CD A0356: Jade Strings

Jade Strings
Jade Strings

CD CoverWhen Jenny Dowdall and Aisling Ennis met in the National Youth Orchestra of Ireland in 1998 they became great friends. Ten years later, having gone their separate ways to study abroad, Jenny and Aisling reunited to bring their friendship to music forming Jade Strings in 2008. This unusual combination of instruments works remarkably well, showing off their virtuosic capabilities. For this album, we have collaborated with renowned Irish soprano, Helene Hutchinson. Helene met Aisling while working for Celtic Rose, and also works regularly with the Dublin String Quartet with whom Jenny is a member.

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Track Listing & Audio Samples

Jade Strings

01. Air on the G string - J.S. Bach (cello, harp)
02. Ag Criost an Siol - Seán Ó'Riada (cello, harp)
03. Ave Maria - Franz Schubert (soprano, cello, harp)
04. She Moved Through the Fair - Trad. (harp)
05. Gabriel’s Oboe - Ennio Morricone (cello, harp)
06. Carolan’s Welcome - Turlough OCarolan (harp)
07. Panis Angelicus - César Franck (soprano, cello, harp)
08. Canon in D - Johann Pachelbel (cello, harp)
09. Pie Jesu - Andrew Lloyd Webber (soprano, cello, harp)
10. Sicilienne - Maria Von Paradis (cello, harp)
11. Summertime - George Gershwin (soprano, cello and harp)
12. Por Una Cabeza - Carlos Gardel (cello, harp)

CD Notes & Credits

Sleeve Notes

1. Air on the G string - J.S. Bach (cello, harp)
Air on the G String is a charming slow dance from Bach’s Suite no. 3 in D major BWV 1068. This popular tune was used in the 1980s on the TV advert for Hamlet.

2. Ag Críost an Síol - Seán Ó’Riada (cello, harp)
When the Pope visited Ireland in September 1979, words were set to ‘Ag Críost an Síol’ in honour of his presence. It is a beautiful, lilting religious Air and is very popular at Irish weddings and funerals.

3.  Ave Maria - Franz Schubert (soprano, cello, harp)
Ave Maria - Latin for Hail Mary - is in a collection of songs Schubert wrote for the poem, “Lady of the Lake”, an Anthurian tale written by Sir Walter Scott. Although the piece begins with the words ‘Ave Maria’, Schubert’s song is not based on a conventional Ave Maria prayer.

4.  She Moved Through the Fair - Trad. (harp)
She Moved Through the Fair is a traditional Irish folk song. Collected in 1909 in Donegal by Padraic Colum and Hebert Hughes, this tune dates back to medieval times. This folk song was featured in the film, ‘Michael Collins’.

5.  Gabriel’s Oboe - Ennio Morricone (cello, harp)
Gabriel’s Oboe is from the soundtrack of the film, The Mission, composed in 1986. In 1999, Sarah Brightman was given permission by Ennio Morricone to release a vocal version of the piece, ‘Nella Fantasia’.

6.  Carolan’s Welcome - Turlough O’Carolan (harp)
Turlough OCarolan is perhaps Ireland’s most renowned harpist of the 17th and 18th century. He toured the country composing music for Ireland’s aristocracy. Carolan’s welcome Is a personal favourite of Aislings.

7.  Panis Angelicus - César Franck (soprano, cello, harp)
Panis Angelicus is a religious hymn, composed in the 13th century by Saint Thomas Aquinas. This was arranged by César Franck in 1872 for tenor, organ, harp, cello and double bass.

8.  Canon in D - Johann Pachelbel (cello, harp)
Canon in D is Johann Pachelbel’s greatest known work. Composed during the Baroque period for three violins and continuo, it was not discovered until the 1920s. As is it extremely popular at weddings, it is no surprise that this tune is featured in the film ‘Father of the Bride’.

9.  Pie Jesu - Andrew Lloyd Webber (soprano, cello, harp)
Pie Jesu is usually included in the Requiem Mass. Meaning ‘Kind Jesus' it is a motet copied from the last verse of the Dies Iraes. Andrew Lloyd Webber has received much international acclaim for his Requiem, with his version of Pie Jesu attaining extreme popularity as a separate piece.

10. Sicilienne - Maria Von Paradis (cello, harp)
Maria Von Paradis, a blind Austrian pianist and a friend of Mozart’s is one of the most famous female composers. Composed in the late eighteenth century, Sicilienne is a charming little slow movement originally written for violin and piano.

11.  Summertime - Gershwin (soprano, cello and harp)
Summertime has been recorded by some of the greatest artists ever lived such as Bing Crosby, Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald. Written in 1935 for the opera ‘Porgy and Bess’, George Gershwin based this famous jazz song on a lullaby from Ukraine.

12.  Por Una Cabeza - Carios Gardel (cello, harp)
‘Por Una Cabeza’ is well-known for being featured in the film, ‘Scent of a Woman’. Carlos Gardel composed this popular Spanish tango in 1935, which tells the story of how a man with gambling tendancies makes comparisons with his desire for women and with his addiction to horses.


All tracks recorded at Jealoustown Studios, county Meath, Ireland on 15th and 16th April and 20th May, 2009.
Tracks 2, 4, 6 and 11 arranged by Aisling Ennis. All other arrangements by Jade Strings. Produced by Jade Strings © 2009 MCPS
Engineering, Editing and Mastering: Stuart Gray, Jealoustown Studios
Artwork:  Lee Butler

Photography: Morgan Treacy (Jade Strings) and Colin Bell (Helene Hutchinson)

Jade Strings would like to thank their family and friends for all their support over the years.

Album Information

Title: Jade Strings
Artist: Jade Strings
Jenny Dowdall - cello & Aisling Ennis - harp
with guest: Helene Hutchinson - soprano
Genre: Clasical
Format: CD
Our Ref: A0356
MCPS: ---
Label: Jade Strings
Year: 2009
Origin: Ireland