CD A0076: Feng Shui

Feng Shui by Jochen Vogel

CD Cover: Feng Shui by Jochen VogelThe entire cosmos is made up of “Chi” energy and influences all aspects of our lives. When "Chi” energy flows freely, the result is a state of harmony, growth, and health. This collection of meditative sounds from Jochen Vogel harp fills the room with harmonious vibrations and positive energy and creates a feeling of personal well-being.

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Track Listings

Journey (Water) T. Gomez / J. Vogel  3:13
Relationships (Earth) T. Gomez / J. Vogel  7:01
Meditation (Sunrise) T. Gomez / J. Vogel  1:41
Contemplation (Mountain) T. Gomez / J. Vogel  8:25
Helpful Friends (Heaven) T. Gomez / J. Vogel  6:36
Unity (T'ai-chi) T. Gomez / J. Vogel 5:53
Enlightenment (Fire) T. Gomez / J. Vogel  3:12
Creativity (Lake) T. Gomez / J. Vogel 6:26
Consideration (Thunder) T. Gomez / J. Vogel  3:36
Fortunate Blessings (Wind) T. Gomez / J. Vogel  7:09
Meditation (Sunset) T. Gomez / J. Vogel  2:14

CD Sleeve Notes


The ancient Chinese practice of the art of Feng Shui has started attracting more and more people from western cultures. The words Feng Shui mean "wind and water" It is symbolic for life’s surrounding opposites, which can be brought into harmony with the know1edge of Feng Shui.

This collection of meditative sounds fills your space with positive vibrations. It musically illustrates the eight houses of the “Bagua” which symbolizes the aspects of nature: sky, earth, fire, water, mountains, sea, wind and thunder. These symbols are used in Feng Shui to achieve harmony, good health, growth and well-being.

1.Journey (Water)
Water is symbolic for the journey of life, for our voyage in this world.

2.Relationships (Earth)
In the earth house, relationships i ps are the focus in both private and professional areas of life.

3.Contemplation (Mountains)
The mountain is a place of solitude that allows one to meditate find one’s inner self.

4.Helpful Friends (Sky)
This house refers to the relationship, giving priority to unselfishness, charity, and kindness.

5.Unity (T'ai-chi)
Life energy (“Chi or "Prana”) and all other elements originate from the center (T'ai-chi).

6 Enlightenment (Fire)
When once the inner fire is lit, light and illumination lead to enlightenment.

7.Creativity (Sea)
Creativity stands for all personal creations, the portal to the inner spiritual source.

8.Thunder (Age)
The attitude towards the elders should he one of respect, gratefulness,and appreciation.

9.Fortunate Blessings (Wind)
The belief and trust towards the energy of good fortunate are both wonderful gifts to have.

CD Credits


Produced by Tato Gomez. Music composed by Tato Gomez and Jochen Vogel
Published by Klick Verlag AG, CH 6343 Rotkreuz, Switzerland

Jochen Vogel: Cheng (Chinese harp) Irish Harp (metal strung), flute, percussion, vocals
Tato Gomez: Guitars, bass, vocals
Margit Süss: Violins
Sergio Teran: Flutes
Additional vocals: Margit van de Snepscheut

Mixing Engineer: Manni Struck and Tato Gomez
Mixing Assitant and Nature Sounds: Lautaro Rosas
Mastering: Sound Studio N GmbH, Dieter Wegner
Design Susanne Granas

Perleberg Verlags GmbH
Gewerbestr. 13
44866 Bochum

Album Information

Instruments: Harp
Genre: Celtic / New Age
Format: Audio CD
Our Ref: A0076
MCPS: AOL 621 2
Label: Aort of Living
Year: 2004
Origin: EU

Artist Information & Contact Details

Photo: NINA ASSIMAKOPOULOSAncient Harp in Modern Ways

Jochen Vogel is one of the pioneers playing the old Irish metal-strung harp clairseach. An instrument extinct for almost 200 years and going through an unexpected renaissance during the last 30 years.

Unlike other metal harp players, he focuses less on the historical repertoire, but tries to establish the ancient instrument in modern settings. Known for his expressive style of playing, Jochen’s music is innovative and modern and his technique rock solid. He enjoys exploring new sounds on his harp such as blade changing, muffling, note bending and using vibrato to develop a distinctively personal musical language, which he uses both in instrumental music and song.

On stage and on recordings he has worked with such illustrous names as Tato Gomez, Charlie Mariano, Thijs van Leer or even the rock band Fischer Z.

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