CD A0359: Clarsumbria

Clarsumbria - Songs and Music of the North
Janet Bennett - Harpist & Singer

CD cover: Clarsumbria - Songs and Music of the North by Janet BennettThis album contains traditional and contemporary music and songs from Northumberland and beyond. It features Janet’s Celtic harp and contains some of her own compositions.

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Audio Samples & Track Listing


1.  Whittingham Fair – Northumbrian
2.  The Wedding Dress – English
3.  Lament For The Broken String / Childrens Dreams – Bennett
4.  Dance Ti Thy Daddy – Northumbrian
5.  There’ll Be Nae One Else For Me – Boswell
6.  Whistle Daughter Whistle – English
7.  But It’s Mine – Boswell
8.  Water Of Tyne – Trad. Lindisfarne Fantasy – Bennett
9.  Of All The Youths – Haslam.
10. Eriskay Love Lilt – Scottish
11. The Rowan Tree – Scottish
12. Island Spinning Song – Macleod/Robertson / Roberton
13. Blow The Wind Southerly – English
14. The Keel Row – Northumbrian
15. This Place Is On My Mind – Boswell

CD Notes & Credits

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Janet Bennett - Harpist and singer
Songs and Music of the North

Janet Bennett is presently delighting audiences worldwide with with her self accompanied singing and harping, having gathered a wide repertoire from all over Britain. Accomplished at playing both the clarsach and concert harp she creates an ambience of enchantment with a clarity of voice that won acclaim wherever she has performed. This recording was inspired by the demand for a solo album and the enthusiastic response given to Janet's concert appearances. The material is derived almost entirely from the area covered by the ancient Kingdom of Northumbria which used to stretch from the Humber to the Forth in Anglo Saxon times.

As the Northumbrian songs and music are entirely played on her clarsach (a Scottish small harp) it seemed CLARSUMBRIA would be a suitable title. It is hoped that you will gain much pleasure from exploring Janet's beloved Northumbria through her performance in "CLARSUMBRIA".

1. Whittingham Fair - The melody of this song is more widely known as "Scarborough Fair" but is reputed to have originated in Northumberland.

2. The Wedding Dress - A young girl is making her own dress adding many different colours until it undoubtedly is "the prettiest thing you've ever seen.

3. Lament For The Broken String - This was composed by Janet in 1990 to console members of a harp course she was tutoring in Newcastle! It is cleverly intertwined with Childrens Dreams written by her in 1991 and dedicated to all children learning to play the harp.

4. Dance Ti' Thy Daddy - A traditional song about hard times on the Tyne when the only meal to be had was "when the (fishing) boat comes in ".

5. There'll Be Nae One Else For Me - A beautiful contemporary Northumbrian love song by Eric Boswell.

6. Whistle Daughter Whistle - A young maiden decides that the only way to win a man is to whistle for him.

7. But It's Mine - The words in this song encapsulate the proud feelings Janet has about Northumbria where she has made her home- written and composed once again by the talented Eric Boswell.

8. Water Of Tyne - The dilemma of a young lass who stands on one side of the River Tyne with her lad on the other but finds no boat to ferry her across.    Lindisfarne Fantasy- This air was composed by Janet in 1992 with the serenity and religious mysticism of Holy Island (Lindisfarne) in mind.

9. Of All The Youths - Composed by the renowned flautist David Haslem. These traditional Northumbrian words recount the tale of a girl who is to be married yet"will not, dare not" tell anyone who she is to marry.

10.-Eriskay Love Lilt - Simply one of Scotland's most beautiful love songs.

11. The Rowan Tree - Janet arranged this lovely melody especially for a clarsach workshop she gave in Rose Castle, Cumbria, in 1993.

12. Island Spinning Song - This melody was sung by the Macleod family to their children. The words in the chorus have little meaning but are significant to the interpretation of the song.

13. Blow The Wind Southerly - Sung by the fair maids at the mouth of the Tyne while bidding fairwell to their mariner kinfolk.

14. The Keel Row - Dates from the days when the keelmen of Newcastle transporter the coal from the staithes in their shallow bottomed keel boats to the waiting colliers at the mouth of the Tyne. Still one of the region's best loved songs.

15. This Place Is On My Mind - Composed and written by Eric Boswell in 1988 this song describes all the delightful aspects waiting to be discovered in the City of Durham.



Gabriel Recordings GR01
All rights reserved
Janet Benett
13 Broxholm Road, Heaton,
Newcastle upon Tyne NE65RL.

Special thanks to:
Eric Boswell
David Haslam
Donald Macleod
for permission to record their songs.

Songs arranged or adapted for harp by Janet Bennett.
Recorded at Stonehills Studios by Dave Maughan.
Photograph by Frank Bennett.

Design by Joan Nicklin (Harlequin Design).


Album Information

Title Clarsumbria
Songs and Music of the North
Instruments: Harp, Voice,
Artists Janet Bennet (Harp & Voice)
Genre: Mixed
Format: CD
Our Ref: A0359
Label: Gabriel Recordings
Year: 1993
Origin: UK

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