CD A0271: Strange New Land

Strange New Land by Nadia Birkenstock

CD cover: Strange New Land by Nadia Birkenstock"This musician is more than an accomplished master of the celtic harp, she is also an expert in uplifting your spirits in a musical way. In short: Very relaxed, very atmospheric, very recommendable."
C.Ruf, Dresdener Zeitung (Germany)

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Track Listing & Audio Samples

Strange New Land by Nadia Birkenstock
01 Shine
02 Seven Years
03 My Strength
04 Across the Moor
05 Return
06 Distant Shore
07 Travel Song
08 Come sit down beside me
09 Everywhere
10 Silence
11 I lay my Heart into Your Hands
12 Wind, Sun and Stars

CD Notes & Credits

Sleeve Notes

The lyrics for the songs on the album are reproduced in the CD booklet.


Nadia Birkenstock - Vocals, Celtic Harp
Gabriele Steinfeld - Violin
Elisabeth Wand - Violoncello
Tom McConville - Fiddle
Romin Katzer - Percussion
Oliver Jochims - Bodhran

Recording,Editing, Mix and Mastering: Romin Katzer and Michael Schlutter at Tonstudio Katzer, Furth, Germany, in summer 2008

Photography: Helmut Claus
Hair and makeup: Julia Franken-Kalkreuter
Design: Tanja Bregula and Anna Karina Birkenstock

All songs written and arranged by Nadia Birkenstock, except Track 04"Across the Moor" fiddle arrangements by Tom McConville and Track 08 "Come sit down beside me" lyrics traditional. Fiddle recording on Track 04 "Accross the Moor" by Ron Angus at Studio One, UK.

Nadia plays the CAMAC Electroharp 36 and her 34-string rosewood acoustic, celtic harp by Frank Sievert.

I would like to thank all the people who contributed to this album.

Gabriele, Elisabeth, Tom, Romin and Oliver for sharing your superb musicality and talents.
Romin and Michi at Tonstudio Katzer for your inspiring work, your support and for a wonderful time.
Helmut for your magnificent work and friendship.
Tanja, Karina and Julia for your artistic eyes.
Marianne and Phil Black for being wonderful friends and trusted editors of my lyrics.
Roger Miesch, Laura Attina and the whole team at the Jardin Botanique, Strasbourg.

I would also like to thank:
Peter Cronemeyer, Allan Taylor, Dieter Wasilke,
Andy Lang, Peter Muller, Marita Bahr,
Wolfgang, Karina, Caspar and Stephanie.

My audiences!
Thank you!

©2008 by Laika-Records
Published by Laika-Records & Publishing
Produced by Peter Cronemeyer                                                                                                                                                

Album Information

Instruments: Solo Harp / Harp and Voice, accompanied by Violin, Cello, Fiddle, Percussion & Bodhran
Genre: Folk / Celtic / Pop
Format: CD
Our Ref: A0271
MCPS: 3510245.2
Label: Laika-Records / Rough-Trade
Release date/Year: October 2008
Origin: EU

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