CD A0456: Plinn

Duo Barbedette Quenderff

CD Cover: Plinn by Duo Barbedette QuenderffThe Barbedette-Quenderff Duo continues to add its personal touch to creative traditional music. As in their first album, "Penhoat", the two artists assert with a fine musical command their attachment to the popular repertoire of Brittany. With a delicate and inspired interpretation exploiting the special complicity of their strings, they prove that this music can adopt a certain contemporaneity without alenating itself from its roots. Asserting their adventurous spirit, Hoëla Barbedette and Delphine Quenderff weave bridges to more or less distant horizons… Linking melodic fidelity and improvisation, they reproduce with infinite delicacy the memory of a Cretan lyre, a java or a tune from Ornette Coleman. In their hands, these horizons are not so distant form Brittany. Jean-Claude Lemenuel

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Track Listing & Audio Samples


1-3 Chez Troadec
      1. Ton simpl
      2. Tamm kreiz
      3. Ton doubl

4. La fête sous le tapis
5. Aioleon 36
6. Des belosses
7. Plinn
8. Ca gaze
9. Madame Bertrand
10. Petit coeur doux
11. Lonely Woman
12. Bonbonbon
13. Les nuits d'Andreas

Album Information

Title: Plinn
Artist: Duo Barbedette Quenderff
Instruments: Harp & Double Bass
Genre: Traditional / Contemporary
Format: CD
Our Ref: A0456
Label: Drom
Year: 2011
Origin: EU