CD A0470: Surprise Corner

Surprise Corner
Park Stickney

CD Cover"Surprise Corner is a mystical place we used to visit on family vacations. Its exact location changed often, but was usually found in the middle of a busy highway in afternoon traffic. When we got to Surprise Corner, my brothers and I would receive a small gift to keep us occupied during the rest of the long drive." Park Stickney

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Track Listings & Audio Samples

1   Debussy Dances Debussy/Stickney 10.32
2   How Insensitive AC Jobim 5.01
3   Music for a While Purcell/Stickney 5.48
4   Bohemian Rhapsody Freddie Mercury 4.47
5   Morning Has Broken Trad/Stickney 4.26
6   Time Remembered Bill Evans 4.33
7   Wonderful Ethan Lipton 4.10
8   Surprise Corner Stickney 6.13

Album Information

Title: Surprise Corner
Artist: Park Stickney
Instruments: Harp
Genre: Jazz
Format: CD
Our Ref: A0470
Label: Overdressed Late Guy Productions
Year: 2011
Origin: USA