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Click for detailsAnd Angelus ad virginem he sang by Minstrels Gallery
Music and song from all over Europe is presented on this CD, demonstrating the huge diversity of music heard from royal court to peasant wedding. Pieces from as early as the 13th century up to the middle of the 17th are played on a wide selection of period instruments
Click for further detailsBragod by Bragod
Welsh music and poetry from the 14th to the 18th Century. The first Welsh crwth recording (2001).
Original 2001 recording, re-issued in 2013 with updated notes
Click for further detailsCarillon for triple harp by Angharad Evans
Harpist Angharad Evans' roots are firmly embedded in Welsh folk music, of which she is a superb executant. This recording offers a rare chance to hear traditional Welsh music performed on triple harp.
Click for further detailsA Christmas Collection by Janet Harbison & The Irish Harp Orchestra
Another wonderful album from Janet Harbison and the Irish Harp Orchestra, with a selection of Traditional tunes, Irish Traditional tunes and original compositions by Janet Harbison celebrating the Christmas Season. Featuring many current All Ireland Champions on their respective instruments: A festive feast with harp, uilleann pipes, Scottish pipes, fiddles, flutes, whistles, concertinas, mandolins, bodhrans and voice!
Click for further detailsClàrsach na Bànrighe (The Queen's Harp) Simon Chadwick
From medieval plainchant in honour of St Andrew, to a Gaelic song of 1715 complaining of defeat in battle. This CD presents two complementary programmes, of medieval and 18th century repertory, played on a newly commissioned replica of the famous medieval Scottish Queen Mary harp.

Click for further detailsCrwth by Cass Meurig
"Oddly involving" fROOTS, "Interesting and enjoyable" Songlines. The debut CD by Cass Meurig featuring guest musicians Nigel Eaton on hurdy-gurdy and Bob Evans on crwth, on the acclaimed Welsh traditional music label Fflach: tradd (2004). Produced by Ceri Rhys Matthews.

CD CoverA Field of Scarecrows - John Kenny Trombone George Nicholson Piano
A Field Of Scarecrows is dedicated to the memory of the English composer Paul Keenan, who died in 2004. Paul and I had been friends for since we met in the Birmingham School Symphony Orchestra in 1972. Paul was an outstanding clarinettist but also a quite exceptional composer, who achieved his mature identity before the age of twenty, and then continued to work on a small number of exquisite and highly complex scores for the rest of his life. He never achieved – or sought – commercial success, and he died having heard only a small part of his music. The title track of this album was the last piece he wrote for me, and it is undoubtedly one of the most challenging and extraordinary pieces ever composed for trombone and piano.
CD CoverForest ~ River ~ Ocean : John Kenny: Carnyx, Trombone, Alphorn
Performed by Yaggdrasil String Quartet, The Gathering, John Whiting

As soon as I began to work with John Creed's magnificent reconstruction of the Deskford Carnyx, all of us involved with the project realised that we were dealing with something quite extraordinary; a legendary 2,000 year old War Horn which had come to life, not only as a show-case replica, but also as a beautiful instrument with a unique voice, to speak afresh in the modern world. But more than this, the Carnyx is a key which can unlock possibilities far beyond its own potential, either as a musical instrument or an archaeological artifact - it is a potent symbol of regeneration and reconciliation, representing a common cultural heritage, which can touch and stimulate people of widely divergent race and creed.
Click for further detailsGarden Festival Bouquets by Marika de Pettes
Marika de Pettes plays a beautiful selection of music, from around the world, on the small 15 string Lyra and the big 22 string Lyra for your enjoyment.
Click for further detailsGreensleeves by Bill Taylor and Geert Van Gele
Bill Taylor (Harp) and Geert Van Gele (Recorder) are the founding members of Quadrivium, but as a duo they have been performing together all around the globe for almost 10 years, bringing the different historical harps and recorders to their audiences
Click for further detailsIn the Kitchen by Tim Hampson
Tim Hampson, Harpmaker, playing 18th century music on a replica 19th century Welsh Triple Harp. The original harp was owned by Lady Buckley in North Wales; now in St. Fagans Museum in Cardiff. Replica harp built by Tim Hampson in 1998.
Click for further detailsKaingk by Bragod
"Medieval and Renaissance Welsh poetry performed in all its glory, may not, on paper, sound like the most enthralling prospect. But believe me, when it's done by the Cardiff-based duo Bragod - it is." Verity Sharp - From an interview in BBC Music Magazine October 2004.
Click for further detailsLa Cause est Amer by Quadrivium
Medieval Love Poems from Japan and the Low Countries - La Cause est Amer (the cause is bitterness / love), but the result is great delicacy and exquisite poetry: don't hesitate to treat yourself to an hour of courtly love in the company of ensemble Quadrivium. (P. Boquet, Chairwoman of Societe Francaise de Luth in Le Joueur de Luth, June 09)
Click for further detailsLlatai by Bragod
Messages of human and divine love. Medieval Welsh poetry and music marking 400 years since Robert ap Huw copied his manuscript of bardic music. Llatai is a recording of three pieces from Bragod’s performance Birds/Adar.
Click for further detailsLocking Horns by John Kenny & Etienne Rolin
Locking Horns is the title of Etienne Rolin’s duo for carnyx & soprano saxophone, and also the name we call ourselves when we perform as a duo. Etienne is a true polymath: composer, multi instrumental performer, painter, philosopher, equally at home in the worlds of jazz, baroque music, or the most extreme European avant garde. He has composed more music for me than any other composer, including a trombone sonata, trombone concerto, over thirty solo pieces, chamber works in almost every conceivable combination. However, from our very first meeting in Paris in 1984 we have always improvised together, and improvisation underpins this album of compositions, and structures for improvisation. We are joined by the percussionist / singer / actor Marc Depond.
Click for further detailsA Medieval Christmas by Minstrels Gallery
A medieval winter was a cold, dark time and music played an important part in the the winter festive celebrations. When the Christian church "hijacked" the pagan winter festivities it brought into being a whole range of new music - some reflective and some out rightly joyous.
Click for further detailsA Medieval Mix by Minstrels Gallery
Dance tunes and songs representing some of the sounds that may have been heard across Medieval Europe performed on authentic period instruments
Click for further informationMusic from the Robert ap Huw Manuscript, Vol. 1 by Paul Dooley 
Paul Dooley, one of the leading exponents of the Irish harp in its historical form and style - playing a 34 brass wire-strung harp, with a frame of cherry and soundbox made from of one piece of willow and plucking the strings with the fingernails has spent many years working on the Robert ap Huw Manuscript, the oldest collection of harp music in existence.
Click for further informationNo Pedals Attached by Robin Ward 
'No Pedals Attached’ is an exploration of music from 1550 through to the present day, played on the triple harp. The CD includes pieces by Mudarra, Narvaez, DeVisee, Bach, Dussek, Tarrega and Glinka along side of a selection of traditional airs and a couple of other treats.
Click for further details of Beyond DreamsNomad by Polarity Percussion Ensemble - John Kenny - David Moss
NOMAD came about as the result of a long walk in the Black Forest with Palestinian / German percussionist Bassam Abdul Salam. We had been working together in Ensemble Modern, and Bassam was extremely excited by the reconstruction of the carnyx, and the idea that such an ancient object could be used for contemporary expression. As a member of an ancient but dispossessed people who face considerable obstacles to making their voice heard in any non violent medium, the concept of this ancient traveler through the human cultural landscape was very appealing. This is a live recording of the debut performance of Nomad: Bassam Abdul Salam leading the Polarity Percussion Ensemble of Freiburg, with the American free jazz singer David Moss, and myself on carnyx, trombone & voice. Also featured are giant metal sound sculptures which are struck, stroked and bowed to produce extraordinary, unearthly colours – I used the largest of these again in my music for the TNT Theater Co.’s production of Moby Dick, in which Bassam became the voice of a pod of whales! John Kenny

Click for further details of Beyond DreamsNotes of Noy, Notes of Joy by The Rowallan Consort
This venture into Scottish early music is a first for Temple Records - the label known mainly for its emphasis on traditional Scottish music. It is also the recording debut for The Rowallan Consort. Formed in 1994 by Robert Phillips and William Taylor, they uniquely combine the sound of the lute and the wire-strung harp (clarsach) to beautiful effect. With guest singers Mhairi Lawson and Paul Rendall, they have researched and perform songs and music dating from 1400-1700.

Click for further detailsPriodi by Sild
lovely, lovely music - Verity Sharp, BBC Radio 3 Late Junction. Album includes both Welsh and Estonian music and on some tracks Sille uses The Hiiu Kannel (Bowed Harp) an archaic instrument that probably came to Estonia from Sweden.

Click for further details of Beyond DreamsHarps, Pipes & Fiddles - Various Artists
The instruments that have carried, invented and expanded the traditional music of Scotland and Ireland for centuries. Of course it is all the better if these proud instruments are in the right hands, and on this album we proudly present leading exponents of the tradition. HARPS - Ann Heymann, Alison Kinnaird, Maire Ni Chathasaigh, William Taylor PIPES - Ged Foley, Duncan MacGillivray, John D. Burgess, Dr. Angus MacDonald, Dougie Pincock & P/M Iain MacDonald, Gordon Mooney & Shotts & Dykehead Caledonia Pipe Band FIDDLES - Aly Bain, Marie Fielding, Fiddlers Five, Vincent Griffin, John McCusker & Brian McNeill.

Click for further detailsRip the Calico by Paul Dooley
Paul Dooley, one of the leading exponents of the Irish harp in its historical form and style - playing a 34 brass wire-strung harp, with a frame of cherry and soundbox made from of one piece of willow and plucking the strings with the fingernails. This CD showcases his pioneering work in performing Irish dance music on his traditional harp. This recording also features traditional Irish music and compositions by both Paul Dooley and Neil Dickie.  
Click for further detailsSitar Recital by Dr. Ashwin Dalvi
This audio CD-R is a live concert of Indian Classical Music by Sitar Maestro Dr. Ashwin Dalvi. He has played Raga Yaman and Raga Mand. Raga Yaman is the most famous Scale in Indian Music and Raga Mand is based on folk music of Rajasthan (a province in India world widely known for its rich culture). Dr. Ashwin has treated these Ragas with an improvisational approach.
Click for further detailsA Tudor Christmas by Minstrels Gallery
A seasonal saunter through the Golden Age of Tudor Music. Christmas with the Tudors was a time of elaborate pageants, masques, miracle plays, tournaments, banquets and dancing, and it was the duty of the ‘Master of the Revels’ to oversee these entertainments.
Click for further detailsThy Trembling Strings by Sarah Deere-Jones & Phil Williams
Performed on antique instruments from the era, this selection of rarely heard dance tunes from a family archive, and the authentic music of a virtually forgotten Regency instrument, the harp-lute, all discovered by professional harpist Sarah Deere-Jones, make this recording a rare and revealing contribution to early 19th century repertoire.
CD CoverThe Voice of the Carnyx by John Kenny
This recording is the first in a series on the British Music Label representing a cross-section of my work as a performer and composer. An ancient and until recently neglected instrument, the trombone has been undergoing something of a renaissance in the past 40 years. John Cage wrote his Solo for Sliding Trombone in 1955 and Luciano Berio his Sequenza 5 in 1966. These pieces were the start of an explosion of composition for the trombone which has led to the possibility for trombonists to seriously contemplate careers as soloists. Even at the time I left the Royal Academy of Music in 1978 this was still considered a ridiculous idea.
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