CD-R A0192: Stille Wasser

Stille Wasser by Jochen Vogel

CD Cover: Stille Wasser by Jochen VogelAlthough Jochen Vogel has never described himself as a bard, his aim is to move people through his music. Starting with traditional Irish and Scottish music and moving on to jazz, pop and Indian influences, Jochen Vogel now exploits the vast range of musical opportunities at his disposal, fusing his richly diverse influences to create an elemental, highly personal musical language.

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Track Listing & Audio Samples

Miss Hamilton Cornelius Lyons (c1670-1740)   4.01
Deus meus Anon  3.13
Bicycle Man J. Vogel  1.30
Rencontres Remy Chauvet (b. 1950) 3.00
Balaenoptera J. Vogel  0.56
Latah J. Vogel 4.37
Harbour Lights J. Vogel  7.50
Northbound Moon J. Vogel 3.12
Peanuts J. Vogel  3.37
Le Matin D'un Canard J. Vogel  1.33 
The Butterfly Tommy Potts (1912-1988)   3.33
Stille Wasser J. Vogel   4.46
Julians Brotzeit J. Vogel   1.49
Papavero J. Vogel   2.22
Bangalore Charlie Mariano (b. 1923) 5.03
Nach Rom J. Vogel   6.05
Morningside J. Vogel   9.47


CD Notes & Credits

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Produced by Tato Gomez and Jochen Vogel.
All arrangements Jochen Vogel
Recorded 2005-2006 by Tato Gomez & Christopher Oleschinski
Front cover & CD photo Jochen Vogel
Back cover photo Ludwig Meid
Inlay photo Aysun Yontar-Vogel

© Jochen Vogel 2006 Gol Musikverlag

Album Information

Instruments: Harp
Genre: Celtic / New Age
Format: Audio CD-R
Our Ref: A0192
MCPS: --
Label: Toolhouse Recordings
Year: 2006
Origin: EU

Artist Information & Contact Details

Photo: NINA ASSIMAKOPOULOSAncient Harp in Modern Ways

Jochen Vogel is one of the pioneers playing the old Irish metal-strung harp clairseach. An instrument extinct for almost 200 years and going through an unexpected renaissance during the last 30 years.

Unlike other metal harp players, he focuses less on the historical repertoire, but tries to establish the ancient instrument in modern settings. Known for his expressive style of playing, Jochen’s music is innovative and modern and his technique rock solid. He enjoys exploring new sounds on his harp such as blade changing, muffling, note bending and using vibrato to develop a distinctively personal musical language, which he uses both in instrumental music and song.

On stage and on recordings he has worked with such illustrous names as Tato Gomez, Charlie Mariano, Thijs van Leer or even the rock band Fischer Z.

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