CD A0075: Celtic Air

Celtic Air by Jochen Vogel

CD Cover: Celtic Air by Jochen VogelJochen Vogel: You never know what to expect in a Jochen Vogel performance. But you can be sure to hear good music. Whether it’s traditional or improvised, played instrumentally or sung, it’s always heartfelt, personal music with the haunting, powerful sound of the metal-strung Clairseach.

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Track Listings

The West Wind (An Gaoth Aniar) T. Gomez / J. Vogel, Lyrics T. Gomez 5:41
Another Jig of Life T. Gomez / J. Vogel  4:20
Out to Sea T. Gomez / J. Vogel  5:25
A Wee Dram (A Small Glass of Nr.11) Trad. arr. T. Gomez / J. Vogel   5:30
Fest Noz (Fête à la Bretonne) T. Gomez / J. Vogel  5:57
Columba T. Gomez / J. Vogel, Lyrics T. Gomez 5:29
The Reel Thing T. Gomez / J. Vogel  4:47
Iona T. Gomez / J. Vogel, Lyrics T. Gomez 4:35
The Morning Air J. Vogel  5:16
We Are One T. Gomez Lyrics T. Gomez  7:46
Water of Life (Uisge Beatha) J. Vogel  4:58

CD Sleeve Notes

The harp requires a player who is aware of its magic. The old Irish Bards, had to pass a test to prove they had mastered the magic of the instrument before being allowed to be called Bards or masters. Jochen Vogel passed this test with flying colours. He plays a replica of the "Sirr-Harp" an Irish metal harp dating back to the 1700's. The "Cláirseach" the proper Gaelic term for this instrument, was known in Ireland and Scotland during the 12th century. As a result in changes in society, the instrument fell into oblivion for nearly 200 years until its recent renaissance into the music world.

Supple harp sounds and a refined playing technique characterise the works of Jochen Vogel. The "Cláirseach" differs from the classical harp because it is strung with bronze chords. This creates a more brilliant sound. In addition, the single tones sustain a much longer sound, resulting in rich overtones that are unrivalled in thier fineness.

Another instrument that is as challenging and difficult to play as the "Cláirseach" are the "Uilleann Pipes" the Irish Bagpipes. The sound of these traditional instruments combined with the outstanding interpretations of the muscians is what makes "celtic Air" a special musical delicacy.

1. The West Wind (An Gaoth Aniar) The opening melody is reminiscent of Turlough O'Carolan (1670-1738). He has composed the most widley used compositions for the "Cláirseach". The closing melody in in the form of the Reel, a traditional Itish and Scottish dance.

2. Another Jig of Life. A composition in the form of a traditional dance called the Jig.

3. Out to Sea. A song without words that conveys fellings of discovery and journeys to new shores.

4. A Wee Dram (A Small Glass of Nr.11). In Scottish the title means "A little glass of whisky". The opening melody originates from the Shetland Islands.

5. Fest Noz (Fête à la Bretonne). Fest Noz are folk dances in Bretagne, where singers and musicians perform the same melody over and over for the dancers to dance their way into a trance.

6. Columba. St. Columba (U597) founded a monastery on the island of Iona in the Irish Sea, and with his monks converted half of Europe to Christianity.

7. The Reel Thing. A new composition created with the traditional rhythms of the "Reel" with Indian and African accents.

8. Iona. A modern interpretation about St. Columba's monastry island.

9. The Morning Air. Slow Airs are old traditional Irish violin and bagpipe melodies. Here the Uilleann Pipes meet the Cláirseach and together play a new composition of Slow Airs.

10. We Are One. A vocal ballad declaring the unity of mankind.

11. Water of Life (Uisge Beatha). This composition carries a poetic name for whisky.

CD Credits


Produced by Tato Gomez. All songs published by Klick Verlag AG, CH 6343 Rotkreuz, Switzerland
Old Irish harp / guitars / bodhran / percussion: Jochen Vogel
Uilleann Pipes / whistle: Johannes Schiefner
Guitars / keyboards: Tato Gomez
Violins: Margit Süss
Oboe / English Horn: Natasha Pederson
Vocals: sabine van Baaren / Morlunah / Tato Gomez / Jochen Vogel
Oud (lute) / Flamenco guitar: Lautaro Rosas

Mixing Engineer: Manni Struck, Mastering: Dieter Wegner

Special thanks to the muscians, Corina Dierks, Mike & Britta Frankenhauser, Claudia Göbbels, Christine Badenschneider, Daniel & Nicolas Gomez, Fam. Zehnder, Joachim Rechmann, Frank Sievert, Mike Adenauer, Werner Bergner and Oscar Ichazo.

Jochen Vogel's personal thanks to: Zoë McCoy, Rüdiger Oppermann, Davy Steele, Anja Alex, Peter Brough, Wendy Stewart, Alison & Aidan Bell, Beate Grommes, Sbine Papachristos, Evelyn Huber, Dominic Bouchard, Fam. Vogel, Kora Wuthier, Peter Metag, Dorothée & Charlie Mariano, Moka Efti and Bachué.

"We Are One" is offered for the evolution and the realisation of Humanity - One.

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Gewerbestr. 13
44866 Bochum

Album Information

Instruments: Harp
Genre: Celtic / New Age
Format: Audio CD
Our Ref: A0075
MCPS: AOL 619 2
Label: Art of Living
Year: 2001
Origin: EU

Artist Information & Contact Details

Photo: NINA ASSIMAKOPOULOSAncient Harp in Modern Ways

Jochen Vogel is one of the pioneers playing the old Irish metal-strung harp clairseach. An instrument extinct for almost 200 years and going through an unexpected renaissance during the last 30 years.

Unlike other metal harp players, he focuses less on the historical repertoire, but tries to establish the ancient instrument in modern settings. Known for his expressive style of playing, Jochen’s music is innovative and modern and his technique rock solid. He enjoys exploring new sounds on his harp such as blade changing, muffling, note bending and using vibrato to develop a distinctively personal musical language, which he uses both in instrumental music and song.

On stage and on recordings he has worked with such illustrous names as Tato Gomez, Charlie Mariano, Thijs van Leer or even the rock band Fischer Z.

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