SD1001: Harpo One - Stephen Dunstone

Sheet Music for Harp
Harpo One
Stephen Dunstone

Cover imageA collection of elementary pieces for harp, with or without pedals

Although these pieces are “elementary” they can sound very impressive and a lot more difficult than they really are! Fingering is left to the discretion of the player, but all the pieces can be played using just one finger in each hand (apart from the downward glissandos which need the thumb). They’re aimed at the player who already understands how to read music; for players who haven’t yet learned to decipher the dots they are presented differently as part of a structured approach to learning how to read music in Harpo Beginners by Stephen Dunstone.


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Artist Profile and catalogue of works - Stephen Dunstone

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Ace Café
Eggs on the Edge
Old Baggage
Synchronized Swimming
Floating Feathers
The Waltz Collection
Viennese Waltz
Spanish Waltz
Russian Waltz
Viennese Vampires
Wedding Bells
No More Rum
Fairy Dust
Tubby's Tango
Learning Latin
Morning Dew
Chicken Ballet

Library Information

Title: Harpo One
Composer: Stephen Dunstone
Instrumentation: Lever or Pedal Harp
Level: Elementary
Format: A4 stapled
Weight: 95gm
ISMN: 979-0-57046-256-8
Our Ref: SD1001
Publisher: Creighton's Collection
Printer/Distributor: Creighton's Collection
Edition/Year: 2018
Origin: UK

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