CD A0089: L'ABC de la harpe

L'ABC de la harpe
Nathalie Chatelain

CD CoverA definitive recording of works by Andres, Bouchaud & Challan a must for harp students and those with an interest in contemporary French harp music. Great value 3 CD set with playing time of over 3.5 hours.

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Track Listing & Audio Samples

  CD 1   CD 3
  ANDRES Bernard   CHALLAN Annie
1-6 Asters *
  1-16 La harpe buissonnière no 1-2-3 
7-18 Marelles I - II *
  17 Chanson pour Silvia
19-28 Ribambelles
  18 Petite valse pour ma poupée *
29 La Gimblette
  19 Ping-Pong *
30 Ancolie
  20 Danse de l‘Eventail et du Parapluie
  morceau tiré de L’école des Fans   21 Pierre de Lune
31 A Martine
    morceau tiré de L’école des Fans
32-37 Aquatintes
  22 Romance pour Cendrillon
38-49 Automates
  23 Boîte à musique ***
50-56 Dyades **
  24-26 Trois pièces
    Danse des Sioux - Cerf-volanr - Les vendanges
        27 Grand-Huit
        28 Insomnie
  CD 2     29 Brocéliande
  BOUCHAUD Dominig   30-32 Trois pièces
1-31 La Harpe d’or *
    Laura - Cascatelle - Promenade à Marly *
  morceaux tirés de la méthode   33 Cache-cache 
32 Blues*
  34 Ballade pour Christine**
33 Thème et variations *
  35 Pour bercer Laura **
34-83 Panorama de la harpe celtique *
  36 Fais dodo****
84 Dialogue**
  37 Dansez Marquise ****
85 A Paris y’a t’une dame **
  38 Le Roy fait battre tambour ****
86 Ballade Irlandaise **
  39 J’ai du bon tabac ****
87 Pastorale **
  40 Frère Jacques****
  41 Au clair de la lune ****
        42 Variations pour Morphée **
* harpe celtique ** deux harpes celtique *** harpe troubadour **** harpe celtique et harpe bà pédales

CD Notes

Harpist Nathalie Chatelain entered the Lausanne Conservatoire in 1984 where she obtained a Teaching degree in 1986, the Virtuosité first Prize in 1988 and a Licence de Concert (Performing Arts degree) in 1990, in Chantal Mathieu-Balavoine’s class. She participated in master classes given by Nicanor Zabaleta, Jacqueline Borot , Germaine Lorenzini and Marielle Nordmann. In 1989 Nathalie Chatelain was the winner of the Maurice Sandoz Prize and in 1998 she won the second Prize at the TIM (International Music Competition) in Rome. She performed as a soloist and with chamber music groups in several festivals: the Journées de la Harpe in Aries, the European Symposium in Amsterdam, the World Harp Congress in Prague, Purdue Festival in Indiana (USA), the Harp Festival in Avesnois (France), the Festival Amadeus in Geneva, the Festival of the Château de Bourglinster in Luxemburg, International Festival of Music in New Caledonia, Festival chamber music in Montréal and Ottawa, European Harp Symposium in Lyon. In addition to her solo concertizing, Nathalie Chatelain dedicates part of her time to teaching. She taught at the Bern Conservatory for 10 years (from 1991 to 2001). She organizes summer master classes with various teachers. Nathalie Chatelain also performs in duo with various instruments. Her recordings include several CDs with various chamber music groups and one as a soloist.

Bernard ANDRÈS
Bernard Andrès was born in Belfort in 1941. He received a teaching degree in music at the age of 21. Subsequently, Andrès pursued brilliant Harp studies at the Paris Conservatory.

In 1969, he joined the Philharmonic Orchestra of Radio France as a soloist. Bernard Andrès began composing at the age of 8. Despite a sensible professional debut with an important national orchestra, the mysteries and challenges of composition continue to haunt him. The early compositions "Narthex” and "Parvis" would later enchant international audiences. Bernard Andrès acknowledges few influences. He hopes to be recognized within the tradition of French music, one of the great reserve and splendid poetry. Melody is Andrès’s chief concern...

Andrès' aim is to relate traditional music with contemporary concerns. He sees the evolution of music as integration rather than an opposition of these two tendencies.

In 1978, Dominig Bouchaud obtained the first prize for harp at the Paris National Superior Conservatory of Music in the class of Jacqueline Borot. The jury was unanimous. He then decided to devote himself to the Celtic harp and discovered a marvelously rich and as yet unexplored repertoire. His research led him from old music to contemporary music, without forgetting the traditional music’s of the Celtic countries, eastern Europe, South America...

In 1980, he was awarded the first prize in the International Celtic Competition of Killarney, Ireland, and again at the "Kan ar Bobl" in Lorient, Britanny, France.

In 1983, he again obtained the distinction of the "Triskell d'Or" which rewards the best Breton musicians. In parallel with his international concert career Dominig Bouchaud is professor of Celtic harp at the Conservatory of Quimper in Britanny and conducts many special courses.

Annie Challan was born in Toulouse where she began studying the piano at the age of 4. At the age of 9 she was admitted to the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique in Paris. Together with her basic musical training, she began studying the harp with Lily Laskine. At the age of 12, she received first prize for harp at the Conservatoire of Versailles and at the age of 15, first prize at the Paris Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique, in the class of Lily Laskine. At the age of 16 she was taken on as harp soloist with the Concerts COLONNE for 10 years and at the age of 18, after an entrance examination, she joined the Opéra de Paris, becoming the youngest member of the orchestra. In 1 g61,Annie Challan created the “Duo Flûte et Harpe” ensemble with flutist Roger Bourdin. Later on, Colette Lequiem (viola) joined them to form the “Trio de Versailles”. In 1971 she was appointed harp teacher at the Conservatoire National de Région at Versailles. In 1972 she was appointed harp teacher at the Conservatoire of Marly-le-Roi and soloist with the O.R.T.F. (French broadcasting). Since October 1976 she has been Director of the Conservatoire of Marly-le-Roi. In 1977 she created the Trio de Marly with Bernard Wystraete (flute) and Yves Bellec (cello). She has made national and international tours as a soloist, as well as with duo and trio ensembles, and as such, has made several recordings as well. She has also composed many pieces for harp, Celtic harp, cello and harp, etc. She has been the recipient of several awards: The Chevalier de l’Ordre International des Arts as well as The Chevalier du Mérite Culturel et Artistique. In 1989 she received the “Charles Oulmont” prize (under the aegis of the Fondation de France), and in 2002, was decorated with the Chevalier de “l’Ordre National du Mérite”

Album Information

Title:     L'ABC de la harpe
Artists: Nathalie Chatelain
Instruments:     Solo Harp
Genre: Contemporary Classical
Format: 3 CD set
Our Ref: A0089
MCPS: NCHS-060502
Label: Bac Art
Year: 2005
Origin: Switzerland

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