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Creighton's Collection are sole world wide distributors for items marked **
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Sheet Music recently added to Creighton's Collection

Creighton's Collection are world wide distributors for items marked **
Creighton's Collection distribute items marked *

Recent additions include:

Sheet Music - Harp

Meinir Heulyn - Famous Music for the Harp Volume 9 Another visit to the Opera , Volume 10 More Classical Favourites
Alan Gout & Marigold Verity - Harp Extensions - 3 Traditional Songs* Harp Tunes for Two - Paraguayan* Harp Tunes for Two - South American* Harp Tunes for Four - English Folk*
Code Crackers - Rhythm Book 8 **
Stephen Dunstone - The Journey **
Fraya Thomsen - Release - New Music for Lever Harp
Sue Rothstein - Lulla Lulla Lullaby for soprano & pedal harp **
David Watkins - Music For A While On The Wales Coast Path **
Hannah Haynes - Code Crackers Pitch Book 6 ** & Pitch Book 7 **
Ravel arr. Skaila Kanga - Le Tombeau de Couperin - a suite in three movements for Flute, Viola and Harp
Stephen Dunstone - Wind Across the Poppy Field ** Reverie (Violin & Harp or Piano) **
Clarsach Society - Folio 48 Introductory Folio ** Folio 49 The Dynamic Scottish Harper’s Companion **
Adolf Sjoden - The Adolf Sjödén Collection **
Stephen Dunstone - Dreamweaver ** Pink Bird ** Tubby's Tango **
Anne Macdearmid - Christmas Garland *
Anne Kox-Schindelin (arranged) - Film tunes for Harp, Pop Ballads for Harp
Mary E. Keppeler (arranged) - First 50 Songs You Should Play on Harp
Hannah Haynes - A Carolean Concerto, ** Street Music at a Winter Festival, **
Code Crackers - Pitch Book 1, ** Pitch Book 2 ** Pitch Book 3 ** Pitch Book 4 ** Pitch Book 5 ** Rhythm Book 7 **
Felice Pomeranz - Contemporary Etudes for Harp
Isabelle Frouvelle - Charlie's Birthday
Lauren Scott - Be Thou My Vision, Midnight Tango
Hannah Haynes - Code Crackers - Rhythm Book 1, Rhythm Book 2, Rhythm Book 3, Rhythm Book 4, Rhythm Book 5 & Rhythm Book 6, Nocturne**
Sue Rothstein - Hirondelle (Swallow), Blackbird Dance and Song **
David Watkins - Sonata "Mr Naderman comes to Wales" **
Monika Stadler - Between Earth, Sea & Sky revisited / Fireside Dreams **
Deborah Henson-Conant - Merceditas **
Clarsach Society - Folio 29 Songs of Love and Longing **
Lauren Scott - Adventures for Lever Harp Book 3
Shelley Fairplay - Modes Reloaded **
Stephen Dunstone - Clap Battles ** Mr Pepys' Pavan & Mr Pepys' Pleasure ** (2 Duets in short and extended versions)
Gary Carpenter - Solitaire, Azaleas
Karen Marshalsay - A Harper's Yuletide
Ailie Robertson - Technical Exercises for Lever Harp
Monika Stadler - Touching Moments
Jona Turner - Sonata Glasurol
Sue Rothstein - Chanson de Mai ** Hasselmans ed. Sue Rothstein
David Watkins - The Birth of the Moon over the Marsh of Rhuddlan **
Gwenllian Llyr - Farewell to Summer - Hwyl i’r Ha’ ** Carol of the Bells ** Mykola Leontovych arr. Gwenllian Llyr
Clarsach Society - Folio 30 Clarsumbria by Janet Bennett **
Rachel Hair - Journey with the Harp: From Home
Sylvia Crawford - An Introduction to Old Irish Harp Playing Techniques
Isobel Mieras - Tunes to Share Book 4 * and Tunes to Share Book 5 *
Jeffrey Mayhew - Islands for 4 Part Harp Ensemble **
Sue Rothstein - I Did Not Die ** Ticklin' Toes **
Helen Barley: 3 Christmas Carols (3 harps), Corrina Hewat - New Harp Music, Ruth Corry - Memories and Melodies
Michael Stimpson - The Stars Have Withdrawn Their Shining **
Andy Scott - Jukebox Lauren Scott - Beyond the Horizon and Celestial Spirals Daniel Whibley (arr) - Casadh an tSúgáin
Hannah Haynes - Three Miniatures (easy harp duets) ** Theme and Variations in C Minor ** Tiger Skin Rug Suite **
Stephen Dunstone - Prairie Dogs ** Rondolino ** Happy Birthday **
Clarsach Society - Folio 47 The 40th Edinburgh International Harp Festival & The Clarsach Society 90th Anniversary Folio **
Clarsach Society - Folio 8 More Solos for the Celtic Harp ** Folio 23 Party Pieces **
Yolanda Kondonassis - The Composer's Guide to Writing Well for the Modern Harp
Skaila Kanga - Beyond the Clouds ~ An ode to Climate Change
Ailie Robertson - First Things First
Hannah Haynes - The Birds - A First Concert Suite ** 30 Progressive Tunes for New Harpists **
Adlais: John Thomas - March of the Welsh Fusiliers (duet) **, Bardic Fantasia (duet) **, Gigue - Handel (duet) **
Maeve Gilchrist - The Harpweaver *, The Calm *, A Christmas Suite for Clarsach *
Adlais: Elias Parish Alvars - Souvenir De Portici (ed. J. Thomas) ** Traum an Bache **
Katy Bustard - Traditional Irish Music for Small Harps - arrangements for 20 and 26 string harps, Traditional Irish Music for Harp - Arrangements for 34 strings, Ancient and Contemporary Irish Music for Harp
Andy Scott - The Wayfaring Stranger
Adlais: Franz Schubert (tr, John Thomas) - The Maiden's Lament ** The Wanderer ** Barcarolle ** The Promise of Spring ** L'Adieu (duet) **
The Clarsach Society - Folio 15 A Selection of Scottish Airs for Clarsach ** Folio 28 Scottish Airs ** Folio 34 Millennium Folio **
Sarah Deere-Jones - Echoes of the West Highlands **

Tristan Le Govic - Elva

Sheet Music - Other

Sue Rothstein - Look at all the Pretty Lights (Piano) **
Violeta Ramos - Tango (for String Ensemble) **
Savourna Stevenson - The Dream (SATB Choir & Piano)**
Joseph Briggs-Ritchie - Five Impressions (Piano) **
David Johnstone - Follies (works for 2 / 3 Cello) **
James Strange - Classical Arrangements for Bass Guitar **

Sheet Music - Musical Theatre

Jeffrey Mayhew - The Horror! The Horror! **


Celyn Gurden-Williams - Who was Lady Llanover the Bee of Gwent?

CDs & DVDs recently added to Creighton's Collection

Creighton's Collection are sole world wide distributors for items marked **
Creighton's Collection distribute items marked *

Compact Discs (and DVDs)

Rachel Hair & Ron Jappy - Sparks
Kathleen Loughnane - Patrick O'Neill's Manuscripts
Michael Stimpson - The Angry Garden and Silvered Night
Tristan Le Govic - Elva
Ruth Corry - Memories and Melodies
Sarah Deere-Jones - Echoes of the Highlands
Park Stickney & Violaine Contreras de Haro - Chemin d’Hivers (Winters Way)
The Alina Bzhezhinska Quartet - Inspiration
Bonnie Shaljean - Farewell to Lough Neaghe
Shelley Fairplay - The Three Strands
Monika Stadler - Song of the Welsh Hills
Ben Creighton Griffiths - 1 Man Band (Gypsy Jazz, Reggae, and Funk)
Sioned Williams & Roderick Williams - Michael Stimpson: Dylan & The Drowning of Capel Celyn
Ben Creighton Griffiths - Pedals & Paws (jazz harp)
David Watkins - The Bells of Morville*

Jewellery / Gifts recently added to Creighton's Collection

Recent additions include:

Welsh Harp Brooches
Irish Harp Brooches & Pendants
Celtic Harp Brooches & Pendants

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