CD A0061: Harp Summit

Harp Summit
Park Stickney and Rüdiger Oppermann

CD CoverTwo amazing and eclectic harpists join forces on this fascinating, upbeat CD. Park Stickney is known for his innovative jazz stylings on pedal harp, and Rudiger Oppermann is a gifted composer and performer on lever harp. Their two musical styles blend wonderfully in this outstanding CD. It includes 6 of Rudiger's compositions, and one piece they wrote together. It also includes So What by Miles Davis, In a Sentimental Mood by Duke Ellington, and Message in a Bottle by Sting.
Park Stickney - electric pedal harp & Rüdiger Oppermann - wire and gut-strung celtic harps

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Track Listing & Audio Samples

1   Cool Harmonics
R. Oppermann
2   So What Miles Davis 4.12
3   Conscious Streaming R. Oppermann 4.57
4   Butterfly Metamorphosis R. Oppermann / trad. 6.05
5   In a Sentimental Mood Duke Ellington 5.04
6   Doubly Fragile R. Oppermann 5.08
7   Double Tarantella R. Oppermann 4.28
8   Breathing with Harp R. Oppermann 4.08
9   Bluesleeves P. Stickney / R. Oppermann 3.40
10   Message in a Bottle Sting 5.45
Total Duration 46.41

Album Information

Title: Harp Summit
Artists: Park Stickney and Rüdiger Oppermann
Instruments: Harps duets / solos
Genre: Jazz
Format: CD
Our Ref: A0061
MCPS: KW 20022
Label: Klang Welten Records
Year: 2004
Origin: Germany