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Strings Over Time .... by Charlotte Poulter

CD Cover: Strings Over Time .... by Charlotte Poulter

Strings Over Time - perhaps a favourite of BBC Radio 2's  Sarah Kennedy who has used most tracks to follow the daily "Pause for Thought" spot on the Dawn Patrol. A charming debut CD from Welsh harpist Charlotte Poulter.

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Track Listing & Audio Samples

1 Prelude III Marcel Tournier (1879-1951) 2.28
2 Ffarwel y Telynor (Minstrels Adieu to his Native Land) John Thomas (1826-1913) 8.30
3 Bugielior Gwenith Gwyn (Watching the Wheat) John Thomas (1826-1913) 3.34
4 Scherzetto Jaques Ibert(1890-1962) 3.06
5-6 Sarabanda and Toccata Nino Rota (1911-1979) 7.59
7 Notturno Lex van Delden 4.00
8 Hiraeth (Longing) Grace Williams(1906-1977) 2.39
9-12 Around The Clock suite
Ten Past Two, Beige Nocturne,
Harpicide at Midnight, The Morning After
Pearl Chertok (1918-1981) 11.10
13-15 Santa Fe Suite
Landscape, Nocturne, Sun Dance
William Mathias
    Total Time 57.16


CD Notes & Credits

Sleeve Notes

Prelude III - Marcel Tournier was a very renowned harpist and composer of the 1900's. This piece has a very Romantic style to it.

Ffarwel y Telynor - This original Welsh melody was first published in 1862 by the very famous harpist and composer John Thomas, who in his was professor of harp at the Royal Academy of Music for many years as well as harpist to Queen Victoria and Edward VII. As a professional harpist he also toured many parts of Europe with his harp, and this piece actually became so popular that it was even improvised on by other composers, including Franz Liszt.

Bugielior Gwenith Gwyn -This is another well known traditional Welsh piece that tells the story of a young maiden locked in a tower by her father for loving the wrong man, a simple farmer. She was left to watch the wheat grow as she waited for her lover to rescue her, but never came.

Scherzetto - Or 'little joke' is a fun and charming piece taken from this French composers' 'Six Pieces pour Harpe' of 1917, who was thought of as the time as being stylistically diverse, especially as he wished to be free from compulsive influences.

Sarabanda and Toccata - This was written in 1945 at the end of World War II . Nino Rota was known most famously for his film music,writing over 150 titles in total, including the spaghetti westerns with Clint Eastwood such as A Few Dollars More and A Fist Full of Dollars.

Notturno - Written in 1954, this is a tranquil piece reflecting the sounds and nature of the night.

Hiraeth - This piece has a haunting melody that perfectly evokes a feeling of yearning and sorrow.It is Grace Williams's only surviving work for solo harp, written in 1957 and dedicated to the Welsh harpist Ann Griffiths.

Around the Clock Suite - The harpist and composer Pearl Chertok taught many up and coming harpists of the day and arranged many well known tunes. Her compositions tend to have a jazz influence and use unusual timbral effects taken from her teacher Carlos Salzedo from S. America; such as tapping on the soundboard, using your nails and pedal glissandi.

Each movement is prefaced with the following words:
Ten Past Two- early afternoon and you are walking along the avenue. You look in the shop windows and are fascinated by the glitter and the new styles. You stop at one window and a gown- shimmering with sequins- makes you tingle with delight. Then you walk again - taking in the displays made just for you.
Beige Nocturne - Evening You are at your vanity-choosing your perfume from the array of bottles. There is a faint suggestion of a waltz but only for a fleeting instant.
The beige melody brings you back to the fragrance of the evening mood.
Harpicide at Midnight- The dance begins and the rhythm grows more and more insistent. The melody is lost and finally there is only the pulse of dancing feet.
The Morning After - The alarm clock . You stretch and wish it could be ignored. Then you see the sun striking through the windows and the day begins in clear melody.

Santa Fe Suite - This suite was written by one of Wales' most acclaimed composers. William Mathias wrote music for the harp throughout his life, and after visiting New Mexico in America with its dramatic ambience and exotic landscapes, sites and sounds he wrote this piece, dedicating it to the harpist Carol Thomas who performed and premiered it at the Wigmore Hall in 1988. It is made up of three movements, starting with Landscape which is wiry and brooding, then there is the haunting Nocturne, before ending with the exhilarating Sun Dance containing tangy Spanish rhythms.


All tracks recorded, edited and mastered by Luke Jones
Sound engineer of Warwick Hall Studios, Cardiff, 2005.
Cover Design & Photography - Laurence Hughes (id2 design / 01989 563332)
Studio Assistant - Sarah Edmonds

Album Information

Instruments:     Solo harp
Genre: Classical
Format: CD
Our Ref: A0171
MCPS: Poulter
Label: Charlotte Poulter
Year: 2005
Origin: UK

Artist Information & Contact Details

Charlotte Poulter
BMus(Hons), PGCE, ATCL, PGDip. (Mus.)

Charlotte Poulter began learning the harp with John Thomas at the age of 10 in 1987 and was awarded a major music scholarship to Badminton School, Bristol the following year. By 1995, when she commenced the BMus course at Goldsmiths College, London University under Danielle Perett she had gained Grade 8 on the harp, flute, piano and saxophone. She regularly competed in and won music festivals and Eisteddfods in both Gwent and Bristol, including the Blue Riband at Chepstow Eisteddfod. She has also played with numerous orchestras, including the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra, and with the West of England Symphony Orchestra performing the "Last Night of the Proms".

She spent two years studying for a Postgraduate Diploma in Performance under Val Aldrich-Smith at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, Cardiff, which included three months on an exchange scholarship at Turin Conservatoire under the guidance of Gabriel Bosio.

Upon returning from Turin, Charlotte won the advanced harp class at the Bristol Music Festival.

In June 2004 she attended a harp course in Naples and later won the advanced harp competition in the National Eisteddfod of Wales.

Contact: Charlotte Poulter
Tel: 07881 805 194
E-Mail: Click here