CD A0182: 37 & 8 Strings

37 & 8 Strings by Duo Ramos-Schneider

CD Cover 37 & 8 Strings

We would like to invite you to embark upon a journey from Mexico to Tierra de Fuego, where you will be seduced by instruments like the Paraguayan harp and classic guitar, playing authentic-popular and modern chamber music from South America. In just over an hour the repertoire covers music from the 1500's to the duo's own compositions, featuring adaptations of classical works and solo performances.

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Artist Profile, Recordings & other Scores - Violeta Ramos

Track Listing & Audio Samples

1 Nuevo Violeta Ramos 03:29
2 Nimia - Guarania dedicated to Rosa, Jazmin and Violeta Ramos
Richard Schneider
3 Asi hablan los ángeles
(Harp solo)
Violeta Ramos 04:18
4 Mirame otra ves Zambia- Ramón Ayala, arr by V.R. 03:55
5 Danza del mar Violeta Ramos 04:36
6 Fantasia que contrahaze la harpa
en la manera de Ludovico
(Harp solo)
Alonso Mudarra (1510?-1580) 02:27
7 (Cross the) Heartland Pat Metheny/Lyle Mays adapted by R.S. 04:18
8 Volver (Guitar Solo) Tango- Carlos Gardel, adapted by R.S. 04:22
9 Paisajes Gualambao/ Polca - Violeta Ramos 02:57
Suite para arpa paraguaya composed for Violeta Ramos by Pablo Aguirre  12:11
10 Part 1 02:03
11 Part 2 03:01
12 Part 3 01:45
13 Part 4 02:51
14 Part 5 02:31
15 Chacarera del barro Ramon Navarro, arr by V.R. 02:34
16 Sentir de otono (Harp solo) Chacho Muller, adapted by V.R. 04:04
17 Posadena linda - Chamame- Ramon Ayala, arr by V.R. 04:09
18 Aurora Richard Schneider 03:58
Total playing time


CD Notes & Credits

Sleeve Notes

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Violeta Ramos
Diatonic Paraguayan Harp 4-7,9,15,17
Chromatic Paraguayan Harp 1-3, 10-14, 18
Folk Harp "Fisher" 16

Richard Schneider
Classical 6 String Guitar 4,5,8,15,17
Classical 8 String Guitar 1,2,7,9,18

Dedicated to our parents, Nimia Ruiz, Alice Suter, Miguel Angel Ramos, Horst Schneider
Special thanks to Harald Welge and Pablo Suter

Recorded July 17-19, 2007 at "Zweibelturm" Church, Timmerlah/ Braunschweig, Germany
Tonmeister: Marcel Babazadeh
Cover Design: Pablo Suter
P&C 2007 by Duo Ramos-Schneider

All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.

Album Information

Instruments: Paraguayan Harp & Acoustic/Electric Guitar
Genre: Latin American
Format: CD
Our Ref: A0182
MCPS: LC12366
Label: Duo Ramos-Schneider
Year: 2007
Origin: Switzerland

Artist Information and Contact Details

Violeta Ramos (Paraguayan harp), Richard Schneider (Guitar)

Photo: Violeta Ramos (Paraguayan harp)Violeta Ramos was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1974. She currently lives in Switzerland.

Violeta is an interpreter of the paraguayan harp, whose teachers were, amongst others, Luis Bordón, Chochín Balbuena and Nicolás Caballero. She graduated as a classical guitar teacher in the Escuela de Bellas Artes in Quilmes (Buenos Aires, 1989-1999). She also studied folklore, tango and jazz in the school for popular Music in Avellaneda. (1995-1999). She studied composition with electro acoustics in the University of Quilmes (1992-1995) as well as courses on improvisation in the San Martin Cultural Centre and "folklore and tango" with Hilda Herrera, amongst others.She studied ancient music in the Academy of Basle Choral Music, in Basle, with Heidrum Rosenzweig (Switzerland 2003-2005).

Photo: Richard Schneider (Guitar)Richard Schneider was born in Braunschweig (Germany) on the 25th of April, 1974. He has lived in Zug since the year 2000 as a Swiss citizen.

Richard Schneider received his first classic guitar lessons from his father which was then followed by choral activities before he turned towards the jazz guitar, taking private classes. After graduating at the Städtische Musikschule Braunschweig (Municipal Music School of Brunswick), he studied the jazz-guitar and instrumental pedagogic at the Musikhochschule Köln (Music University of Cologne), graduating in 1998 with diploma. At the same time as he started studying, he became a member of the tutoring institution Jugendjazzorchester Niedersachsen (Youth Jazz Orchestra Lower Saxony) under the direction of Bernhard Mergner and the Bundesjazzorchester (Federal Jazz Orchestra) under the direction of Peter Herbolzheimer. His Jazz guitar teachers were Dietmar Osterburg,  Eddy Marron and Werner Neumann. He received further training by the guitar players Andreas Becker, Joachim Schütte, Thomas Brendgens-Mönkemeier, Frank Nimsgern, Peter O´Mara, Uwe Kropinski, John Stowell and Frank Haunschild and by other instrumentalists like Otto Wolters, Michael Küttner, Martin Classen, Cees Kranenburg, Bruno Castelucci, Tom van der Geld, Manfred Schoof, John Ruocco, Thomas Stabenow, Kenny Werner, Walter Norris, Mike Richmond and David Liebman. Following his interest in music from different cultures he learned to play the Turkish stringed instrument Baglama. His fascination for Argentinean music took him to Buenos Aires, where he took a postgraduate course (1998-1999) in the subjects tango, traditional folk music and jazz at the “Escuela de música popular de Avellaneda“. He also took lessons in  classical guitar and Argentinean music at the “Conservatorio superior de música Manuel de Falla”. In Argentina, among his teachers were the guitar players Osvaldo Burucuá, Javier Cohen, José Verdi, Hugo Romero and Aníbal Arias. At the present time, Richard Schneider is learning to play the bandoneon. He also gets classic guitar studies.

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Unter Altstadt 25
6300 Zug
Phone & Fax +41-(0)41-711 16 91
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Paraguayan Harp School

The first School for Paraguayan Harp in Europe is run by Violeta Ramos

  • Renting and sale of instruments
  • Paraguayan Harp lessons/ books
  • Lessons and workshops of Latin-American music for all instruments