CD A0457: The Enchanted Lake

The Enchanted Lake
Nadia Birkenstock (harp) & Mick Fitzgerald (reader)


CD cover imageIrish Legends, Stories and Harp Music based on a collection by T. Crofton Croker. Stories read by Mick Fitzgerald with Fairytales selected and edited by Gabriele Haefs and the music arranged, composed and performed by Nadia Birkenstock.

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Track Listing & Audio Samples

The Enchanted Lake

1. A trip to the Islands (harp music)
2. Fior Usga (fairytale & harp music)
3. Arran Boat Song (harp music)
4. The Lady of Gollerus (fairytale & harp music)
5. The Maid of Culmore (song)
6. The legend of Loch Gur (fairytale & harp music)
7. Tir Na nOg (song, poem and harp music)
8. I live not where I love (song)
9. I wish I was in England (song)
10. The Enchanted Lake (fairytale & harp music)
11. Fanny Power/Hewlett (harp music)

Album Information

Instruments:   Harp and Voice
Genre: Folk
Format: CD
Our Ref: A0457
MCPS: HT CD 0023
Label: Hidden Tracks
Released: 2001
Origin: EU