CD A0537: No More Wings

No More Wings
The Rachel Hair Trio

CD cover"Rachel Hair is never one to rest on her laurels and with this third album, she reinvents herself with characteristic aplob. Joining her on this outing are guitarist and singer Jenn Butterworth and Euan Burton on double bass.

On her previous album, the songs were in Gaelic. Now they are in English and Butterworth's delivery coupled with her driving guitar style suggests a more mainstream popular approach. What shines through as ever is Hair's sparkling and brilliant harp playing. There are some wonderful instrumental sets. A couple of Swedish tunes romp along joyfully, with Fraser Fifield on soprano sax moving everything up a notch. The most appealing track is Home and Happy, a great original tune which is preceded by a lovel slow air from the Simon Fraser collection." Taplas, Delyth Jenkins

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Audio Samples & Track Listings

No More Wings

01. No More Wings
02. Swedish
03. Grey Funnel Line
04. Cancro Cru
05. Harsh Feb Reels
06. Island
07. Fest Noz no.17
08. The Eccentric’s Emporium
09. My Songbird
10. Home and Happy
11. The Birthday Jigs

Notes and Credits

Rachel Harp Trio
Rachel Hair – Harp
Jenn Butterworth – Guitar / Vocals
Euan Burton – Double Bass

with guests
Fraser Fifield – Soprano Saxophone
Angus Lyon – Rhodes / Accordion
Signy Jakobsdottir - Percussion

CD Notes

Rachel Hair Trio - No More Wings
Traditional and Contemporary harp music

1 No More Wings (3.13)
(Rachel Hair MCPS/PRS)
The harp has many stereotypes and Rachel does her best to dispel them by telling people that if they listen to her music, they’ll soon discover its not as angelic as it first appears...

2 Swedish (3.12)
Anglas (Trad), Engelska (Trad)
A couple of tunes from the fantastic Godlandstoner collection, from the Gotland area at Sweden. Originally published in the early 20th century, it’s now been republished online.

3 Grey Funnel Line 3.18
(Cyril Tawney, Universal)
The late folk singer, Cyril Tawney, was in the Royal Navy when he wrote this song about a seafarer wishing to be back name with his love.

4 Cancro Cru 5.33
(Anxo Pintos, Boa car)
Rachel first recorded this beautitul tune by Galician musician Anxo Pintos on her debut album Hubcaps and Potholes.

5 Harsh Feb Reels 5.33
The Harsh February (Phil Cunningham, Bracken Music). File under Biddley (Jamie smith. MCPS/PRS), The St James Lasses (Rachel Hair, MCPS/PRS)

Two reels written by accordionists and one by a harper... controversial? The first tune is one at Phil Cunningham’s well-known reels and the second tune Rachel learnt from the Welsh group Jamie Smiths Mabon. She wrote The St James Lasses for the harpers at St. James the Great Comhaltas branch.

6 Island (3.42)
Island (Jenn Butterworth, MCPS/PRS)
Jenn’s self penned song about trying to reach someone who is unreachable.

7 Fest Noz no.17 (3.46)
Pennou Ridée (Trad), Fest Noz no.17 (Rachel Hair MCPS/PRS), Valse des Jouets (Michel Faubert)
A couple of Breton Ridées and a Quebecois waltz. Fest Noz no. 7 is written for Rachel’s good friend and fantastic harpist, Tristan le Govic, the first person to teach her Breton dancing.

8 The Eccentric’s Emporium (4.13)
(Rachel Hair, MCPS/PRS)
Need a nearly new piggy bank, on 80’s keyboard, an old wedding photo? Jurby Junk on the Isle of Man is the place that sells everything you think you need and everything you know you don’t!

9 My Songbird (3.58)
(Jesse Winchester, Warner Chappell North America)
A beautiful song with a dark sentiment wriften by Jesse Winchester. Jenn first heard this song on a recording by Emmylou Harris.

10 Home and Happy (4.46)
Alistair m'annsachd (Trad), Home and Happy (Rachel Hair MCPR/PRS)
A beautiful slow air from the Captain Simon Fraser Collection, a treasure trove of old Scottish airs and melodies. Home and Happy was written by Rachel offer a long 6 weeks of touring. Much fun was had but it felt great to be back home.

11 The Birthday Jigs (4.02)
The Plevin Jig (Soig Siberil), The Falkus (Rachel Hair MCPS/PRS), The Birthday Cow (Rachel Hair MCPS/PRS)
A set of jigs starting off with a tune written by Breton guitar maestro Soig Siberil. The Folkus was written in celebration of Rachel’s car which can fit in all trio members, a harp, guitar double bass, amp, cd boxes, 3 suitcases and essential travel sweeties! Rachel wrote the final jig for fellow muso Joy Dunlop who is still waiting for a long overdue birthday present from her brother. He instead spent his money buying a pregnant cow called Nan!



Produced by Angus Lyon
Engineered by Angus Lyon at Grans House Studios
Mixed and Mastered by lain Hutchison at Glo-Worm Studios

Artwork by Rosie Cunningham -
Typesetting by Adam Rhodes
Photo by Simon Lees

Thanks to: Angus, Fraser, Signy, lain, Rosie, Adam, Simon, all our families and friends, James Lindsay, Craig Corse, Vic King, Dietmar Haslinger, Patrick de Loecker, Qyvind Lyslo, Showcase Scotland, Celtic Connections, Sean Purser, BBC Radio Scotland, Starfish Designs, Backbeat Design

Rachel plays harps made by Starfish Designs

Album Information

Title: No More Wings
Artists: The Rachel Harp Trio
Instruments: Harp, Guitar & Double bass
Genre: Traditional / Contemporary
Format: CD
Our Ref: A0537
Label: March Hair Records
Year: 2012
Origin: EU