CD A0209: Inspirations

Inspirations by Cristobal and Kike Pedersen

CD coverThe magical sound of Paraguayan Harpists - Kike Pedersen & Cristobel Pedersen joined on some tracks by Carmen Monges (harp) Rossana Ovelar (guitar) and Claudio Gonzalez (banjo) - "His music is rhythmic and tender and soulful by turns, whilst always remaining soulful, with that light touch which is the harp's unique prerogative. It's music for floating, dreaming and dancing! " Andy Morgan BBC Radio 3

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Audio Samples & Track Listings

Kike & Cristobal Pedersen
Paraguayan Harp

1.   Vals de mi sueno - Cristobal Pedersen
2.   Me gusta besar tus ojos - Kike Pedersen
3.   Cacique Jeroky - Kike Pedersen
4.   Dulce Katherina - Kike Pedersen
5.   Vuelo del corazon - Cristobal Pedersen
6.   Melodia para Rosemary y Margaret - Kike Pedersen
7.   Pensando en ti - Cristobal Pedersen
8.   Recogiendo estrellas - Cristobal Pedersen
9.   Tu picara sonrisa - Cristobal Pedersen
10. Viaje Magico - Kike Pedersen

CD Credits

Arpas -  Kike, Cristobal Pedersen & Carmen Monges
Guitarra - Rossana Overlar
Bajo - Claudio Gonzalez
Tecnico - Nicolas Alvarenga
Estudio - Dyon
Diseno - Jose Pedersen
Asuncion Paraguay - 2008

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Artist & Album Information

Instruments: Paraguayan Harp
Genre: Traditional / Contemporary
Format: CD
Our Ref: A0209
Label: Arpa Roga
Year: 2008
Origin: Paraguay

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