A0337-CD: Cwymp y dwr ar ganol dydd

Cwymp y dwr ar ganol dydd
The Water Falls at Morning's End

Traw & Rhodri Davies

CD CoverThe Cardiff-based trio of improvising laptoppers, Traw (Richard Llewellyn, Owen Martell, Simon Proffitt), are joined by their fellow countryman Rhodri Davies. A celebrated harpist perhaps best known for his work in free improvisation. In making Cwymp y Dwr ar Ganol Dydd, each member of Traw took away a selection of Davies' harp + electronics material and processed them according to his own lights. The CD title translates as The Water Falls at Morning's End, and all of the track titles are water-related, named after rivers or waterfalls in South Wales.

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Audio Samples & Track Listing


1. Sychryd
2. Sgwd yr eira
3. Einon gam
4. Mellte
5. Y pannwr
6. Llia

Album Information

Title: Cwymp y dwr ar ganol dydd
Artists: Traw & Rhodri Davies
Instruments: Harp, electronics, accelerometer,
real-time sampling and processing
Genre: Electronic, STYLE: Free Improvisation, Minimal
Format: CD
Our Ref: A0337
Label: Confront Collectors Series
Year: 2005
Origin: UK