CD A0669: Elva

Tristan Le Govic & Lise Enochsson

CD cover image“Everything is possible and anything can happen in the world” writes Tristan le Govic, lending his optimistic-but-with-a-wink imprint to this wonderfully appealing new disc of the old and the new, Elva. It should not come as a surprise that this artist breaks up the mostly folk songs and dances on the album with his own piece, a cross dressing cakewalk / rag that will surpass any expectations you might have of what this little instrument is capable of, or for that matter, what he can do. Yes, everything - and anything - is possible with this marvelous artist" Alison Young Harp Column, 01 Mar 2015

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Track Listing & Audio Samples

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Track Listing:

1 - Jag tanker sa titt (2.25)
2 - Stev (3.26)
3 - Hosing the Flowers (6.09)
4 - Calum Sgaire (4.46)
5 - N'em eus ket nameit ur blank (3.13)
6 - Som forr (4.15)
7 - Den blomstertid nu kommer (3.02)
8 - Kibo no kodomotachi (3.48)
9 - Ton bale Elva (4.51)
10 - Gavotenn Pourlet (4.29)
11 - Ack, ack (3.11)


Tristan Le Govic (Celtic harp, vocals) & Lise Enochsson (vocals),

Guest Musicians:

Stuart Macpherson (double bass), Roy Shearer (percussions), André Le Meut (bombarde), Pascal Lamour (biniou), Per Nord (percussions)

Album Information

Instruments:    Harp
Genre: Celtic / Traditional
Format: CD
Our Ref: A0669
Label: BNC Productions
Year: 2014
Origin: France