SM692: Touching Moments

Touching Moments
Monika Stadler

Cover Image: Touching Moments"Touching Moments" Monika Stadler's 10th music book with exclusively her own compositions is a varied mixture of entertaining and the profound with classical, jazzy, folk-based and meditative elements. Inspired by different moods and feelings, by different cultures and her second home, Wales.

For Intermediate to Advanced Concert or Single Action Harp

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Tunes in the book

Tunes in the book

1. Sternenfrau (Star Woman)
2. Touching Moments
3. Happy Little Cat
4. Echoes of Childhood
5. The Last Light
6. Tomorrow (Short Version)
7. Tomorrow (Long Version)
8. Golden Autumn
9. Start, Stop, Go Again
10. Sunset across the Bay
11. Tribute to Pat Metheny
12. Lighten Up!
13. Over the Horizon
14. Walking

All the tunes in this book have been recorded by Monika Stadler and are available as free downloads from

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Trailer of the book Touching Moments

Monika performs the title work "Touching Moments"


“Touching Moments” contains new compositions for the pedal harps, all music can be played by the concert harp and most of them also by the single action harp. With her compositions, in which Monika Stadler combines elements of jazz, classical, world, folk and improvising music in a very personal style, this internationally multi-award winning harpist brings fresh air and new dimensions to harp music.

"Monika Stadler’s pieces are beautifully structured – flowing musical journeys. The melodies are haunting, soothing, uplifting. Each one has a uniquely expressive feel with combining the rare quality of being both meditative and engaging. Her music inspires many emotions in turn, from contemplative and misty, to bluesy, warm and sentimental to a relaxing and jazzy swing. SILVIA WOODS HARP CENTER, USA"



Library Information

Title: Touching Moments
Composer/Arranger: Monika Stadler
Instrumentation: Pedal Harp / Single Action Harp
Level: Intermediate - Advanced
Format: 9" x 12" Stapled Score
Weight: 210gm
ISMN: 9790012208273
Our Ref: SM0692
Publisher: Doblinger
Edition/Year: 2021
Origin: Austria (EU)

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Sample of the music