CD A0697: Wild Harp

Wild Harp
Sarah Deere-Jones

CD cover: Wild Harp Wild Harp is the natural successor to Soirbheas. Recordings of the wind blowing through the strings of different harps are mixed with songs, original compositions and arrangements. Comprehensive sleeve notes accompany the disc. Tracks include recording of the Aeolian Harp at the Wordsworth Museum Cumbria, Sarah accompanying a Song Thrush, Wind blowing though a 25m long wire, tail end of Hurricane Bertha playing the strings. There is lots of variety from Medieval to Contemporary.

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Sarah Deere-Jones profile page with index of recordings and compositions

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Track Listing
1 Castlerigg
2 Chopin's Prelude in A flat maj 'The Eolian Harp'
3 Breaths - words by Birago Diop, music Sarah Deere-Jones
4 Byrd on a Briar - Duet for Songthrush and harp
5 The Cuckoo
6 Whispers - Duet for harp and wind turbine
7 Miri it is
8 The Mermaid
9 SealSong
10 Blow Northern Wind
11 Blow the wind southerly
12 By a Woodland Stream
13 Wires
Running time 64:07

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YouTube clip of Castlerigg the opening track

Album Information

Title: Wild Harp
Artist: Sarah Deere-Jones
Instruments: Harps, Keyboard, Gemshorn, Low whistle & computers
Genre: Medieval to Contemporary
Format: CD
Our Ref: A0697
Label: Cornwall Harp Centre
Year: 2015
Origin: UK