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Photo: Stephen DunstoneStephen Dunstone is a composer, harpist and teacher based in Oxford. After playing the flute and piano from a tender age, then spending three years singing in the choir of Clare College Cambridge, he discovered the folk harp accidentally when he was looking for a harpsichord. It was a life-changing event: he bought the harp, abandoned the harpsichord, and never looked back.

The desire to create fun pieces for non-virtuoso pupils, and to get them all playing together, has resulted in the Harpo series of solo pieces and a steady stream of harp ensembles. These have been performed in such venues as Blenheim Palace and Windsor Castle, as well as at the Edinburgh International Harp Festival, and they’re in the repertoire of the National Youth Harp Orchestra of Great Britain.

He also plays the hammered dulcimer and has written prize-winning radio plays for the BBC.



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Solo Harp Music - Collections
Title (click for further info) Instrumentation
Harpo One - Trinity Initial / Grade 1 Exam Settings Pedal / Non Pedal Harp
Harpo Two - Trinity Initial / Grade 1 & Grade 2 Exam Settings Pedal / Non Pedal Harp
Harpo Three - Trinity Grade 2 Exam Setting Pedal / Non Pedal Harp
Harpo Four Pedal / Non Pedal Harp

Creighton's Collection is delighted that from March 2018 we are printing and distributing Stephen Dunstone's music. The new editions detailed above are now available from Creighton's Collection or your usual harp music supplier.

During the Spring & Summer of 2018 we will be publishing many more of Stephen's works including the following works, original editions of these works are currently available from Stephen Dunstone or your usual harp music supplier while the new Creighton's Collection Editions are in preparation

Solo Harp Music - Collections
Harpo Christmas Carols Book 1
Harp Ensemble Music - 2 Players
Bedtime / Time To Get Up
Dance of the Dormice
The Forest Pool (also available as 3-part ensemble)
North Island Ramble
Strolling Albert (also available as 3-part ensemble)
Three Easy Duets
Waking Early (also available as 3-part ensemble)
Rondolino (2 or more players)
Harp Ensemble Music - 3 Players
The Ash Grove
Coming Home
Dance of the Deer
The Forest Pool (also available as duet)
'Fraid Not
The Frozen Lake
Incógnita (with optional clappers)
Prairie Dogs
Skeleton Crew 3
Strolling Albert (also available as duet)
Strutting Your Stuff
Two Easy Trios
Waking Early (also available as duet)
Water Nymph
Wind Across the Poppy Field
Aces High (3 or 4 players)
Harp Ensemble Music - 4 Players
Goose Creek (4 or 3 players)
Los Pájaros Carpinteros (The Woodpeckers)
Pink Bird
The Risen Sun
Snakes Alive
Two Shetland Reels
Valse Triste
Waltzing by Candlelight
The Wild Hunt
Wind Harp
Tubby's Tango (+ percussion)
Mélancolie (4 or 5 players)
Viennese Waltz (4 or 5 players)
Harp Ensemble Music - Flexible
Harpy Ever After (up to 6 players
Christmas Carols for Harp Ensemble
Away In A Manger - 4 Players (or flexible)
We Wish You A Merry Christmas - 4 Players (or 3)
Infant Holy - 4 Players
Masters in this Hall - 4 Players
Noël Nouvelet - 4 Players
Silent Night - 4 Players
Voice and Harp Music
Three Welsh Songs
Flute and Harp Music
Rêverie (Flute and Harp)
Strolling Albert (2 Flutes and Harp)
Clarinet and Harp Music
Rêverie (Clarinet and Harp)

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