CD A0263: Inchcolm

Inchcolm by William Jackson

CD cover Thanks to works such as Inchcolm William Jackson has a growing international reputation as a composer of folk and orchestral pieces. The first track Corryvreckan features the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, harp, and pipes. The album contains traks for varying instrumentation, some of which includes vocals including a 13th-century Gaelic chant and an improvisation on a Kahlil Gibran poem.

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Audio Samples & Track Listings

1.  Corryvreckan
2.  In The Northeast Kingdom
3.  The New Road
4.  Waterfall
5.  The Pure Land
6.  Gardyne Castle
7.  Salve Splendor (arr Jackson)
8.  Abbey Craig
9.  Columcille
10. A Lover's Call (K. Gibran,W. Jackson & M.McKenna)

CD Notes & Credits

CD Notes

Corryvreckan (W.Jackson)
William Jackson  harp
Fred Morrison  bellows blow pipe in A, whistles, Highland bagpipes
Mae McKenna  vocals
David Tulloch  percussion
The Scottish Chamber Orchestra Strings

Corryvreckan is a whirlpool which lies between the island of Jura and the smaller island of Scarba off Scotland's west coast. This whirlpool is a permanent feature due to unusual sea currents and has been feared by sailors for hundreds of years.

In The Northeast Kingdom (W. Jackson)
William Jackson  harp, Indian flute
John Martin  fiddle
John McCusker  fiddle
Tony McManus  guitar

Waterfall (W.Jackson)
William Jackson  harp(gut),Knee harp(nylon), blackwood D flute, marimba, keyboards

The Pure Land (W. Jackson)
William Jackson  harp, small F whistle, keyboards
Mairn MacInnes  vocal

This piece begins with a Gaelic prayer the words of which come from 'Carmina Gadelica' collected by Alexander Carmichael(1832-1912)

Gardyne Castle (W.Jackson)
William Jackson  harp, boxwood whistle
John Martin  fiddle
John McCusker  fiddle
Tony McManus  guitar
David Tulloch  percussion

Gardyne Castle lies between the towns of Arbroath, Forfar and Montrose and its origins date back to the 14th century. This composition results from the 10 month I stayed there in 1994 with close relatives who are now restoring the castle to its original state.

Salve Splendor (arr. Jackson)
William Jackson  harp, Eb bamboo flute, vocal
Mae McKenna  vocal

This beautiful chant, for which the words and music are unique, comes from the Inchcolm Antiphoner (13th century). Inchcolm is a small Island situated on the Firth of Forth just north of Edinburgh, upon which stands a monastery dedicated to St Columba of Iona.

Abbey Craig (W. Jackson)
William Jackson  harp, low boxwood whistle in F, laud(Scottish lute), bodhran

On the Abbey Craig, near Stirling, stands the symbol of Scottish freedom, The Wallace Monument.It was from this wooded knoll in 1297, that the Guardian of Scotland, Sir William Wallace observed the approaching forces of England sent by Edward I. Wallace attacked as the army was divided by the river Forth, and led his soldiers to a great victory at the battle of Stirling Bridge. Years later Wallace was captured and sent to trial in London. In 1305 he was hung drawn and quartered, and parts of his body were displayed at Newcastle, Berwick, and Perth as a warning to others.

Columcille (W. Jackson)
William Jackson  harp, whistles
Fred Morrison pipes
David Tulloch  precussion
The Scottish Chamber Orchestra Strings

St Columcille, or Columba, was born near Loch Gartan in Co. Donegal, Ireland. In 563 he journeyed across the Irish Sea as a pilgrim and missionary and eventually came to establish a monastic settlement on the Island of Iona. This beautiful Island remains a spiritual focus for Scotland. In Ireland, Columcille has become known as the patron saint of emigrants.

A Lovers Call (Words by Kahlil Gibran, Music by W.Jackson & M.McKenna)
William Jackson blackwood flute, piano, small percussion, keyboards
Mae McKenna  vocal

These beautiful words were written by the Prophet of Lebanon, Kahlil Gibran (1883-1931). This recording is of a continuous improvisation/meditation for voice, flute and piano, the music not being composed or constructed beforehand in any way.  


Photographs of William Jackson by Robert Burns
Sleeve design & Montage by John Haxby
Front Cover Montage:'Inchcolm Abbey' courtesy Edinburgh photographic Library

'Inchcolm Antiphoner' Courtesy Edinburgh University Library

All titles written by William Jackson unless otherwise stated and published by Mill Music Publishing
Recorded at Castle Cava Studios, Pencaitland, on 12-16 December 1994

Produced and Engineered by Calum Malcolm

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Artist & Album Information

Instruments: Celtic Harp / Ensemble
Genre: Contemporary Scottish
Format: CD
Our Ref: A0263
Label: Mill Records
Year: 2000
Origin: Scotland