CD A0371: Awen by Tristan Le Govic

Tristan Le Govic

Cover: Awen by Tristan Le GovicAwen is the second album from Brittany's Tristan Le Govic, an album of harp music with a beguiling enigma, and charming subtlety. The harp is an instrument that is fast becoming my favourite; I'm drawn to its winsome combination of sensitivity and nimble complexity, which are both facets that Le Govic demonstrates deftly. Borrowing from across the various Celtic traditions, the thread that binds Awen is telling throughout though never cliché, offering tunes from Ireland and Scotland as well as Le Govic's native Brittany, alongside a selection of original material. Mike Wilson [Mike Wilson's Music Blog]

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Track Listing & Audio Samples

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01. Dañs plin. Plin dance - Traditional
02. Three Potatoes in a bag / Farewell to Whalley Range - T. Le Govic / M. McGoldrick
03. Le Songe d'Orianne. Orianne's dream - T. Le Govic
04. Klemmgan an Divroan. Exile's lament -  T. Le Govic
05. Glaz. Blue (or green) - T. Le Govic
06. Kas a-barh. Kas a-barh dances - Traditional / T. Le Govic
07. Piz Bihan. Small peas - T. Le Govic
08. Sí-Bhean Locha Léin / Dan O'Keefe's / Denis Murhphy's - Traditional
09. On The High Road to Linton - Traditional
10. Ar Vag. The Boat - T. Le Govic & traditional
11. Enez Eusa - Traditional

Album Information

Instruments:    Harp
Genre: Celtic / Traditional
Format: CD
Our Ref: A0371
Label: BNC Productions
Year: 2009
Origin: France