CD A0415: Farewell to Lough Neaghe

Farewell to Lough Neaghe
Bonnie Shaljean

CD CoverTraditional harp music of Britain & Ireland performed on harp and clarsach by Bonnie Shaljean

"Shimmering jigs, rippling reels & stately airs—a total delight" - Folk Roots
"Some of the most exciting and unusual items I have ever heard on a traditional harp recording" - Folk Harp Journal (USA)
"A sparkling, important & scholarly exploration...of the harp tradition" - Sydney Morning Herald

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Track Listings & Audio Samples

Audio Samples

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01 Pibddawns Y Tant / Yr Ysgubau / Y Blodau
02 Roslin Castle/The Lea-Rig
03 Captain O'Neill/Colonel O'Hara/ Sir Festus Burke
04 Bryd One Brere / Foweles In The Frith / Edi Beo Thu Hevene Quene / Sumer Is Icumen In
05 The Late Hour / The Clocks-Back Reel
06 Meillionen
07 Maille Bheag O
08 The Kilbura Jig / Diarmuid's Well / The Wild Irishman
09 Childgrove /Daphne / 'Twas Within A Furlong of Edinburgh Town / The Oak & The Ash
10 Farewell To Lough Neaghe
11 Pant Corlan Yr Wyn / Pibddawns Jones / Pwt Ar Y Bys
12 Her Mantle So Green / In Aonar Seal
13 Port 4th / Air By Fingal No. 1 / Air By Fingal No. 3 / Port 5th
14 When She Cam Ben She Bobbit
15 Planxty Drew / Mary O'Neill / Edmond MacDermott Roe / The Maids Of Derry
16 Caismeachd Mhic Iain Ic Sheumais / Marbhna Cathaoir Mhic Caba
17 An Paistin Fionn / Sean O'Duibhir An Ghleanna
18 Port Priest / Port Atholl
19 I Was Not... Since Martinmas / An Muileann Dubh / The Highlandman Kissed His Mother
20 Cumha Mhic Guidhir / Taim I Mo Chodhladh Is Na Duisigh Me
21 Maggy Lauther / Bonie Jean Makis Meikill Of Me

Album Information

Title: Farewell To Lough Neaghe
Artist: Bonnie Shaljean
Instruments: Harp and Clarsachs
Genre: Traditional
Format: CD
Our Ref: A0415
Label: Saydisc
Year: 1988
Origin: UK