DVD A0178: Travels with My Harp Volume 2

Travels with My Harp Volume 2 DVD by Mary O'Hara

DVD image: Travels with My Harp Volume 2 DVD by Mary O'HaraAs any professional singer will tell you, one’s interpretation of songs evolves over time and likewise the accompaniments. My recordings of the songs in Travels With My Harp V2 were made at different times, sometimes part of live performances, and what is on the various recordings may not always in every detail accord exactly with what appears on paper here. I’ve avoided over-burdening the user with too many directions. Singing and the interpretation of songs is a personal matter, best left to the individual singer to work out on his or her own.

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This DVD is included with the sheet music Travels With My Harp V2


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Songs on the DVD

MARY O’HARA - Travels With My Harp - Vol. 2


  • Kitty of Coleraine
  • Danny Boy
  • The Uist Cattle Croon
  • The Spanish Lady
  • Song For a Winter’s Night
  • Come Lord
  • The Fairy Tree
  • Óró Mo Bháidin
  • I Know My Love
  • The Song of Glendun
  • Tally Ho! An Maidrin Rua
  • A New Year Carol

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DVD Sleeve Notes

TRAVELS WITH MY HARP - Ten years ago Mary O’Hara packed in her singing, crated her harp and, with her husband Pat, took off for Africa. This was not the first time Mary O’Hara hung up her harp and went silent. She did the same almost 33 years previously after the premature death of her young husband.

Mary O’Hara has always claimed that she never took up singing but that singing chose her. After 12 ½ years monastic seclusion, she re-emerged to a very changed world and to a very different music scene, picking up where she left off in 1962. She added twelve more long playing albums (and CDs) to the seven she had already recorded, had several of her own TV series on both BBC and ITV, toured extensively playing in places as diverse and far apart as the ancient Herod Atticus Theatre in Athens, Carnegie Hail in NYC, Royal Albert Hail in London and the Sydney Opera House — to name but a few.

Mary O’Hara retired from the concert platform in 1994 but since retuming from a stint in Africa in 2002, she has restrung her harp and started committing to paper all those harp accompaniments that she bad hitherto only memorised. This DVD accompanies Vol. 2 of Travels With My Harp. It is the second of what is planned to reach several volumes. Mary uses this DVD to illustrate her talks.