CD A0202: West over the Sea

West over the Sea
Gentle Songs & Slow Ayres

CD Cover: West over the Sea by Gentle Songs & Slow Ayres

West over the sea takes us to a zone where time stands still - archaic stringed instruments and voice with harper Helen Davies on Celtic harp and singer Agnethe Christensen on Baltic cittern. The timeless beauty of texts and music with roots in the mists of the Scandinavian heritage.

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Track Listing & Audio Samples

1 Unst boatsong, Shetland 1:36
2 Clerk Colven, Scotland 6:01
3 My Ladie Laudians Lilt, Scotland 3:53
4 Balladen om Hildina, Shetland 14:09
5 Da Day Dawis, Shetland 2:43
6 The Selkie o'Suleskerrie, Orkney 6:49
7 Eilí gheal chiúin Ní Chearbhail, Ireland 2:41
8 King Orfeo, Shetland 4:28
9 Da Hömin, Shetland 4:05
10 Suantrái, Ireland 3:20
11 Taladh Chriosta, The Western isles 15:52
  Total Time 65:45


CD Notes & Credits

CD Notes

"West over the Sea" was a phrase used by the Vikings when they journeyed to foreign lands, and this programme presents songs and instrumental music from regions that were once under Scandinavian rule. Many traces of Scandinavian influence can be found in language, place names and music of Shetland, the Orkenys, the Western Isles of Scotland and Ireland.

In West over the Sea we meet dangerously seductive mermaids, treacherously beautiful seal-men, a revengeful woman, the Northern light and King Orfeo.

Further notes about the songs featured on this CD are included in the CD booklet.


Instruments: Kantele from Lithuania, Celtic harp "Donegal" by Salvi Harps
Photo: Anders Sällman
Producers: Agnethe Christensen, Helen Davies & Tomas Li
Cover painting: Gillie Cawthorne -
Recorded and mastered: Thomas Li at My Room Studio, Copenhagen (2006)
Graphic design: Kirsten Sonne / baghus and Agnethe Christensen

Album Information

Instruments:     Voice, harp & kantele
Genre: Traditional
Format: CD
Our Ref: A0202
MCPS: ClassCd734 
Label: Classico
Year: 2007
Origin: Germany