CD A0386: Catriona McKay

Catriona McKay
Catriona McKay

CD Cover: Catriona McKayCatriona McKay (Scottish harp) in her Debut Album with Matt Baker (double bass), Chris Stout (fiddle) and Iain Copeland (percussion).

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Track Listing & Audio Samples

1 Hill of Tara 3.53
2 The Bonfire 3.12
3 The Swan "LK243" 4.24
4 Garster's Dream 3.05
5 More Grog Comin 3.24
6 The Forlorn Queen 5.33
7 Maurice O'Connor 3.16
8 Loon Mountain Moose 2.52
9 Jim Craig's Jig 11.20
10 Castle O'Neill 2.09
Total running time 43.24

CD Notes & Credits

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1. Hill of Tara
a. Da Rusty Tushkar - Andrew Gifford
b. Hill of Tara - Clíona Cassidy

a. Da Rusty Tushkar was written by fiddler / guitarist / bassist Andrew Gifford. He wrote it after an incident involving a tushkar (an implement for cutting peat).
b. Cliona Cassidy wrote this tune having been inspired by a morning of revelry from the top of the Hill of Tara, Ireland as the sun came up on the new millennium. Cliona is a great friend and is an extraordinary, talented singer and songwriter.

2. The Bonfire
a. The Bonfire - trad
b. Miss Betsy Robertson - trad.
c. An gille dubh, mo laocham (My black haired wee boy) - trad.

A strathspey and a couple of reels.

3.  The Swan 'LK243' - Catriona McKay

The Swan was built in Shetland and launched on 3 May 1900. Chris Stout, Andrew Gifford and I were lucky enough to be among the musicians / crew onboard the Swan during the Cutty Sark Tall Ships Race 1999. After a great send off in Lerwick Harbour we had to motor south as there was no wind. However, as we reached Sumburgh Head the wind picked up, the motor was stopped, the sails put up and it was a perfect time for tunes on deck. This tune is about that poignant moment.

4.  Garster's Dream
a. Mak a Kishie Needle, Dye - Shetland trad.
b. Garster's Dream -   Fetlar trowie tune

a. 'Make a Kishie Needle, Grandad'. A kishie is a straw basket used for carrying peats, they are woven using a needle made of wood.
b. Garsted fell asleep when halfway home from a wedding in Fetlar. Whilst asleep he bore witness to a trow's party. Fortunately he could still remember one of the tunes they played when he woke up. Closely retaled to the Norwegian troll, trows reside deep within the hills of Shetland and are renowned fiddlers. There is ongoing research into the lifestyle and music of the trows by a group known as Fiddler's Bid, their findings are so far inconclusive and can be seen by visiting

5. More Grog Comin'
a. Kiss Her Sweetly - Shetland trad.
b. More Grog Comin' - Shetland trad.
c. Da Tief Upon Da Lum - Shetland trad.

6. The Forlorn Queen. Rion in uaigneas - Bunting Collection

This was collected from Arthur O'Neill and published in 1797. The tune is ethereal in quality and no words belonging to it have ever been recovered.

7. Maurice O'Connor - Third Air - O'Carolan

Having spent many years attending the O'Carolan International Harp Festival in Keadue, Co. Roscommon, I have developed a strong interest in Turlough O'Carolan and a love of his music.

8. The Loon Mountain Moose - Catriona McKay

I'll never forget my first meeting with a moose in Loon Mountain, New Hampshire. I just had to write him a tune.

9. Jim Craig's Jig - Catriona Mckay
a. Jim Craig's Jig
b. Tractor 2002
c. The Marble

a. As a child in Dundee I remeber Jim Craig's voice and melodian when he and my dad Ken would play as 'The Taysiders'. Jim is an inspirational charcter and this tune for his 80th birthday.
b. We celebrated the arrival of new year 2002 in Fair Isle whilst hurtling down the road towards a party - on the back of a tractor.
c. This tune was written to emind me of the good times spent in Manchester where I studied for two years. Every Monday night involved a trip to The Marble Beer House in Chorlton to have a tune with the fine folks there.

10 Castle O'Neill - Caisleán Uí Néill - Bunting Collection

Bunting obtained this air at Deel Castle, Ballina, Co. mayo in 1792. A love song - it was first published in 1796.

Catriona McKay - Scottish harp

Matt Baker - double bass
Chris Stout - fiddle
Iain Copeland - percussion

All tracks arranged by Catriona McKay except:
Track 5 arr Mckay/Stout
Track 9 arr McKay/Stout/Baker/Copeland

Produced by Catriona McKay
Engineered by Robin Rankin
Mixed by Robin Rankin, C McKay & C Stout

Recorded at CAVA Sound Workshops, Glasgow
Photography by Alan Wylie
Sleeve design and layout Iain Copeland

Album Information

Title:     Catriona McKay
Artists: Catriona McKay
Instruments:     Harp + others
Genre: Folk / Scottish / Celtic
Format: CD
Our Ref: A0386
Label: Glimster Records
Year: 2002
Origin: UK