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Creighton's Collection are sole world wide distributors for items marked **
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Sheet Music recently added to Creighton's Collection

Creighton's Collection are world wide distributors for items marked **
Creighton's Collection distribute items marked *

Recent additions include:

Sheet Music - Other

Violeta Ramos - Tango (for String Ensemble) **
Savourna Stevenson - The Dream (SATB Choir & Piano)**
Joseph Briggs-Ritchie - Five Impressions (Piano) **
David Johnstone - Follies (works for 2 / 3 Cello) **
James Strange - Classical Arrangements for Bass Guitar **

Sheet Music - Musical Theatre

Jeffrey Mayhew - The Horror! The Horror! **


Celyn Gurden-Williams - Who was Lady Llanover the Bee of Gwent?

Sheet Music - Harp

Stephen Dunstone - Harpo One ** Harpo Two ** Harpo Three ** Harpo Four **
Susann McDonald & Linda Wood Rollo - Harp Olympics Series & Graded Recital Pieces Series
Bora Uymaz - Buselik Concert Piece ** Lavender Panna Cotta & Buselik Longa **
Ben Creighton Griffiths - Schnauzer Snippets **
Sarah Deere-Jones - Meltwater **
Caroline Critchley - A Taste of the Classics **
The Clarsach Society - Folio 21: First Steps **
Jeffrey Mayhew - Five Folk Songs **
Kathleen Loughnane - Patrick O'Neill's Manuscripts
William Mathias - Sonata for Harp
Helen Barley - Greensleeves & Young Jane and the Steamboat Jig
Gwenllian Llyr - The Fair Maiden's Dance ** Night Stalker ** Strawberry Moon ** The Hidden Temple **
Catrin Finch - Môr Arianrhod ** - SET WORK: Stage 1, Youth Competition, Fourth Wales International Harp Festival, 2018
Sian Morgan Thomas - Rocking / Ni a’th Siglwn ** (arr 3 harps)
Catrin Finch - Sunflower ** Aurora ** Clear Sky **
Vibrarpa (Raoul Moretti & Marco Bianchi) - Vibrarpa - 99% **
Bora Uymaz - The Sons of Hypnos **
Benjamin Rimmer - Rise ** for String Quartet & Harp
Anne-Marie O'Farrell - The Lauding Ear ** The O'Farell Collection Vol 3 **
Brian Boydell - Confrontations in a Cathedral **
Mozart arr Derek Smith - Duo for Flute & Harp after String Quartet KV160 **
John Thomas - Rákóczy Induló - for solo harp ** Rákóczy Induló - for two harps **
John Thomas - Adagio from Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata **
Savourna Stevenson - String Quintet **
John L. Thomas - Play the Harp in Trellech Church **
Isobel Mieras - Tunes to Share Book 1, Book 2, Book 3, The Megget Valley
Danielle Perrett & David Gough - Pre-Launch! for Harp
Deborah Henson-Conant - Baroque Flamenco (Ensemble Version) **
Violete Ramos - Tango for 4 harps **
CFD Hoffmann - Three Quartets for Harp with accompaniment of Flute, Violin & Bass - Edited Mike Parker **
Leos Janacek - On an overgrown path - arr for Flute, Harp & Cello Ernestine Stoop **
Maurice Ravel - Miroirs - arr for two harps Ernestine Stoop **
Ben Creighton Griffiths - Jazz Harp Trios: Promenade in Prague, String Bossa **
Anna Dunwoodie - From the Land of the Long White Cloud: Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3, Vol 4 **
Monika Stadler - On the Water - Harp 2 **
Jakez François - Hot Cucumber
Mozart arr Derek Smith - Trio in G after the String Quartet KV 80 for Flute, Viola (or Violin) & Harp **
The Clarsach Society - Folio 01: Simple Airs for Beginners **
Pietro Mascagni - Intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana for 3 harps (with two optional additional parts) **
Tristan le Govic - The Breton Harp Anthology - Volume 1 - Volume 2 - Volume 3
Grainne Hambly & William Jackson - Danny Boy, Eibhlí Gheal Chiúin / Fair Gentle Eily, Aoibhneas Éilis Uí Cheallaigh / Elizabeth Kelly's Favourite
Fiona Rutherford - The Scottish Harp: New Times and Tunes Volume 2, The Fairy Tale Harp
Stewart Green - 6 books including - Blistering Along! - see all 6 books
Anne Macdearmid - Sea Rapture
Skaila Kanga - 10 books including - Minstrel's Gallery - see all 10 books from Maruka Music
Rachel Hair - Claasagh Volume 2
Park Stickney - The Travel Journal of a Western Harpist in the Chinese Garden
Alina Bzhezhinska - Steps to Excellence **
Michael Stimpson - Dylan ** The Drowning of Capel Celyn **
John Thomas - Grand Duet ** ADLAIS for two harps
Violeta Ramos - Así hablan los Ángeles **
David Watkins - The Bells of Morville ** ADLAIS for solo harp / harp ensemble
John Thomas - Merch Megan / Megan's Daughter ** ADLAIS for Choir & Harp
John Thomas - Codiad yr haul / The Rising of the Sun ** ADLAIS for Choir & Harp
Mozart arr Derek Smith - Magic Flute ** ADLAIS for Flute, Viola & Harp
Alyson Roberts - Six Manger Carols **
Monika Stadler - Die Birke (The Birch) ** - Hamabe No Uta **
Bristol & West of England Branch of the Clarsach Society - Golden Jubilee Collection **
David Evan Thomas - Diadem ** ADLAIS for solo harp
Jen Morris, Louise Bradley & Steven Bradley - Tales from Northern Harps
Ben Creighton Griffiths - Dark Eyes **
Handel tr. John Thomas - The Harmonious Blacksmith **
John Thomas music for Voice & Harp - The Dove** The Blackbird** Crossing the Stone ** ADLAIS
Savourna Stevenson - Concerto for Pedal Harp **
Helen Barley - 5 Minutes, 5 Mix & Match Rounds
Karen Marshalsay - Guid Scots Sangs
Bill Taylor - Early Scottish Airs, Taylor's Miscellany, Heartstone
Sixto Corbalán & Juanjo Corbalán - Paraguayan Harp
Wendy Stewart - Fires at Midnight, Cairn Water
Sarah Deere-Jones - Traditional Tunes from Cornwall **, Twenty-one Easy Pieces for small Lap Harps** Loch Coruisk Rhapsody**
Sarah Deere-Jones - On Selworthy Beacon** Cascaron** By a Woodland Stream** 'Fantasie' for Celtic Harp** Twelve Tudor Pieces**
Sarah Deere-Jones - Twelve Medieval Pieces** 23 Pieces for Starters** Twelve Easy Pieces for Traditional Harp**
Sue Rothstein - A Walk in the Forest, Animals on the Harp, Magical Animals on the Harp, The Dinopaur Duet Book
Sue Rothstein - Dance of the Young Swan, The Dream Studies, Three Moods, Lament, The English Patient
Compilation - Esme's Adventure - The Girl with the Purple Harp
Corrina Hewat, Mary Macmaster & Patsy Seddon - The Cromarty Suite*
Elinor Evans - Pulling Strings on the clarsach Book 1, Pulling Strings together Book 1
Ailie Robertson - Little Lights
Benoit Wery - 4 études de virtuosité; En Forét; Fête intime; Imagerie enfantine; Kaléidoscope; Suite imagée; Diane, Paysage et Silène
Eluned Henry - Amazing Grace **arr for 3 harps
The Clarsach Society - Folio 39: Margaret Daunt Memorial Folio **
Sabien Canton - Harpology - method for harp with play along CD
David Watkins - Sonata in C - Vivaldi tr for Violin (or Flute) & Harp with optional Cello part **
Savourna Stevenson - Mingulay Boat Song, Blue Orchid, Parthenia, Ye Banks and Braes O'Bonny Doon, The Dowie Dens of Yarrow **
Anna Dunwoodie & Lisa Williamson - Sight Reading for Harp Book 1, Book 2, Book 3 Lever, Book 3 Pedal **
Trad/Anon - Frere Jacques arr for 4 harps **
Karen Marshalsay - The Clarsach Collection Volume 3 - Advanced, Key Techniques for Harp
Trad/Anon - Greensleeves arr for 4 harps **
David Watkins - A Garland for the Harp ** ADLAIS
Isabelle Frouvelle - Big Book of Exercises for Harp
Tchaikovsky arr Jane Groves - Waltz of the Flowers for 4 flutes & 2 harps **
Sian Morgan Thomas - Festive Bells / Clychau'r Wyl for 3 harps **
Anne-Marie O'Farrell - The O'Farrell Collection Vol. 2 A Baroque Bouquet **
Nancy Calthorpe - Begin the Harp, Music for the Irish Harp Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, Volume 4
Caitríona Rowsome - The Complete Carolan Songs & Airs
Anne-Marie O'Farrell - The Night in Bethlehem (New edition) **
Fiona Clifton-Welker - Sight-Reading Excercises for Harp: Grade 5
Anne-Marie O'Farrell - The Knappogue Medley (New edition) **
Monika Stadler - Spirit of Harp
Athy - Origami, Entwined Hearts, Varikset YössäAtlantis, Perfume a Tango **
Gerard Devos - Pieces breves contemporaines pour harpe: One, Two & Three
Marcel Tournier - Deux Petites Pièces Brèves et Faciles, Quatre Préludes, Etude de Concert
Ronald Stevenson - Sounding Strings
Carlos Salzedo - Sketches for Harpist Beginners Eric Schmidt - Six Etudes
Nino Rota - Sarabanda e toccata; Albert Roussel - Impromtu
Monique Rollin - Pièces anciennes; Respighi - Siciliana; Henriette Renié - Six pièces brèves
Fiona Clifton-Welker - Extracts from Franz Schubert's The Magic Harp arr. for flute & harp
Marie-Monique Popesco - Matinales
Benoît Pollet - Deuxième sonate
Gabriel Pierné - Impromptu-Caprice Op.9
Paul Patterson - Lizards (solo harp), Armistice (solo harp), Avian Arabesques (four harps)
FX Gruber - Silent Night (3 harps) **
WJ Kirkpatrick - Away in a Manger (3 harps) **
Richard Phillips - Le jardin secret d'elodie
João Pernambuco (arr Alan Middleton) - Sons de Carrilhões (Sounds of Bells)
François Joseph Naderman - Collection Annie Challan, Sept Sonates Progressives
Aubert Lemeland - Elegie
Serge Lancen - Pour Raphaele
Ginette Keller - Vibrations
Jean-Clément Jollet - Trios petits mouvements musicaux
Jacques Ibert - Scherzetto
Cynthia Cathcart - Pathway (2nd Edition) * & Traditional Beginnings (2nd Edition) *
Bruce Cardwell - The Harp in Wales (hardback book)
Violeta Ramos - Che Rey, Polka from Paraguay (4 harps) **

CDs & DVDs recently added to Creighton's Collection

Creighton's Collection are sole world wide distributors for items marked **
Creighton's Collection distribute items marked *

Compact Discs (and DVDs)

Monika Stadler - Song of the Welsh Hills
Ben Creighton Griffiths - 1 Man Band (Gypsy Jazz, Reggae, and Funk)
Sioned Williams & Roderick Williams - Michael Stimpson: Dylan & The Drowning of Capel Celyn
Ben Creighton Griffiths - Pedals & Paws (jazz harp)
Sixto Corbalán - Encantos de mi tierra
Hermanos Corbalán - Arpa Paraguaya
Juanjo Corbalán - Py´aguapy
Various Artists - Esme's Adventure - The Girl with the Purple Harp
Elinor Evans - Kaleidoscope
Sarah Deere-Jones - Thy Trembling Strings
David Watkins - The Bells of Morville*
Park Stickney - All Harp - Globe Live
Enzo Vacca - Evoa!
Ailie Robertson - Little Lights
Siân James - Pur, Cymun, Y Ferch o Bedlam
Cormac de Barra and Anne-Marie O'Farrell - Duopoly
Park Stickney, Dino Contenti, Gigi Biolcati - Who is.. The Lion, The Wolf and The Donkey?
Mark Smith performing the music of Peter Heron - Evocations
Mai Fukui - Bijoux de la Harpe
Original cast recording - The Horror! The Horror!
Shelley Fairplay - The Cherished Harp
Sivan Magen - Fantasien
Catriona McKay - Harponium
Catriona McKay & Olov Johansson - The Auld Harp
Ailie Robertson - Traditional Spirits
Máire Ní Chathasaigh (harp) Chris Newman (guitar) - Christmas Lights
Gwenan Gibbard - Cerdd Dannau
Nadia Birkenstock & Steve Hubback - The Glow Within
Maeve Gilchrist - Song of Delight, The Ostinato Project, Reaching Me
Cormac De Barra - Voices & Harps, Tarraing Téad - Pulling Strings, Barcó
Concertos: Mozart - Clarinet - Sebastian Manz; Glière - Harp - Emmanuel Ceysson: Korngold - Violin - Hyeyoon Park
Sarah Schuster Ericsson - 20th Century Harp Sonatas
Jutta Zoff (harp) Staatskapelle Dresden - Ginastera & Boieldieu Harp Concertos
Floraleda Sacchi - Hasselmans Music for Harp
Helen Davies & Poul Høxbro - Pas de Deux
Tim Hampson - In the Kitchen
Monika Stadler - Scandinavia
Bragod - Bragod, Llatai
John Rutter | Catrin Finch - Blessing
Laura Vinciguerra & Susanna Bertuccioli - Franz Poenitz: Songs & Hymns with harp
Laura Vinciguerra - Franz Poenitz: Works for harp
Patrick Ball - The Wood of Morois
Edmar Castaneda - Entre Cuerdas, Double Portion

Jewellery / Gifts recently added to Creighton's Collection

Recent additions include:

Welsh Harp Brooches
Irish Harp Brooches & Pendants
Celtic Harp Brooches & Pendants

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