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Click for further details20TH CENTURY MUSIC FOR FLUTE AND ORCHESTRA Petri Alanko (Flute) - Tapiola Sinfonietta - Okko Kamu
Aulis SALLINEN Concerto for flute and Orchestra Op.70; Toru TAKEMITSU Toward the Sea II for alto flute, harp and strings; Krzysztof PENDERECKI Concerto for flute and orchestra da camera
Click for further detailsAbendlied for bassoon and piano by Martin Gatt & Margaret Lynn
Bassoonist Martin Gatt and pianist Margaret Lynn continue with their collaborative project to express the songs of Schumann, Schubert, Brahms plus others through the voice of the bassoon. This CD features 23 works exquisitely and uniquely arranged by Martin Gatt
Click for further detailsAdiós Nonino by Neofusión
Homage to Carlos Gardel with works of Gardel and Piazzolla, and other items of great interest. Both virtuosic and medolic, this is a master combination of the possbilities of the accordion - cello duo.
Click here for further detailsTHE ANGRY GARDEN and SILVERED NIGHT by Michael Stimpson
Recorded in 2019 and featuring the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, the City of London Choir, and pianist Mark Bebbington, conducted by Hilary Davan Wetton, this CD contains the monumental choral work The Angry Garden and the more reflective Silvered Night for piano and orchestra. The Angry Garden was written and recorded to highlight the issue of climate change.
Click for further detailsAppassionata Quatuor by Appassionata Quatuor (Pan-pipe, violin, cello, harp)
Appassionata Quatuor Pan-pipe, violin, cello & harp quartet, was founded in Geneva in 1990 by the violoncellist Marc-André Thiébaud. The exceptional uniting of such brilliant and varied instruments with such virtuosity and melody, favours a new approach to music.
Click for further detailsArabesque: A journey into Harp Artistry by Isabelle Perrin with Northwest Sinfonietta.
The summer of 1996 brought a most unusual sight to Tacoma, Washington. Eight hundred harpists converged on the streets of this usually peaceful Northwest city as guests of the Sixth World Harp Congress. The Northwest Sinfonietta and I were engaged to perform 15 concertos with 15 of the world’s finest soloists. Isabelle Perrin stood Out for her distinctive sound and musicianship. We have since become great friends and have collaborated on many projects. This recording is a tribute to her superb artistry and marvelous instrument.
Click for further detailsAutumn Bruch Op. 83 - Brahms Op. 114 B3 Classic Trio The B3 Classic
Trio releases their work “Autumn” with works of Brahms and Bruch for clarinet, cello and piano, which appears together for the very first time in SACD format. Released in Multichannel and Hybrid format it contains the Eight Pieces, Op. 83 by Max Bruch (1838-1920) and the Trio for Clarinet, Cello and Piano in A minor, Op. 114 by Johannes Brahms (1833-1897). Released in a luxury Digibook format with 30 pages, contains three layers: stereo compatible CD, stereo in SACD and Multichannel SACD.
Click for further detailsBAX: Harp Quintet / Elegiac Trio / Fantasy Sonata by Mobius
"Some of the best Bax is here. In these atmospheric pieces he was able to throw off the fetters of inherited symphonic forms and allow his Celtic fantasy to pursue its own improvisatory course. The melodic writing is free and fertile. Bax's harp writing is especially poetic. Best of all is the short, moody Elegiac Trio. The Fantasy Sonata, for harp and viola, is remarkable for the way it holds the attention for well over 20 minutes; not easy with two such reticent instruments. The six musicians of Mobius play this music with feeling, imagination and energy, proof that harp music doesn't have to be all elfin and willowy." Stephen Johnson BBC Music Magazine, October 2000
Click for further detailsThe Bells of Morville - David Watkins
Live recording with Jane Leslie MacKenzie (soprano), Michael Bochmann (violin), David Watkins (harp). Live recording of St. Cecilia's Day Concert - November 2014 at St. Gregory's Church, Morville with the first performance of David Watkin's "The Bells of Morville"
Click for further detailsThe Celtic Suites by William Jackson
The Wellpark: Commissioned in 1985 by Tennets (Glasgow-based brewers) to celebrate their centenary.

St Mungo: Written to mark Glasgow's year as European City of Culture.
Click for further detailsChamber Music Discoveries by Trio B3 Classic
Works by Robert Kahn, Jonathan FeBland, Rodney Newton, Jorge Grundman Isla and David Johnstone.“B3 Classic” draw attention to the history of the chamber music repertoire forthese three instruments as well as involving itself in the more contemporary creation. Such fruits can be seen in the present disc – especially the recuperation of a wonderful romantic trio of Kahn and their championing of the English composers Jonathan S. FeBland and Rodney Newton.
Click for further detailsConcert à Quatre Performed by Harpe Riviera Quatuor
"Harpe Riviera Quatuor" is a French Harp Quartet performing music from Bach to Houdy and including Duke Ellington on the way! Led by acclaimed harpist Elizabeth Fontan Binoche the other harpists are Rossitza Milevska, Maria Metheney and Mutsuko Uematsu. The CD also includes quartet arrangements of Bizet's Carmen by Sandrine Luzignant which have been published in a co-production with Creighton's Collection.
Click for further detailsConcerti and Chamber Music: David Watkins - harp, Simon Standage - violin & The Salomon Quartet Performed on period instruments
"It is a genuine musical, pleasure to hear lovely works, new to me, composed by J.C. Bach, Mozart and Haydn. When these works are so beautifully and musically played the pleasure is even greater." Lady Evelyn Barbirolli, July 2000. "What a delightful and civilised record, which I love. I hope you sell huge quantities of it." Professor H.C. Robbins Landon
Click for further detailsDance of the Blessed Spirits by Nora Shulman (flute) & Judy Loman (harp)
Ever since the Renaissance imagined an Arcadian paradise of rustic pan-pipes and sweet-plucked Orphean lyres, the fancifully associative sound and visual interplay of flute and harp has drawn composers and arrangers, with Mozart's alluring duo concerto written in Paris in 1776 a gracious example of the combination at its most expressively sensuous.
Click here for further detailsDebussy   - String Quartet No 1 in G Minor
Kodaly Quartet
Naxos CD with Debussy String Quartet No 1 in G Minor & Ravel String Quartet in F and Introduction and Allegro for Harp, Flute, Clarinet & String Quartet. Kodaly Quartet with Zoltan Gyongyossy - flute, Bela Kovacs - clarinet and Eva Maros - harp.
Click for further detailsDuan Àlbanach by William Jackson
"William Jackson’s earlier extended compositions are well known...The Wellpark Suite and St Mungo Suite and Inchcolm. This latest offering centres on a setting of the Scottish poem Duan Albanach and is brought up to CD length by a number of shorter individual pieces. This is very pleasant, tuneful and in places, quite memorable music." Alan Murray, The Living Tradition, November 2003
Click for further detailsElizabethan Dances by RLPO with Eleanor Hudson Harp & Jonathan Small Oboe
5th Volume of complete orchestral works of William Alwyn from Naxos features the popular Elizabethan Dances, which contrast ancient and modern dance rhythms from the courts of Elizabeth I and II. The atmospheric Symphonic Prelude “The Magic Island” was inspired by Shakespeare’s The Tempest. A perfect evocation of Spring, The Innumerable Dance is a tone poem in all but name. This and the exquisite miniature Aphrodite in Aulis have not been heard for over 70 years, and here receive their first recording. Composed during World War II, the Oboe Concerto expresses the composer’s yearning the peace and beauty of the English countryside.
Click for further detailsEntre Dos Mundos (Between Two Worlds) - The music of David Johnstone
Original popular and light classical music. The Swinging strings of the Basque National Orchestra, Conducted by Caroline Collier, plays the music of David Johnstone.
CD CoverA Field of Scarecrows - John Kenny Trombone George Nicholson Piano
A Field Of Scarecrows is dedicated to the memory of the English composer Paul Keenan, who died in 2004. Paul and I had been friends for since we met in the Birmingham School Symphony Orchestra in 1972. Paul was an outstanding clarinettist but also a quite exceptional composer, who achieved his mature identity before the age of twenty, and then continued to work on a small number of exquisite and highly complex scores for the rest of his life. He never achieved – or sought – commercial success, and he died having heard only a small part of his music. The title track of this album was the last piece he wrote for me, and it is undoubtedly one of the most challenging and extraordinary pieces ever composed for trombone and piano.
CD CoverForest ~ River ~ Ocean : John Kenny: Carnyx, Trombone, Alphorn
Performed by Yaggdrasil String Quartet, The Gathering, John Whiting

As soon as I began to work with John Creed's magnificent reconstruction of the Deskford Carnyx, all of us involved with the project realised that we were dealing with something quite extraordinary; a legendary 2,000 year old War Horn which had come to life, not only as a show-case replica, but also as a beautiful instrument with a unique voice, to speak afresh in the modern world. But more than this, the Carnyx is a key which can unlock possibilities far beyond its own potential, either as a musical instrument or an archaeological artifact - it is a potent symbol of regeneration and reconciliation, representing a common cultural heritage, which can touch and stimulate people of widely divergent race and creed.
Click for further detailsFrançaix, Damase and Poulenc: Trios for Wind and Piano by The Lynn Trio
Three delightful French wind trios by Jean Françaix, Jean-Michel Damase and Francis Poulenc grace this debut album from the acclaimed Lynn Trio. The work by Damase was originally scored for oboe, horn and piano but was specially arranged for oboe, bassoon and piano for this compact disc with the composer’s personal blessing, and is a world première recording.
Click for further detailsHarp Concertos - DUSSEK / WAGENSEIL / KRUMPHOLTZ Roberta Alessandrini (Harp) - Mantova Orchestra
Concerto in G major for Harp, Two Violins and Cello - Georg Christoph Wagenseil (1715-1777); Concerto No. 6 in F major for Harp and Orchestra, Op. 9 - Jean-Baptiste Krumpholtz (1742-1790); Sonata No. 2 for Harp in E flat major, Op. 34 Concerto in E flat major for Harp and Orchestra, Op. 15 - Jan Ladislav Dussek (1760-1812)
Click for further detailsHarp Concertos - Ginastera & Boieldieu : Jutta Zoff- harp with Staatskapelle Dresden, conductor Siegfried Kurz
Two brilliant Harp Concertos, different in style, but both masterpieces in their genre. Boieldieu was a master of the early - romantic French style at the beginning of the 19th century, abounding in charm, lyricism and brilliance, whereas Ginastera delves deep in disturbing, fierce 20th century expressionism, demanding extreme virtuosity and stamina from the harp and its player. Excellent performances by German harpist Jutta Zoff, winner of important international competitions, backed with both delicacy and force by the famous Dresden Staatskapelle.
Click here for further detailsHoudy by Isabelle Perrin
If there is no language more universal than music, then there is also none with stronger regional identities. Since French music has been on the sidelines for the past several decades, I decided to write a French Concerto for harp and orchestra. By "French", I mean in the French spirit, building on the work of the composers who came before me rather than on that of my contemporaries. A writing style without "principles" or systems to follow, not Dodecaphonic or Polytonality (it all ages so poorly!). A simple orchestra: one flute, one oboe, a clarinet in A, a bassoon, and a string quintet. As I am hardly interested in analysis, I prefer to write my music rather than to explain it. Similarly, I prefer a performer's imagination to his zealous precision; in short, I prefer musicians. This is why I chose to write this concerto for Isabelle Perrin, soloist of the Orchestre National de France. Pierick Houdy
Click for further detailsHOWELLS: Rhapsodic Quintet / Violin Sonata No. 3 by Mobius
Although Herbert Howells is known chiefly for his large body of church music, arguably the finest by any English composer of the twentieth century, he also wrote major choral, orchestral and chamber works. At the outset of his career Howells came to prominence largely through a series of striking chamber compositions including the Rhapsodic Quintet of 1919, which he described as having ‘a mystic quality’. Dedicated to one of the great violinists of the time, Albert Sammons, the Third Violin Sonata arose directly from Howells’s visit to Canada four years later. The overwhelming impact that the Rocky Mountains made on the composer when he travelled through them by train is reflected in the more dissonant and chromatic harmony compared with his other works of the period.
Click for further detailsInchcolm by William Jackson
Thanks to works such as Inchcolm William Jackson has a growing international reputation as a composer of folk and orchestral pieces. The first track Corryvreckan features the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, harp, and pipes. The album contains traks for varying instrumentation, some of which includes vocals including a 13th-century Gaelic chant and an improvisation on a Kahlil Gibran poem.
Click for further detailsInvention & Alchemy (DVD) by Deborah Henson-Conant
With The Grand Rapids Symphony - David Lockington, Conductor.
You are about to take a journey into the mind of Deborah Henson-Conant, a mind where stories meet music, invention meets alchemy and a whole symphony orchestra can transform a Mexican street band into a sultry musical harem in a split second. A collection od musical short stories for voice, electric harp, symphony orchestra ... and your imagination.
Click for further detailsInvention & Alchemy (CD) by Deborah Henson-Conant
With The Grand Rapids Symphony - David Lockington, Conductor.
You are about to take a journey into the mind of Deborah Henson-Conant, a mind where stories meet music, invention meets alchemy and a whole symphony orchestra can transform a Mexican street band into a sultry musical harem in a split second. A collection od musical short stories for voice, electric harp, symphony orchestra ... and your imagination.
Click here for further detailsIt's All Been Arranged by Chameleon Brass
"Their virtuosity is only matched by their enthusiasm" Phillip Ellis - Conductor Birmingham Royal Ballet Orchestra.
Click for further detailsLady of the Lake music by Thomas Hewitt Jones
“How refreshing to discover a living composer who dares to write music that possesses both splendid melody and well-crafted conventional harmony ..” MUSO magazine ‘Lady of the Lake’ is Thomas’ second album, following the successful release of ‘Under Milk Wood’ at the end of 2009 “Characterful and beautiful – almost too beautiful” – Classical Music Magazine, February 2010 ****
Click for further detailsLand of Light by William Jackson
Land of Light the New Scottish Anthem - This was the winning entry in the popular Song for Scotland Competition which was organised to find an anthem for the new era in Scotland. It is sung by Mairi MacInnes who comes from the island of South Uist in the Outer Hebrides. "Land of Light" is an Anthem for Scotland's future! New Hampshire Highland Games - September 2008
Click for further detailsLive by Trio B3 Classic
We were able to appreciate the high chamber music level of this wonderful group, their absolute involvement with the work they are playing, and the continuous musical texture always at the service of the music. You do not have the impression of hearing three instruments playing together, but one solo instrument with three different colours.” (Fidelio) ‘La Rioja’ , Rioja
Click for further detailsLocking Horns by John Kenny & Etienne Rolin
Locking Horns is the title of Etienne Rolin’s duo for carnyx & soprano saxophone, and also the name we call ourselves when we perform as a duo. Etienne is a true polymath: composer, multi instrumental performer, painter, philosopher, equally at home in the worlds of jazz, baroque music, or the most extreme European avant garde. He has composed more music for me than any other composer, including a trombone sonata, trombone concerto, over thirty solo pieces, chamber works in almost every conceivable combination. However, from our very first meeting in Paris in 1984 we have always improvised together, and improvisation underpins this album of compositions, and structures for improvisation. We are joined by the percussionist / singer / actor Marc Depond.
Click for further detailsMadeleine Dring Collected Chamber Works by The Lynn Trio
A collection of charming pieces, nostalgia-laden yet wittily penned, by this greatly under recorded post-war British composer. This disc features world première recordings. Radio listeners will have enjoyed the disc on BBC Radio Three 3 for all and Brian Kay's Light Programme 
Click for further detailsMasterworks of a New Era V9 by Kiev Philharmonic
A 2 disc CD from an exciting new CD series that highlights and profiles the diverse works of living, contemporary, composers. Recorded by the Kiev Philharmonic for ERM Media. This 9th disc in the series is included here as Creighton's Collection sells the sheet music of David Golightly whose Concerto for Strings is included on the disc.
Click for further informationWolfgang Amadé Mozart by Dejan Gavric - Flute & Silke Aichhorn - Harp
Live concert recording at the Villa Huegel, Essen. Dejan Gavric (Flute) & Silke Aichhorn (Harp) with the Folkwang Kammerochestra Essen conducted by Peter Ewaldt performing the concerto, K. 299 for flute, harp and orchestra and Sinfonie in D major by WA Mozart.
Click here for further detailsMozart Clarinet - Glière  Harp - Korngold Violin - Concertos  : Sebastian Manz - Emmanuel Ceysson - Hyeyoon Park
"If you guessed that these performances were presented for the benefit of three young and very talented contest winners, you’d be right. Each of these prize-winning soloists at the ARD International Music Competition in Munich was given the opportunity to launch his or her career in a concert appearance with the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra. The CD at hand documents those concerts." Jerry Dubins, Fanfare, January 2011
Click here for further detailsMozart: Concerto in C Major for Flute and Harp K. 299 Sinfonia Concertante in E Flat Major K.297b
Anyone venturing outside the more conventional Mozart concerto repertoire will not be disappointed by these enjoyable and highly musical readings under the young Austrian conductor, Richard Edlinger. - Classic CD - June 1990

Click here for further detailsMozart The Flute Quartets by Christopher Hyde-Smith & The Cummings String Trio
D major, Kv285; G major Kv285a, A major Kv298 & C major Kv285b a polished performance.

Click here for further detailsMysterious Barracudas by Respectable Groove
Respectable Groove is a unique line up of recorder, harpsichord, double bass and percussion. All the music they play is specially composed or arranged for the group & combines a quirky view of early music with a subtle and elegant take on Jazz, Latin and Celtic music.

Click here for further detailsNew Chamber Music Discoveries by B3 Classic
“B3 Classic” draws attention to the history of the chamber music repertoire for these three instruments as well as involving itself in the more contemporary creation. Such fruits can be seen in this second 'Warner Music Spain' CD - which features the world premiere recording of the grand trio by the formerly important classical composer Adelbert Gyrowetz, and beautiful, yet hardly known, works by Emil Hartmann (Serenade), Paul Juon (Miniatures) and Robert Kahn (Serenade).

Click for further details of Beyond DreamsNomad by Polarity Percussion Ensemble - John Kenny - David Moss
NOMAD came about as the result of a long walk in the Black Forest with Palestinian / German percussionist Bassam Abdul Salam. We had been working together in Ensemble Modern, and Bassam was extremely excited by the reconstruction of the carnyx, and the idea that such an ancient object could be used for contemporary expression. As a member of an ancient but dispossessed people who face considerable obstacles to making their voice heard in any non violent medium, the concept of this ancient traveler through the human cultural landscape was very appealing. This is a live recording of the debut performance of Nomad: Bassam Abdul Salam leading the Polarity Percussion Ensemble of Freiburg, with the American free jazz singer David Moss, and myself on carnyx, trombone & voice. Also featured are giant metal sound sculptures which are struck, stroked and bowed to produce extraordinary, unearthly colours – I used the largest of these again in my music for the TNT Theater Co.’s production of Moby Dick, in which Bassam became the voice of a pod of whales! John Kenny
Click here for further detailsPanorámicos Chamber music for winds, string and piano: Works by Griebling-Haigh, Morgan, Schulhoff
Eclectic in the best sense of the word. A strong sense of place pervades most of the handsome works on ‘Panorámicos,’ which takes its title from the piece by Margaret Griebling-Haigh that evokes panoramas of central New Mexico. Local color is far-flung, ranging from America and Europe to mystical Chinese terrain. But what binds these pieces is a clear sense of harmonic language, as well, as haunting and sometimes jaunty personality. Donald Rosenberg Gramophone May 2005
Click for further detailsSchumann & Brahms for bassoon and piano by Martin Gatt & Margaret Lynn
Renowned bassoonist Martin Gatt and his pianist of 20 years standing, Margaret Lynn, render to disc the results of a three-year collaboration to explore the classical and early romantic repertoire. In doing so they show just how extraordinarily expressive this instrument can be. Legendary stuff from the acclaimed master, this unique CD is destined to become a collector’s item
Click for further detailsScottish Island by William Jackson
Ships' bows ploughing noisily through foaming seas-sails pulling against straining and creaking ropes-waves falling gently on silver sands or ocean rollers crashing against rugged towering cliffs-the cry of the guillemot-or the gannet-or the black-headed gull as they swoop and soar. William Jackson's A Scottish Island evokes all of these sounds and creates vivid mental pictures, sometimes within the memory, sometimes within the imagination.
Click here for further informationSensaciones by Neofusión-Tango
A homage to Argentine composer Astor Piazzolla who died in 1992. Spanish Import which is only available in the UK from Creighton's Collection. A fantastic recording, beautifully presented, most of the notes are in Spanish but those refering to the music have been translated into English.
Click here for further detailsString Delights by Gala Quartet
Original Romantic and Nationalistic Pieces for String Quartet, String Trio and String Duo. Members of the GALA Quartet perfom the compositions of David Johnstone. The members of the 'GALA' String Quartet are: Violin I - Catalin Bucataru; Violin II - Daniel Francés; Viola - Fernando López Garcín; Violoncello - David Johnstone.
Click here for further detailsString Theory by CF47 - The Catrin Finch Band
In the summer of 2004 I got asked to give a Concert in Lyon, France, with a Big Band. I thought it was a strange idea, but was excited to find Out how it would sound. The main concerns were balance, and how the sound of the harp would mix with the brass sound, and indeed what we would play! It was a great success, and above all a lot of FUN! So, on the Eurostar journey home I texted a good friend of mine Tom Watson (an amazing trumpeter with whom I studied at the Royal Academy), and asked if he would be interested in joining us with such a project and helping with the arrangements etc. He said he would certainly give it a go so, our project began in the autumn of 2004.
Click for further detailsSymphony No 1 - David Golightly: City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra - Conducted Gavin Sutherland
Golightly's symphony is a big, ostinato-driven, muscular piece, tonal and constructed out of the musical equivalent of big, solid blocks, or painted in broad brush-strokes of primary colours. ... the symphony is one of those big-boned, tonal, neo-romantic pieces which can be relied upon to get the blood pumping a little faster. The Seascapes are appealing orchestral fantasias in familiar style, also bold and colourful. Jeff Joneikis Records International
Just Plain Folks 2006 Music Awards Album Nominee
Click here for further detailsThe Triumph of Time - Part I
Jane Leslie MacKenzie (soprano), Michael Bochmann (violin), David Watkins (harp) Part 1 of 2.
These two CDs contain songs and arias which embrace all aspects of love - or even the lack of it, as in Byron’s chill words ‘To the Moon’ (An den mond) and set for harp accompaniment by Schumann.
Click here for further detailsThe Triumph of Time - Part II
Jane Leslie MacKenzie (soprano), Michael Bochmann (violin), David Watkins (harp) Part 2 of 2.
These two CDs contain songs and arias which embrace all aspects of love - or even the lack of it, as in Byron’s chill words ‘To the Moon’ (An den mond) and set for harp accompaniment by Schumann.
Click for further detailsVilla-Lobos Chamber Music by Mobius
Heitor Villa-Lobos put Brazilian music on the cultural map with an output that can be compared to the vastness and diversity of his own country. This survey of Villa-Lobos’ chamber works spans his entire career, from the attractively wistful Song of the Black Swan (1917) to the refined, and rarely-recorded Quintette instrumental (1957). The Duo for Violin and Viola (1946), as substantial a piece as those by Mozart and Martinů, includes one of the composer’s most haunting Adagios.
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