CD A0299: My Imaginary Garden

My Imaginary Garden
Monika Stadler

CD Cover: My Imaginary Garden"Go into the garden and listen to the stillness between the sounds. This is the true music of nature." from Japan.

A unique album, full of irresistible poetry, breathtaking virtuosity, and astonishing improvisations, all accompanied by the familiar charm of that composer and harpist who seems to draw from unlimited resources - Monika Stadler.

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Maria Stadler (Violin)
Reinhard Ziegerhofer (Acoustic Bass)
Franz Schmuck (Percussions)
Richard Österreicher (Harmonica)
Gerald Endstrasser (Drums)
Harald Petersdorfer (Guitar & Synth)

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Track Listing & Audio Samples

1 Snow Falls Silently In My Imaginary Garden 3.43
2 Tomorrow I Will Find You 3.42
3 Last Days of Summer 3.34
4 Sternenfrau (astral woman) 1.12
5 It's Time to Say Goodbye 4.57
6 My Sister's Song 3.01
7 I Feel Good 3.52
8 Lullaby for a Little Girl 3.13
9 Aus der Stille meines Herzens (From the Stillness of My Heart) 4.34
10 Wassertropfen (Drops of Water) 4.24
11 Flowing 1.21
12 Kaskaden (Cascades) 1.13
13 Offering to the Spirits 2.11
14 Reflections on the Water 2.03
15 Heavenly 2.05
16 Garden, Japanese Style 1.41

Notes & Credits


Music stands before the soul without creating a picture, a name or a form of this concrete world, and so the soul prepares itself to experience the infinite.
Hazrat inayat Khan

During my concerts I combine structured, thought-through/felt-through compositions with improvisations created in the moment. The goal of my artistic development is to arrive at my original creative power. This includes for me the challenge of letting go and truly being present in the moment.It also means letting go of total perfectionism, censorship and the wish to control. Simply letting it happen and flow intuitively. So naturally it can happen that a little noise or unevenness shows up in the recording which cannot be corrected or covered up, since these improvisations are something unique and fleeting. But, - is life so perfect? Most of the time perfectionism happens at the expense of feeling, breath and the great power of flow.


Produced by Monika Stadler
Recorded at the Bildungszentrum Maximilianhaus/Attnang-Puchheim by Harald Peterstorfer, July 2004, and in the Landesmusikschule/Reid i, Innkreis, September 2004, Austria, by Harald Peterstofer und Gerald Endstrasser
Mixed by Harald Peterstorfer and mastered by Rupert Metnizer
Photo by Jutta Seidl
Artwork & Design by Harald Ergott

Special thanks to:
Alexander Slabihoud and my mother, Maria Stadler, for their generous financial support, to my sister, Maria Stadler, and to all other musicians who played with me on this recording, Harald Peterstorfer, Gerald Endstrasser and Maga, Karoline Prutsch, Bildungszentrum Maximilianhaus
This CD is dedicated to Alexander Slabihoud and to my mother
The harp used for this recording is a Horngacher, Nr. 711 Model Zabaleta
All titles are composed and arranged by Monika Stadler

1.  Snow falls silently in my imaginary garden
Monika Stadler:Harp
Reinhard Ziegerhofer: acoustic bass

2.  Tomorrow I will find you
Monika Stadler: Harp
Franz Schmuck: Indian madal

3.  Last days of summer
Monika Stadler: Harp
Reinhard Ziegerhofer: acoustic bass
Franz Schmuck: cymbals, sounds

4.  Sternenfrau(astral woman)
Monika Stadler: Harp

5.  It's time to say goodbye
Monika Stadler: Harp
Richard Osterreicher: Harmonica
Franz Schmuck: bamboo bells, darabukka, cymbals

6.  My sister's song
Monika Stadler: harp

7.  I feel good
Monika Stadler: harp
Gerald Endstrasser: drums

8.  Lullaby for a little girl
Monika Stadler: harp & vocals
Maria Stadler: violin

9.  From the stillness of my heart
Monika Stadler: harp

10. Drops of water
Monika Stadler: harp
Harald Petersdorfer: guitar & synth

11. Flowing
Monika Stadler: harp

12. Cascades
Monika Stadler: harp

13. Offering to the spirits
Monika Stadler: harp

14. Reflections on the water
Monika Stadler: harp

15. Heavenly
Monika Stadler: harp

16. Garden, japanese style
Monika Stadler: harp


Album Information

Title:     My Imaginary Garden
Artists: Monika Stadler + guests
Instruments:     Concert Harp + acc on some tracks
(see Credits above)
Genre: Contemporary
Format: CD
Our Ref: A0299
MCPS: EX 637-2
ISBN 3-221-16372-X
Label: Extraplatte
Year: 2004
Origin: Austria