A0566-CD: Images

Silke Aichhorn - Harp

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Water and harp, harp and nature, music in pictures - as Silke Aichhorn compiled the program for this CD was, she struck by the harps description of the elements, in particular, of water. Even though hardly any of the composers on the CD are known beyond the harp world beyond, she invites you to discover these wonderful descriptive harp solos.

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Audio Samples & Track Listing

01. Vers la source dans le bois M. Tournier
02. “Die Moldau” H. Trnecek/B. Smetana
03. La Source op.44 A. Hasselmanns
Suite Nr.4 “Images” M. Tournier
04. La voliére magique
05. Cloches sous la neige
06. La danse du moujik
07. Au bord du ruisseau H. Renié
08. Der Schwan C. Saint-Saens
09. Elegie pour la mort d`un berger B. Andrès
Haikus for the harp S. Mc Donald/L. Wood
10. A stray cat…
11. Sacred music at night…
12. Even among insects in this world…
Around the Clock Suite Pearl Chertok
13. Ten past two
14. Beige Nocturne
15. Harpicide at midnight
16. The morning after

Album Information

Title: Images
Artist: Silke Aichhorn
Instruments: Harp
Genre: Classical
Format: Audio CD
Our Ref: A0566
MCPS: HM 105
Label: Hörmusik
Year: 2002
Origin: Germany