CD A0179: 40 Traditional Songs

40 Traditional Songs by Mary O'Hara

CD Cover: 40 Traditional Songs by Mary O'HaraThis extensive collection of 40 traditional songs captures the legendary Sligo native during the highest points of her career. Contained in a stylishly packaged 2CD set are many of the highlights from her first three albums recorded in the 1950's plus extra tracks from later recordings in the 1970's.

"Exquisite purity and delicacy that defies description" Washington Star

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Track Listing & Audio Samples

CD One
1 Trotting To The fare
2 Silent Oh Moyle
3 Is Ar Éirinn Ní N-Eosfhainn Ce H-I  / And for Ireland I'd Not Tell Her Name
4 My Aunt Jane
5 Na Hao Ri Ù / Ghost Song
6 I Know My Love
7 She Lived Beside The Anner
8 Ailiú Éanai   / Dream Song
9 Jackets Green
10 The Parting
11 Óró Mo Bháidin / Row my little Boat
12 The Wee Cooper Of fife
13 Down By The Glenside
14 Afton Water
15 Eibhlin A Rún  / Eileen, My Darling
16 Sweet Child Of Glory
17 I Will Walk With My Love
18 Róisín Dubh / Dark Rosaleen
19 Greensleeves
20 The Riddle Song
CD Two
1 Kitty of Coleraine
2 The famine Song
3 Cúcúín A Chuaichín / Cuckoo Little Cuckoo
4 Lord of The Dance
5 The Last Rose Of Summer
6 The Lark In The Clear Air
7 Haigh Didil Dum
8 She Moved Through The fair
9 Déirin Dé
10 The Laird Of Cockpen
11 The Quiet Land Of Erin
12 Annie Laurie
13 An Peata Circe / The Pet Hen
14 Carraig Donn
15 The Frog's Wedding
16 My Lagan Love
17 The Leprauchan
18 Down By The Sally Gardens
19 A Dandling Song
20 The Scent Of The Roses


CD Sleeve Notes

Thank you for buying this album which centres firmly on Mary O’Hara’s love for traditional music. The voice is arresting, the accompaniment beguiling and the songs timeless. Her career commenced in 1953 and continued till she retired in 1994. From time to time she gives talks and the media still remains fascinated by her extraordinary life. Should you wish to find more about Mary’s life it is well documented in her autobiography“The Scent Of The Roses” or visit the website She learnt many of the songs included on this album in the 1950s from Sean Og O’Tuama at the Royal Irish Academy Of Music in Dublin. She wishes them to not be forgotten and so recorded them for future generations to enjoy. She is only now publishing her harp accompaniments for these songs.

The CD book conatins short notes on each track. These are not repoduced here

Album Information

Instruments: Harp & Voice
Genre: Traditional
Format: Audio CD
Our Ref: A0179
Label: H&H Music
Year: 2007
Origin: EU