CD A0157: Dasson Ur Galon by Tristan Le Govic

Dasson Ur Galon
Tristan Le Govic

Cover: Dasson Ur Galon by Tristan Le GovicDasson Ur Galon - A Heart's Echo. "The tunes, traditional and new, to be found on this first CD from harper, Tristan Le Govic, display clearly his artistic credentials as a leading exponent in composition and performance.  His is a nimble and subtle technique, playing in a variety of tempos and variations. The dance tunes balance intimacy with vivacity.  His rendition of O' Carolan 's Eleanor Plunkett recaptures the pathos through contrasting slow playing with detached notes. The March of the King of Laois displays a typical treatment, which provides a striking comparison with the vivacious and triumphal version by The Chieftains". Armor Magazine, November 2006 (Translated from French)

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Track Listing & Audio Samples

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01. En tu-all. The other side (composition)
02. Mab ar c'hloc'her a vorc'h Melrand. The Melrand  bellringer's son (traditional)
03. Gavotenn. Gavottes (traditional / composition / traditional)
04. Laridenn nevez. New Laridé (composition)
05. Un tammig em eus kalon diaes. My heart is ill at ease (traditional)
06. Hanter-dro. Hanter-dro dances (traditional / traditional)
07. Eléanor Plunkett (T. O'Carolan)
08. March of the King of Laois (traditional)
09. Island. Iceland (composition in two parts)
10. Ne chomin ket da soñjal. I won't stay dreaming (traditional)
11. Kost ar c'hoed. Kost ar c’hoed dances (traditional /  traditional)
12. Dait-c'hwi ganin plac'hig yaouank. Young girl, come with me (traditional)


CD Notes & Credits

Sleeve Notes

Notes on music in French & Breton only.


All arrangements: Tristan LE GOVIC
Recording and mixing: Pierre DANIEL, Studio SIAM, 2006
Artwork  and design: Johann GUILLON, 2006

Album Information

Instruments:    Harp
Genre: Celtic / Traditional
Format: CD
Our Ref: A0157
Year: 2006
Origin: France