A0437-CD: Sweet as Bardic Music

Sweet as Bardic Music
Rachel Ann Morgan (mezzo-soprano & harp)

CD cover… a highly skilled harpist … a smooth and very attractive mezzo-soprano voice. Her diction is exemplary … An absolutely delightful record which can be highly recommended. Fanfare

Rachel Ann Morgan sings both simply and beautifully, and plays the harp (on this occasion a splendidly resonant Celtic one) in similar fashion … The quality of recording is of the very first class … Gramophone

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Audio Samples & Track Listing

1 Sleeps the noon in the deep blue sky 2;42
2 Rannoch herding song 2:47
3 Greensleeves 3:04
4 A sunset poem (Under Milk Wood) 1:34
5 Morning Light 1:43
6 The flower maiden 1:07
7 The march of Brian Boru 2:18
8 The last rose of summer 3:55
9 The spinning wheel 4:20
10 Ar hyd y nos (All through the night) 2:06
11 Caru Cymru (A love for Wales) 1:41
12 Hiraeth (Longing) 2;59
13 Breuddwyd y frenhines (The Queen’s dream) 2:25
14 Y deryn pur (The gentle dove) 2;21
15 Dafydd y Garreg Wen (David of the white rock) 2:34
16 Cyfri’r geifr (Counting the goats) 3:14
17 Mo Ruarachan (Kishmul Cradle Croon) 3:58

Album Information

Title: Sweet as Bardic Music
Artist: Rachel Ann Morgan - mezzo-soprano & harp
Instruments: Voice & Harp
Genre: Classical
Format: Audio CD
Our Ref: A0437
MCPS: KTC 1049
Label: Etcetera
Year: 1987
Origin: Netherlands