CD A0698: The Three Strands

The Three Strands - Passion, Sorrow and Joy
Shelley Fairplay

CD Album: The Three Strands by Shelley Fairplay“Throughout generations tales have been told of three musical strands. The details differ in each story, but they’re always played by a harpist, and they always encompass the human experience.”

Hear Harpist Shelley Fairplay musically entwine The Three Strands; Passion Sorrow and Joy through a diverse range of styles from the traditional to the present day. The music is performed on a 47 string concert pedal harp and a golden electro-lever harp that Shelley wears to play. Several tracks also use added looper and effect pedals.

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Track Listing & Audio Samples

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Track Listing:

1. The Water is Wide - Traditional, arr. Fairplay
2. Procrastination Blues - Fairplay
3. Tchaikovsky Dances with Friends - arr. Fairplay
  Waltz of the Flowers/ Arabian Dance - Tchaikovsky
Habanera Gris - Ortiz
Habanera from Carmen - Bizet
La Bamba - Traditional Mexican
4. Summertime - Gershwin, arr. Fairplay
5-6. Strand of Joy: Storm and Shepherds' Hymn - arr. Fairplay
  5. Storm - Fairplay
6. Shepherds'Hymn from 6th Symphony (Pastoral) Beethoven
7. Rally of the Riffs - Fairplay
8. Bells of Joy - Fairplay
9. Strand of Sorrow - Fairplay
10. Canon in D (by the Dozen) - Pachelbel, arr. Fairplay
11. Bryn Melyn - Fairplay
12. Strand of Passion: Baroque Flamenco - Henson-Conant

Album Information

Title:     The Three Strands
Passion, Sorrow and Joy
Artists: Shelley Fairplay
Instruments:     Harp
Genre: Traditional - Present Day
Format: CD - R
Our Ref: A0698
MCPS: --
Label: Shelley Fairplay
Released: 2017
Origin: EU