CD A0298: Between Earth, Sea & Sky

Between Earth, Sea & Sky
Monika Stadler

CD Cover: Between Earth, Sea & Sky"Between Earth, Sea and Sky contains music inspired by nature, my tour in Scotland in 2006, the beautiful mystical island of Iona, and finding the love of my life." Monika Stadler

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Track Listing & Audio Samples

1 Dance of the Sandpiper 3.16
2 Siesta Triste 2.38
3 Drifting Leaves 3.42
4 Carmen Vernale 3.27
5 The Old Nunnery 3.07
6 With All My Heart 3.26
7 Invocation to Water 2.13
8 Introspection 2.08
9 The Last Light 2.29
10 Gebetsmühle (The Prayer Wheel) 5.47
11 Between Earth, Sea and Sky 2.23
12 Lammas Games 3.34
13 Frühlingsfeen (The Faeries of Spring) 6.54
14 Winter Solstice Dawn 2.30
15 Postcards from Within 4.53
16 Schön, dass es dich gibt (It's Wonderful that You are There) 3.49
17 Invocation to Water (Reprise) 1.14
18 Momentum Perpetuum 3.55
19 Zen Garden 3.00

Notes & Credits

CD Notes

After producing the last 4 CD's of my own compositions and collaborating with other musicians, I wanted once again to record a solo album; just the harp and me, at times adding my voice as "coloring" to the music.

Since my last solo harp CD 12 years ago, I have played with a lot of different musicians, and experimented with an unusual selection of instruments, for example tuba, didgeridoo, gongs and harmonica. With this new CD I would like to return to my starting point, but rather as in an ascending spiral, when you pass the same spot, in reality it is one level above.

This solo CD again comprises of all my own music, like the CD "Another World", but this time some tracks are created with no preconceived structures or melodies. They are spontaneous intuitive improvisations of indeterminate length, sometimes called real-time compositions. They came out of the deep stillness within.

At this time in my career I wished to concentrate more on the spiritual facet of my music and the expression of my inner development. I made a deliberate attempt to sideline jazz influences on this recording and leave those for a project in the future.

I wanted to create music which can touch a person on different levels, music people would hopefully not only use for entertainment, but as a vehicle for inner journeys too.

"Between Earth, Sea and Sky" contains music inspired by nature, my tour in Scotland in 2006, the beautiful mystical island of Iona, and finding the love of my life.

Dance of the sandpiper. Towards the end of my tour in Scotland in 2006, while enjoying a walk along the beach in Nairn, the very lively, fast-moving wading birds inspired me to write this dance. This composition is dedicated to my dear friend Carol Morton who organized the concerts in Scotland on my behalf.

Carmen Vernale. I have used the name of the original 16th century dance from Denmark as the title of my arrangement and improvisations inspired by this piece of music.

The Old Nunnery. I hoped to capture the atmosphere as well as the inner visions I had when I was visiting the ruin of the old nunnery on the extraordinary island of Iona.

The prayer wheel. This title was suggested by the repetitive chiming bell of the constantly turning water-powered Tibetan prayer wheel.

Between Earth, sea & sky. The title track of the album depicts the place where the interaction of life is played out. The concept of the Three Worlds pre-dates the more widely known classical four elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Earth, Sea and Sky appeared especially relevant to me while visiting the wind-swept, wave carved West coast of Scotland.

Lammas Games. This festival at the beginning of August, as the Anglo-Saxon name "hlafmoesse" ("loaves festival") implies, is an agrarian-based feast of giving thanks for bread and grain. It symbolizes the first fruits of the harvest and celebrates the wealth and abundance of the land, nature and community. I was improvising on a little celtic harp under trees at the place where the ritual at the Lammas Games took place. The light playful melody that grew out of the improvisation seemed to reflect the mood of the Summer's afternoon.

Winter Solstice Dawn. This haunting Shetland melody caught my attention the first time I heard it, and called for improvisation over its main theme. It is a very ancient tune, traditionally played at the time of the Winter Solstice, possibly dating back to Viking times in Scandinavia.

It's  wonderful that you're there. Originally I composed this tune for my sister's wedding. This title is an expression of appreciation. I hope everybody will experience the meaning of this title at least a few times in their lives.

Momentum Perpetuum. Nothing is constant but change...


Produced by Monika Stadler
Recorded at the Music School Attnang Puchheim/Austria by Harald Peterstorfer, Sept 2006 and March 2007
Mixed by Harald Peterstorfer,
Photos by Renate Pub, Rosa Finlayson, Martin Wilford, Stephen Finn and harald Ergott
Artwork & Design by Harald Ergott,

Special thanks to:
Martin Wilford, Harald Peterstorfer, Jorg Eiben, Maria Stadler jun, & sen, Johannes Romuald, Alexander Slabihoud.
This CD is deeply dedicated to Martin Wilford.
The harp used on this CD was made by Konzertharfenbau
Horngacher Model Zabaleta Nr.711

All titles are composed and arranged by Monika Stadler except Nr. 5,7 &10 arr by Harald Peterstorfer & Monika Stadler

Album Information

Title:     Between Earth, Sea & Sky
Artists: Monika Stadler
Instruments:     Concert Harp
Genre: Contemporary
Format: CD
Our Ref: A0298
MCPS: EX 737-2
ISBN 978-221-17372-2
Label: Extraplatte
Year: 2007
Origin: Austria