CD A0435: Just Harp by Laoise Kelly

Just Harp
Laoise Kelly

CD Cover: Just Harp by Laoise Kelly“Kelly virtually reinvents the instrument with her rhythmic and melodic intricacy, her syncopation and undulating chords and harmonies . . . she'll have you swaying with her profound musicality.” Irish Times

‘Just Harp’ simply oozes flair and gaiety with sparkling melodic lines, resonant chords and a subtle use of the bass strings to create harmonic richness while maintaining an almost unstoppable rhythm Rough Guide to Irish Music

“There is such body and depth in Laoise Kelly's playing that at times you feel there must be more than one musician playing on this solo album…Kelly has mastered her instrument completely”


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Track Listing & Audio Samples

Just Harp

1. President Garfields (Reels) [4.04]
Compliments to Sean Maguire / The Saratoga / President Garfields
2. Waltzing Daisy (Waltzes) [4.11]
Andante - 2nd movement from sonata in D Clementi / Daithi Sproule's Waltz
3. Brendan Ring's (Jigs) [3.18]
Tyrell's Pass / The Coolinarne Jig / The Lisnargun Jig
4. The Coast of Galicia (Air) [3.53]
5. The Lion (Reels) [4.05]
The Lion / The Palm Tree / Hughie Jim Paul's Reel
6. The Two William Davies (O'Carolan / Reel) [3.55]
The Two William Davies / The Gates of Mullagh
7. Putting it off (Hornpipe) [2.43]
8. The Trip (Jigs) [3.15]
The Yellow Wattle / Trip to London / Trip to Brittany
9. Princess Beatrice (Hornpipe / Reel ) [3.49]
10. Surely Wee Och Aye (Reels) [3.54]
Surley Wee Och Aye / Charles Sutherland / The Cambridge
11. Carolan's Farewell [4.30]

Further Information

The CD booklet contains programme notes for the tracks on the CD.


Engineered and mastered by Alastair McMillan at Windmill Lane Studios, Dublin, January 1999, except track 11 recorded by Alastair at Green House Studio, Dublin, April 1998.

Photography by Amanda Kelly, taken in Louisburg, cape Breton, Nova Scotia.
Cover design by Padraig Toner at Mid Atlantic Digital, Enniskillen

All tracks trad arr except where composer is noted (in CD booklet)

Album Information

Title: Just Harp
Artist: Laoise kelly
Genre: Trad
Format: CD
Our Ref: A0435
Label: Laoise kelly
Year: 1999
Origin: Ireland