CD A0639: Bijoux de la Harpe

Bijoux de la Harpe
Mai Fukui

CD Album: Bijoux de la Harpe by Mai FukuiMai Fukui's debut CD, "Bijoux de la Harpe" has been chosen as the "CD of the Highest Honor" from the Record Geijutsu Magazine (Aug, 2014), the most prestigious record/CD magazine in Japan. "I feel so honored and I'm very happy to hear such wonderful news. Thank you very much. I would like to take this as an encouragement to further spread the charm of the harp as much as possible!" Mai Fukui

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Track Listing & Audio Samples

1-3) Sonata [I Allegro brillante II Adagio III Allegretto vivo] - GB Viotti
4) Une chatelaine en sa tour Op 110 - G Faure
5) Rhapsodie - M Grandjany
6) Prelude pour Harpe - A Jolivet
7) La Danse des Sylphes - F Godefroid
8) Legende, d'apres "Les Elfes" de Leconte de Lisle - H Renie
9) Arabesque No. 1 - C Debussy
10-12) Rokudan for harp [I Adagietto III Lento V. Allegretto] - T Mayuzumi

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La Danse des Sylphes - Felix Gogefroid


Album Information

Title:     Bijoux de la Harpe
Artists: Mai Fukui
Instruments:     Harp
Genre: Classical
Format: CD
Our Ref: A0639
Label: Samon Promotion
Released: 2014
Origin: Japan