A0278-CD: Nomad

Nomad by Polarity Percussion Ensemble - John Kenny - David Moss

CD CoverNOMAD came about as the result of a long walk in the Black Forest with Palestinian /  German percussionist Bassam Abdul Salam. We had been working together in Ensemble Modern, and Bassam was extremely excited by the reconstruction of the carnyx, and the idea that such an ancient object could be used for contemporary expression. As a member of an ancient but dispossessed people who face considerable obstacles to making their voice heard in any non violent medium, the concept of this ancient traveler through the human cultural landscape was very appealing. This is a live recording of the debut performance of Nomad: Bassam Abdul Salam leading the Polarity Percussion Ensemble of Freiburg, with the American free jazz singer David Moss, and myself on carnyx, trombone & voice. Also featured are giant metal sound sculptures which are struck, stroked and bowed to produce extraordinary, unearthly colours – I used the largest of these again in my music for the TNT Theater Co.’s production of Moby Dick, in which Bassam became the voice of a pod of whales! John Kenny

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Audio Samples & Track Listing

Track Listing

  • Nomad I - 13'33 (Nomad Group)
  • Move - 3'24 (Nomad Group)
  • Interludes - 9'43 (Nomad Group)
  • Segral for Voice and the "Klangobjekt" - 10'06 (Nomad Group)
  • O.T - 4'18 (Nomad Group)
  • Train Song - 4'28 (Tom Waits)
  • B.C.B for three Steel Sculptures - 4'12 (Nomad Group)
  • Nomad II - 10'37 (Nomad Group)

CD Notes & Credits


David Moss - vocal, percussion
John Kenny - Carnyx, trombone
Polarity Percussion Ensemble
Bassam Abdul - Salam
Christian Dierstein
Dirk Rothbrust
Roland Breitenfeld - sound Prodjection
Klaus Gundchen - metal sculptures

Recorded live: 30 June 1997 at the AAK im E-Werk Freiburg by Roland Breitenfeld
Directed & produced by Bassam Abdul-Salam
Pre-recorded tapes by Jan-Markus-Wulff
Recorded & mixed by Roland Breitenfeld
Mastered by Rajko Lienert

Album & Artist Information

Instruments: Carnyx, Trombone, Percussion Ensemble & voice
Genre: Contemporary
Format: Audio CD
Our Ref: A0278
MCPS: Nomad-01
Label: Nomad
Year: 1997
Origin: UK

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