CD A0158: My Heart's in the Highlands

My Heart's in the Highlands by Deirdre Campbell-Shaw

CD Cover: My Heart's in the Highlands by Deirdre Campbell-ShawDeirdre Campbell-Shaw sings and plays traditional music from Scotland, Ireland, Wales and Brittany “Deirdre Campbell-Shaw is a singer-songwriter blessed with an exceptionally rare combination of talents. She is a soprano with the voice of an angel and a harper who creates the kind of music one expects to hear in heaven …” Fiona MacGillivray  (Scots, No. 35. 2007) Click here to open pdf of article in Scots magazine.


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Audio Samples & Track Listings


Track Listing

1. Ye Banks and Braes o' bonnie Doon
Music:trsd.Scottish; arr. Deirdre Campbell-shaw/Lyrics;Robert Burns

2. Mull o' the Mountain
Music: trad. Scottish; arr , Deirdre Campbell-Shaw/instr.

3. O Whistle and I'll Come Tae Ye My Lad
Music:trad.Scottish ; arr. Deirdre Campbell-Shaw/Lyric:Robert Burns

4. The Trees They Grow high
Music:trad. Irish; arr. Deirdre Campbell-Shaw/inst.

5. The Rowan tree
Music:trad. scottish; arr. Deirdre Campbell-Shaw/ Lyrics;Lady Nairn

6. Brenddwyd y Frenhines
Music:trad. welsh; arr. Deirdre Campbell-Shaw/instr.

7. My love is Like a red, Red Rose
Music:trad. Scottish; arr. Deirdre Campbell- Shaw/Lyrics: Robert Burns

8. The deil's awa
Music: trad. Scottish; arr. Deirdre Campbell-Shaw/Lyrics;robert Burns

9. Ellen Vanin
Music: trad. Irish; arr. Deirdre Campbell- Shaw/instr.

10. Suilean Dubh
Music: trad. Gaelic; arr. Deirdre Campbell-shaw/ Lyrics:anon

11. The Queen's Maries
Music:trad. scottish; arr. Deirdre Campbell-Shaw based on an arr by Isobel Mieras/inst.

12. An Dro 1&2
Music:trad. Breton; based on an arr by Christoph Pampuch/inst.

13. The Day Dawns
Music: trad. scottish; arr. Deirdre Campbell-Shaw based on an arr by Patsy Seddon/ inst.

14. My Heart's in the Highlands
Music: trad. Scottish; arr. Deirdrie Campbell-Shaw/Lyrics:Robert Burns

15. Farewell to Carolina
Music:trad.Welsh; arr. Deirdrie Campbell-Shaw/ instr.

16. Will Ye No Come Back Again
Music: trad. Scottish;arr. Deirdre Campbell-Shaw/ Lyrics: Lady Nairn

17. Ca ' the Yowes
Music:trad. Scottish; arr. Deirdre Campbell-Shaw/Lyrics: Robert Burns

18. When I Did See You
Music: Deirdrie Campbell-Shaw/Lyrics: Deirdrie Campbell-Shaw

CD Notes & Credits

Sleeve Notes

Deirdre Campbell-Shaw was born in Edinburgh. She studied languages and marketing in Aberdeen and Edinburgh during which time she had singing lessons from Neil Mackie, head of singing at the Royal College of music in London. When she was 17, she had a wee go on a school mate's harp and from then on she dreamed of learning to play. She fulfilled her dream after leaving Scotland in1993 to settle in Germany. Deirdre accompanies herself on a pictish harp, singing and playing traditional music from Scotland, Ireland, Wales and Brittany, specializing in the songs of Robert Burns. She performs regularly in Germany, Switzerland and Austria as well as in Scotland. 


Harp built by Ardival Harps, Strathpeffer, Scotland
Recorded by Johannes Majewski on 26th October,2002
Photos, layout & design by Wilfried Liebermann
Photo on booklet: Port Charlotte, Lslay, Scotland:  Wilfred Liebermann
Photo on back: Tioram Castle, Moidart, Scotland:  Wilfred Liebermann

Album & Artist Information

Instruments:      Harp & Voice
Genre: Traditional - Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Brittany
Format: CD
Our Ref: A0158
MCPS: GEMA Best. Nr. 875.437
Label: Deirdre Campbell-Shaw
Year: 2002
Origin: Germany

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