Maros - Harp & Kodaly Quartet
Naxos CD with Debussy String Quartet No 1 in G Minor & Ravel String Quartet in F. Kodaly Quartet with Zoltan Gyongyossy - flute, Bela Kovacs - clarinet and Eva Maros - harp.
Click for further detailsInvention & Alchemy (DVD) by Deborah Henson-Conant
With The Grand Rapids Symphony - David Lockington, Conductor.
You are about to take a journey into the mind of Deborah Henson-Conant, a mind where stories meet music, invention meets alchemy and a whole symphony orchestra can transform a Mexican street band into a sultry musical harem in a split second. A collection od musical short stories for voice, electric harp, symphony orchestra ... and your imagination.
Click for further detailsInvention & Alchemy (CD) by Deborah Henson-Conant
With The Grand Rapids Symphony - David Lockington, Conductor.
You are about to take a journey into the mind of Deborah Henson-Conant, a mind where stories meet music, invention meets alchemy and a whole symphony orchestra can transform a Mexican street band into a sultry musical harem in a split second. A collection o
f musical short stories for voice, electric harp, symphony orchestra ... and your imagination.
Click for further detailsInvisible from land and sea Strange Rainbow - Catriona McKay & Alistair MacDonald
Strange Rainbow take the sound, language and tradition of the Scottish harp by the scruff of the neck and give them a good shake with a laptop. Catriona's passion for tradition is fused with new ways of playing the harp and Alistair's electro acoustic explorations reveal new hybrid worlds of human and environmental sound.
Click for further detailsItalian Harp Music  by Claudia Antonelli (harp)
This unique collection of harp music focuses in the works of Italian composers from around the turn of the nineteenth century. It opens with music by Clementi, Viotti and Polinni, a pupil of Mozart, whose works all share a refined and graceful melodious quality. The second half concentrates on the operatic composers of the bel canto school. The elegant melodies and melismatic vocal display, characteristic of Rossini and Donizetti, are apparent in their works for the harp. The programme closes with two fantasias on music from Bellini's operas I Capuleti e Montecchi and the famous Casta Diva from Norma
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