CD A0301: Song for the Earth

Song for the Earth
Monika Stadler

CD Cover: Song for the EarthThis is the fourth CD by Monika Stadler (Harp & Voice), featuring Georg Ludvik (Cello), Reinhard Ziegerhofer (Acoustic Bass) and Franz Schmuck (Percussion). All tunes are composed and arranged by Monika Stadler, except "Rondo Naningo" composed by Deborah Henson-Conant and arranged by Monika Stadler.

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Track Listing & Audio Samples

1 Maho Bay 6.21
2 After All 2.09
3 Travelling (On the Road) 5.57
4 Coming Home 4.43
5 Farewell 3.50
6 Spirits 2.51
7 I-Ma-Mai (Song for the Earth) 6.52
8 Urquell (Fountainhead) 4.58
9 Indian Sunrise 5.15
10 Without You 3.32
11 Rondo Naningo 6.37

Notes & Credits


With my music I would like to create a counterbalance to our hectic, impersonal, matter-of-fact techno-world so alienated from nature. My music is very personal, an expression of my soul, my spirituality, my femininity. It is the expression of inner and outer moods, processes, experiences, encounters-a kind of inner diary. It springs from being alive, from flowing and feeling. Improvisation and feelings are the seeds from which most of my compositions grow. More and more, I intergrate my singing voice and other instruments into my compositions, in order to increase the expressiveness and richness of the sound.

Maho Bay
Oddly enough, this folk-like melody with a touch of the Irish came into being in the Caribbean, on a little celtic harp with metal strings.

After all
"After all" expresses the inner aftermath of a beautiful, touching encounter.

Travelling (on the road)
The life of a musician is that of a vagabond. One day I had the feeling of being always on the road. Out of that came "Travelling"The left hand symbolizes the wheels of a car, turning ceaselessly. The right hand tells of the landscapes that pass by the window.

I composed "Spirits" for Karin Hackl's "Vision of Kaya" CD project "Inanna". It is the story of the great goddess Inanna, who enters the underworld and, with assistance from the two spirit helpers of the water god Enki, is resurrected. 

Song of the Earth
Inner vision: A female Indian shaman sits at a holy place in nature and sings for and to Mother Earth.

Urquell (fountainhead)
Last summer I played a concert at St.Radegund's the oldest church in the Lesach Valley of the Austrian province of Carinthia. It was a special experience for me- as well as for the audience- because throughout the concert we had the sound of the nearby brook Tupfbach as a backdrop. It inspired me to compose "Fountainhead"

Without You
This composition was part of the healing process after my longtime partner and I wenr our separate ways. The piece emerged spontaneously out of one improvisation.

Rondo Naningo
While studying in Boston in 1992-1993, I appeared together with Deborah Henson-Conant and Magali Zsigmond as the "Harp Breakers" in some shows at the Boston Baked Theatre in Somerville "Rondo Naningo" was my favourite piece from our program. I later arranged it for solo harp.

I wish you a beautiful musical experience with this CD.


Produced by Monika Stadler
Recorded at the ORF Studio Oberosterreich, Linz by Ing.hubert Hawel, October 22-24 1999 and November 7-9, 1999
Mixed by Ing. Hubert Hawel, Georg Ludvik, Nov 27-28, 1999.
Photos by Sepp Friedhuber, Brigitte Pressler.
Artwork & design by Harald Ergott.
With the kind support of the ORF Studio Oberosterreich, the Kulturamt der Stadt Linz and the Institut der Kulturforderung Linz

Special thanks to:
Alfred Pitterschatscher, all the musicians who played with me on this record, Ing. Hubert Hawel, Maria Stadler, Alexander Slabihoud, my parents, and all my friends who supported me emotionally.

The harp used for this recording is a Horngacher, Nr.711 Modell Zabaleta, built 1989.

1.  Maho Bay (Monica Stadler)
Monika Stadler - harp
Franz Schmuck - Indian Gatham
Reinhard Ziegerhofer - Acoustic Bass

2. After all (M.Stadler)
Monika Stadler - harp/voice

3.  Travelling (on the road)
Monika Stadler - harp
Franz Schmuck - Basdrum, congas, cymbal

4.  Coming home (M. Stadler)
Monika Stadler - harp
Reinhard Ziegerhofer - acoustic bass

5.  Farewell ( M. Stadler)
Monika Stadler - harp/voice
Reinhard Ziegerhofer - acoustic bass
Franz Schmuck - cymbals, bassdrum

6.  Spirits (M.Stadler)
Monika Stadler - harp

7.  Song for the earth (M.Stadler)
Monika Stadler - harp
Franz Schmuck - indian madal, natural sounds,voice

8.  Urquell (fountainhead) (M. Stadler)
Monika Stadler - harp

9. Indian sunrise (M.Stadler)
choral composition: M.Stadler/G.Ludvik
Monika Stadler - harp
Franz Schmuck - cymbal, framedrum, voice
Reinhard Ziegerhofer - acoustic bass

10. without you (M.Stadler)
arr for cello : George Ludvik
Monika Stadler - harp
Georg Ludvik - cello
Reinhard Ziegerhofer - acoustic bass

11. Rondo Naningo (Debora Henson-Conant)
arr M. Stadler
Monica Stadler- harp
Franz Schmuck - cajon, darabukka

Album Information

Title:     I-ma-mai (Song for the Earth)
Artists: Monika Stadler + guests
Instruments:     Concert Harp + acc on some tracks
(see Credits above)
Genre: Contemporary
Format: CD
Our Ref: A0301
MCPS: EX 437-2
ISBN 3-221-14372-9
Label: Extraplatte
Year: 1999
Origin: Austria